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[EA] Poetry

Dan 1,819, 22:26 Published in USA ZDA s strani EnterAwesome
Hello Once again readers,

I wrote a poem today so I thought i'd share it. It's nothing special but I just hope you enjoy it. Doesn't relate to me in anyway but it was fun to write. You should write some poetry. It is relaxing, anyways enjoy!

I'm afraid When I fall asleep
to know you're not there when i'm in deep
the moment I realize I am helpless
when my anxiety leads to stress
I really just need you to caress
good god i'm a mess.

I'm not sure if you'll be there when I wake
This has really become too much to take
I remember when I saw you earlier today
I was sad when you said you wouldn't stay
They say relationships are based on trust
Well its safe to say this one turned to dust

I closed my eyes and begged forgiveness
I closed my eyes to show i'm hopeless
hopeless to hope that you will stay
just a few more hours this day

Are you sure you will come for me tomorrow?
This once lively body now is hollow.
"She died in her sleep I suppose"
I hear as I leave my body while I rose

That day the sun was sad
let down by the hope that I once had
To show his appreciation he said he'll stay
and the sun did not go down that day.

Written by EnterAwesome

Stay Awesome,
As Always ,

Writer for eUS Department for Education
Ex Airforce SCO
In the Airforce Again 🙂
Current Deputy Secretary of Media
Retentions, Fed Party
emdoublegee for PP Campaign, AMP



rainy sunday
rainy sunday Dan 1,819, 22:32


EnterAwesome Dan 1,819, 22:36

eRep article not about eRep 😮

🙂 ❤

l Donkey Kong l
l Donkey Kong l Dan 1,820, 03:43

Remind Donkey Kong of bedtime prayer.

Though sun may set, do not forget, will always rise again.
The dawn will shine and you will find your everlasting friend.

Donkey Kong graduates from Little Kong's School of Refined Mannerism. Donkey Kong very cultured.

robi2202 Dan 1,820, 04:47

nice 🙂

Cholan II
Cholan II Dan 1,820, 08:59

it was awesome 😃

bigcdizzle Dan 1,820, 11:18


Stan Brown
Stan Brown Dan 1,822, 12:48

I wish I was as eloquent as this.

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