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[EA] The Morning Routine

Dan 1,881, 21:03 Published in USA ZDA s strani EnterAwesome

Hello Once Again Readers,

I had to wait for a pinnacle moment to write this article for you all, the moment of sheer exhaustion. How long has it been since I actually wrote an article? Too long. Why? The Morning Routine

Hey rise and shine... open up those eyes, and give this world some color. We slave ourselves over something described as the epitome of lackluster social responsibility, The Morning Routine. Hold on as it creeps into your daily life and grabs hold of your succulence and happiness. It had me, I was scared without knowing it and in danger without feeling it.

It is an inevitable disease showing consistent qualities of being treatable rather then curable... however some subjects are able to withstand the disease, especially with a hiatus in between doses of eRepublik. We all use methods to counteract the venom as it seeps into us... using each other('s) strength we are able to pull through

For now I am safe from The Morning Routine and a lot of the elderly are experimenting with a new drug called SPQR. They are so happy now things are wonderful...

Please don't be afraid...
Our path wasn't chosen it was made
Not by us but by things unseen
As we're wake or while we dream
Chances are you'll catch the routine
Soon or far... somewhere in between?
I'm glad to be here with us now
I want to be here forever, just don't know how
Spqr in our minds
Is what you may find
Spqr in our hearts
And you'll feel the sparks
Now and forever
You must follow your endeavors wherever...




n0s3 Dan 1,881, 21:07

< 3 EnterAwesome!

Hadrian X
Hadrian X Dan 1,881, 21:12

The Awesome Zone has been entered. V+S 🙂

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Dan 1,882, 03:40

Awesome as always !

Gnilraps Dan 1,882, 03:44

Another lovely piece from Exploration.

One Sky
One Sky Dan 1,882, 04:49

Awesome 😃

Illusive Serb
Illusive Serb Dan 1,882, 08:55

Ah, the black routine... It had me... still does. There's no hope for me, treatment or cure. But there is for you guys : D
"Run you fools" xD

John Largo
John Largo Dan 1,882, 17:30


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