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[DHS] Anti-'PTO' Design Contest!

Dan 1,821, 13:59 Published in USA ZDA s strani fingerguns

You: How can I fight terrorism political criminals with graphic skills or just my sense of humor?

Me: By making flyers and banners that promote public reporting of suspicious players!


What if I don't have graphic skills or a sense of humor?

Well, then you might be in trouble, but if you only have one or the other, consider teaming up with someone! You can totally split the prize money!!!


Did somebody say prize money?

The best design will win 10 GOLD... at least. People keep donating to the prize pool. Who knows how big it will be when the contest is over?!


What if I have a good idea, but it's not especially funny?

That's okay too! Anti-terrorism insurgency efforts are very serious business, actually. The goal is to raise awareness for public reporting. See something, say something. You can use any angle you want, as long as it is appealing and gets the point across.


What are the specs?

You can make the banner any size. Keep in mind these are for pasting into articles, so don't make them take up an entire page. They'll get way more use if they just tuck in nicely, but they still need to be big enough to be readable.


About the DHS Reporting Form:

This is a form open to the public to report suspicious characters you see in the game. 'Suspicious' means they are pretending to be an eAmerican, sitting in a loyal eAmerican MU or political party, but you have reason to believe they are actually here for PTO or they are someone other than who they are pretending to be. Or maybe they aren't even trying to hide it, but they're just under our radar. We need to know about them.

Just because someone is reported doesn't mean they will automatically be blacklisted or reported to admins or hung up in the town square. They will be delivered to the Department of Homeland Security investigation team to sort through the evidence and distinguish those who just look fishy from those who genuinely wish us harm.

Not all foreign players who come to the eUS are here for PTO, and not all those born in the eUS are loyal allies, so this reporting system and the investigations that follow are meant to clarify good and evil, friend and foe based on significantly more than just nation of eBirth.

Those who abuse this form will be flagged and investigated.



*flyer/banner can be any reasonable size to include in an article
*flyer/banner must indicate that it is clickable
*Winner receives 10+ gold
*Submissions close 11/21
*submit link to jpg through pm (to me), or create an article that includes the entry and make sure I see it.
*animated gifs accepted and encouraged.

This article was reported for 'insults' by terrorists enemy combatants



Greene12 Dan 1,821, 14:04


ElvenCRO Dan 1,821, 14:04


Dr Heisenberg
Dr Heisenberg Dan 1,821, 14:06

el dorado

Zoli Dan 1,821, 14:07

Spot the Fungarian 🙂

jmurrib21 Dan 1,821, 14:43

Vote 17. Good job developing a plan like the one proposed.

bigcdizzle Dan 1,821, 14:48


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dan 1,821, 15:23

I would LoL at this(and still will) but at the same time so very sad.... because what you are doing is SO Orwellian.....and not very American. Epic FAIL

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dan 1,821, 15:34

voted hard!

Texan Cowboy
Texan Cowboy Dan 1,821, 15:55

Wow, this is so funny, and ridiculous, and in vain...
Report to admins? For what? Changing their citizenship? LOL

This is simply political persecution, and it goes against everything that USA is and always was. You are persecuting your political opponents, and that is just wrong. People have a RIGHT to be free, didn't they teach you that in school?
The forefathers are rolling in their graves right now.

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Dan 1,821, 16:00

So, who's watching the government watch us watch them.

fingerguns Dan 1,821, 16:30

I love when those who consort with America's enemies to plot a takeover of the government call me anti-American.

Viarizi Dan 1,821, 16:42

Just found our next weekend AFA contest!

Thanks, you guys rule!

Viarizi Dan 1,821, 17:28

Can i just ripoff Fringe and submit entry?


Cicero Alvez
Cicero Alvez Dan 1,822, 01:56

this is Orwellian, but i think this is an necessary Orwell. just one question, though. what will happen if AFA and their ilk decide to flood you with false report? could you really sort them all?

Viarizi Dan 1,822, 04:36

this guy discovered our evil plan...

av khan
av khan Dan 1,822, 04:39

Voted n shouted.

Stan Brown
Stan Brown Dan 1,822, 05:01

Voted, I guess I have a decent sense of humor, although I don't know who I would team up with.

fingerguns Dan 1,822, 06:01

Cicero, we imagine the AFA will behave as they usually do. We're not unprepared.

Ramilas Dan 1,822, 06:09

I'm putting on my design wizard hat for this one, look out y'all.

Dr Heisenberg
Dr Heisenberg Dan 1,822, 07:27

Seriously he is a wizard ^ Look out

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Dan 1,822, 08:07

This is a total waste of time. We're already too far gone to be worried about PTO's.

SabatonBIH Dan 1,822, 08:08

Komentar je izbrisan

fingerguns Dan 1,822, 09:10

The entries are already comin in! Some good stuff here. It's going to be a difficult choice.

KiltJoy Dan 1,822, 10:45

Good stuff - If the Game Mechanics and the Admin won't do it, players have to organize!

Super Kaioken Goku
Super Kaioken Goku Dan 1,822, 11:17

DHS is an act of terrorism against the American People! Where is the freedom?!

fingerguns Dan 1,822, 11:19

You can't say that, goku. You'll get reported.

Super Kaioken Goku
Super Kaioken Goku Dan 1,822, 11:21

I said it. Come at me bro/sis

jmurrib21 Dan 1,822, 11:22

Again, I think is a good idea to protect the eUSA; so what would be the regulatory entity that will establish a balanced and fair control towards decisions made. I hope there is something more than word of mouth and assumptions. I foresee the need of a written policy/law to set the fair procedures for current granted eUSA citizenship holders and also born eUSA citizens. A Law and Law against discrimination also might be required.

fingerguns Dan 1,822, 11:29

There is a dual purpose to this reporting system, and one of those purposes is actually to cut down on the amount of racism and discrimination there has been in this game. Being an enemy of the eUS isn't about where you were born, it's about how you choose to play and what your goals are in the game.

Anyway, nations are not allowed their own sets of rules. There are only eRep laws. It's unfortunate.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Dan 1,822, 12:18


I want my 10+ gold! Please! I have enough gold, but more is always welcome!

Orpheus De Trouvere
Orpheus De Trouvere Dan 1,822, 12:54

Voted and subbed.

TerminalHunter Dan 1,822, 13:43

Orwellian isn't the most accurate term, in my opinion. It's more akin to McCarthyism.

Winter Night
Winter Night Dan 1,822, 14:05

I agree TerminalHunter....there are no attempts to make this country work for everyone, to reach a compromise of sorts, just ideas on how to ostracize and bully others.

ErrOrka Dan 1,822, 14:13

I reported you fingerguns. Prepare to get fingerbang'd : )

Candor Dan 1,822, 16:22

I have to say, one way or another, a reporting system like this will do harm to something. Maybe an analogy is pittbulls. We know they'll bite someone eventually, we just can't be certain who, when, or how.

If this gets up and working efficiently, there will indeed be a power decline somewhere. I just wouldn't want to be a betting man as to where, at this point.

I know everyone involved means well and I hope it produces the desired results.

DMV3 Dan 1,822, 16:25

Report your friends and family for suspicious behavior and get a reward. The whole thing sounds like the Gestapo. Oops, looks like someone should report me.

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Dan 1,822, 16:58


Well, you asked for it.

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Dan 1,822, 17:04


Pitbulls only bite when they are either mistreated, are trained to bite, or have an inept owner that does not know how to properly train and treat an animal... Oh... Wait... Now I get how that fits in with the reporting system. Keep the bad owners away from the pitbulls.

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Dan 1,822, 17:06

@Dennis McVicker

And you are shouting this:

Dennis McVicker wrote 35 minutes ago
Join AFA, vote for Rainy Sunday, send me a PM with your vote number, and one person will win 20 gold if she wins.

Glass house revealed...

fingerguns Dan 1,822, 17:09

Dennis, I don't mean to offend. I didn't realize your friends and family are plotting and executing a political takeover of the eUS.

The simple fact is that we need to do a better job of monitoring so we don't get caught with our pants down. If you feel monitoring and investigating is the wrong move, you're welcome to contribute something productive. Same goes for the rest of you.

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Dan 1,822, 18:44

I agree with Fingerguns on this matter. As Head of the Immigration we need some tough skin over there. eAmericans keep it in mind, the government is here to protect against PTO.

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Dan 1,822, 19:53

I still don't get what is so bad about Paid Time Off. Everybody needs a vacation.

DMV3 Dan 1,822, 20:48

Fingerguns, they are but it's a sekrit. Don't tell anyone. Hungarian PTOer for life!

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dan 1,823, 04:45

What I see here is a system built on turning your neighbor in to the 'Secret Police', I would bet the next action will be introducing 'Unity Youth' in order to train the next generation of 'zombies'.

cc1432 Dan 1,823, 05:01

i think some of you watch too many post 9/11 movies 😕
i vote for ruptot art entry : www.erepublik.com/en/article/2157833/1/20

fingerguns Dan 1,823, 06:31

Hey, that's a good idea, Ichabod.

ErrOrka Dan 1,823, 06:49

Dennis, bro, you too? :OOOOOO

Artela Dan 1,823, 10:11

If it was reported then you must have done something right and touched a raw nerve

Dio Czenishkov
Dio Czenishkov Dan 1,823, 11:53

Wake me up when September ends.

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