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{CPF} Update: February 1

Dan 1,900, 15:18 Published in Canada Kanada s strani Funky 24

The Canadian Progressive Front continues going strong, as it has since before you even started playing. As the month of February begins, there is much to look out for as a party with Presidential electons happening soon on the 5th. Clearly, our population continues to decline. As we continue to lose regions (along with our resources) we risk compounding this problem with an economy in recess.

(Our trial membership with Asgard I will note personally, while helping us finally pick a war, has shown no difference in results for our welfare and security. The same goes for them, our new allies as well, with eNorway unfortunately still wiped, eSweden under a Polish onslaught and with eFinland fighting the same Baltic countries since they arrived in this game.

When you're on the warpath, you want a little bit more juice to back you up, unless you want to get slapped around from Newfoundland to Alberta.)

CPF Media

To help, Michael 23 has organized another supply drive, this time food. If you're hungry to get back in the fight, leave a comment. Just one comment you greedy miscreant.

Auk Rest has also published the results of our Country Presidential Primary. In short, the CPF has voted to decline handing out our nomination to any Candidate. Party nominations lock at the end of the 2nd.

Jaffle's collection of CP campaign articles:

Sorry buddy, but next time, just let me write them for you or better yet, actually write an article saying that you're going to run for CP. Yeah, that would be good.

Other Media

A nice little list of IRC channels you should visit for supplies, especially if you're going after a Mercenary Medal.

While not patiently waiting for the eUS to join in on our dictator's fiesta, I'm going to have a talk with Auk with my working conditions as media leader.

Not enough worshippers to merit this penmanship. I mean, it's weird not being given any information to write about the New World Order between the top 3 parties, our sabotaging of Mary and little man's wedding, our upcoming strategy to have eCanada wi-

The CPF is a party that welcomes all who care about a responsible, accountable and positive government to our halls. There are many opportunities available for newer players, so please, consider joining us!

IRC is #nCPF
New player? Ask questions! Send me a PM!
Send our Party President, Auk Rest, a PM!

Seven Tenets of the Canadian Progressive Front:
1. Uphold the equality of all active Military Units
2. Make the accounting of government funding more open and important
3. Ensure Canada is a reliable and selfless ally
4. To respect, recognize and uphold the supremacy of the mechanics of the game
5. Develop a positive political sphere
6. Bring in Canadians to eRepublik
7. To encourage growth and stability to the eCanadian economy

- Funky Hum24n, Canadian Progressive Front Media Leader.
- Praetor/CPF forum Administrator
- #nCPF Administrator
- CPF Wiki Page

Cabinet Members
Party President: Auk Rest
Vice Party President: Michael 23
2nd VPP: stpolar
Councillors: Randall Flagg 1999, klop123, Wilhelm Gunter, Bryan Alexander, Yano Chichelin

Other Congress Members: milestailsprower, Dozzer_x, Jaffle, Exalted Druid, Gunny165, Little Tony, Genyng Kislev, kokalo03,

Moose Vault
Technical difficulties, due primarily to being hauled to a bottomless pit, please stand by...


Auk Rest
Auk Rest Dan 1,900, 15:28

"Moose Vault
Technical difficulties, due primarily to being hauled to a bottomless pit, please stand by..."


klop123 Dan 1,900, 15:31

Funky called someone buddy?

Impossible! ^__^

Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Dan 1,900, 16:16

Funky FTW

juicyxeno Dan 1,900, 17:01

Guide to the condescending nickname.

For a colleague who’s taking things too seriously:
Bud, Chief, Mack, Killer, Ace, Bub, Boss, Pal, Buddy, Jack, Sport

For a youngster, or someone of any age, acting immaturely:
Son, Sonny, Scout, Stud, Wink, Tiger, Charlie, Junior, Punk, Tough Guy

For anyone acting like the overzealous captain of your co-ed softball team:
Champ, Cap’n, Slugger, Kiddo, Boy-o, Billy Boy, Hoss

A friendly reminder for those overstepping their boundaries:
Squirt, Slim, Shortstack, Big Guy, Tiny

For men whose bluster or machismo is overwrought:
Honey, Sugar, Sweetcheeks, Baby, Babycakes, Sweetheart, Cupcake, Puddin’, Doll, Dollface, Honeybuns, Barbie

Funky 24
Funky 24 Dan 1,900, 17:13

Did your grandpa help you with that?

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