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[eBE] Government Report - Week I

Dan 1,820, 10:19 Published in Belgium Belgija s strani Belgium.info

Hello Belgium!

As promised in my manifesto, each department will provide a brief summary of what they have done or achieved and/or hope to do in the future.

MoHA: "As answer to the governments need of information about the general opinions and desires of the Belgian citizens , the Ministers of Home Affairs posted a poll and asked everybody to answer. We are as glad as the responses were manifold, and the results were posted. Additionally, the MoHA - department are going to offer a wealthy package to the citizens who made the effort to go claim it on the forums."

MoF: "MoF monthly overview has been issued. Expenditure has been reduced but remains to high. Income is looking up due to BNA buying on the local market, but the actual income without the BNA influence remains very low. "

MoFA: “We’ve managed to finish the TW and started the ambassador system. Hoping to release a lot more articles in the next few days.”

MoI: "Since the beginning of this first week there is a total of 8 applications.
3 of them got accepted, 3 of them got rejected and there is 2 pending applications."

MoD: “MoD managed to say where to fight and for who to fight. MoD managed to keep track on who got a BH and CH. We also hope to produce an overall article on how the TW went too.”

MoE: “Managed to produce one article on Politics and will carry on making more on that section and possibly more about in general the Economy module. We’re also hopeful of reforming the forums to make it easier for new players to read the MoE articles and links”

Feel free to ask any questions to any minister or to myself.

Take care and stay beautiful, Belgium!



BrunoCND Dan 1,820, 10:23


Lily Jayne Summers
Lily Jayne Summers Dan 1,820, 10:24

.inb4 Fail Belgium
Fail CoT

Belo Horizontee
Belo Horizontee Dan 1,820, 10:29


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dan 1,820, 10:36

Fail Belgium
Fail COT

Cooke4444 Dan 1,820, 11:34

/me watches Lily & Fhaemita fight to death

SX80 Dan 1,820, 11:41

/me offers cooke some popcorn

Ely.nea Dan 1,821, 05:17

thanks for news

Jeiry Dan 1,821, 08:40

1. Thanks a lot for the news. Keep on this way !

2. Just in this article : MoHA, MoF, MoFA, MoI, MoD, MoE, BNA, TW, BH, CH.
Could we sometimes take one second to write things completly ?
This is a demand to everybody, not just to Lily. I just take this article as an exemple. I now understand all of these acronyms, but I remember when I was a young player, it was just a mess. Let's not be lazy, let's write properly.
MoHA : "As answer to ..."
Home Affairs : "As answer to..."

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