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[CP Elections] Tim_Holtz – Domestic Policies

Dan 1,898, 20:27 Published in Australia Avstralija s strani Tim_Holtz

In most CP terms in the last year or so domestic policies and education have taken a backseat and in some cases have been completely ignored to other things such as defence and foreign affairs.

Although I myself in my CP term over 18 months ago was very similar in this I have come to the understanding that if anything these domestic policies are more important that foreign affairs and defence in the long term.

When thinking it over having players enjoying the game being active and educated is more important than a few wins which are short term.

This is why my Domestic policies will be focused on this. I’m not saying I’m going to disregard Foreign Affairs or Defence but I feel Domestic needs more attention.



I will create a Media program which is enjoyable, I've found the Postcast system where a radio show is broadcast to be a good idea and I plan on having a government version.

Essentially I will have a newspaper article asking for questions to my administration (typically me) and then, when on air I will have the host ask these questions to which I will respond live to the viewers. After the questions are done I will open the floor to people who wish to come online and ask me in person questions.

I hope this also encourages people to create their own shows. Hopefully raising activity through media.


Information will be key (which is a very standard response I know).
I will have the information department release the standard reports on issues and what has been done but also have each department write up a full report on exactly what each department is responsible for as sometimes there is confusion.

Social Services


This sometimes seems like a bla bla kind of topic with the idea that everything is already written down and we just need to repost often.

Over the past couple days with the war with chile I and many people were under the impression that should we Resistance war Victoria then the battle of South Australia would be closed because of lack of borders, this turned out not to be the case and everyone was surprised, somewhere along the line of time we didn't update our information details or didn't realise the rules had changed.

This is a prime example that we need to look through all our education stuff and make sure everything is still up to date. With special considerations to the war module as it seems to be the most temperamental.

Another idea I have thought about is having the basics of the game put into a video with a voice over to give a clear idea and visual guide for new players.


Although Centrelink is a new idea it has taken off with a bang, I feel centrelink should be focused towards player retention that being government run player competitions and and fully organised mentorship program.

Mentors is an idea that was thrown around but never really took off. I want to make it a big thing for new players to have someone older they can rely on to ask questions to and show them the way. I remember in my first days (years ago lol) I kinda sat around and figured things out myself, it took me months to become active.

Competitions is fairly self explanatory. Have the government run competitions (anything really) that encourage people to be active with the incentive of prizes to be won.

And finally one thing I do remember from my first day on the forums. I posted my link and a small blurb about myself on the forums when I signed up and I was given 5 AUD (back in the days it was worth alot). Of course the AUD given would have to be adjusted but I feel that is a potential way to get players more active and encourage them to be part of the meta community, naturally not all will do it but hey, anything to encourage activity is good in my books

If anyone wants to apply to be part of the Domestic Team then please message me!

Thank you for reading
Tim_Holtz 4 CP



Excelsior.HMA Dan 1,898, 20:29


Tim_Holtz Dan 1,898, 20:29


Reximus Dan 1,898, 20:30

Good Luck!


Rhino101 Dan 1,898, 21:05


Wacky368 Dan 1,898, 21:45

Good luck Tim!

scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Dan 1,898, 22:48

Has my vote!

Jon873 Dan 1,899, 23:46


Lord TJ
Lord TJ Dan 1,899, 00:19


infin Dan 1,899, 00:34

This guy is poison. Don't go near him.

Mickskitz Dan 1,899, 00:35

Scottty, I thought KH were going to support Roboa4CP

Icetek Dan 1,899, 01:00

Tim what about our financial crisis......you plan on fixing that? Everything else is garbage. You wont have a country to run regardless....I doubt any new player will stay in this country, yet alone in the game.

Icetek Dan 1,899, 01:02

You fail already if your whole CP term will be based on articles/communication ....... DD2 could do that as CP.

Tim_Holtz Dan 1,899, 01:03

icetek ive already said my campaign will not be a trollfest. if you have a question to ask then ask it, do NOT add insults or the like

Schoft Dan 1,899, 01:07

looking forward to read your and all the candidates Foreign/Alliance policies

Tim_Holtz Dan 1,899, 02:01

tomorrow ill be doing finance and security then the day after FA and defence schoft : )

BOUD1CCA Dan 1,899, 03:23

Not a bad article Tim. I do have questions regarding your policies - but will put them in our Forum not here.
Anyway good luck & your clean campaign intention does both you. And Mr Crumpets credit.
I have noticed that despite all the trolling & crap that goes on - the last few campaigns have been courteous &
I know where it really matters Australians work together

Satyre Reynes
Satyre Reynes Dan 1,899, 03:46

'Tim ist ein HOLTZKOPF!'
Good luck buddy

Tim_Holtz Dan 1,899, 04:44

ily Quentin Eisler < 3

Icetek Dan 1,899, 14:40

Ok Tim, so im assuming you know there is no way to stop eIndo and eChile from wiping us. Im assuming your smart to know they will not want any more agreements, etc. Most likely we will have no land probably up until your CP term is over.....

Do you not see a problem that whatever your campaigning for will be a hard task and most likely you wont be able to do 1/2 of them? Dont you think your setting the bar a little too high? Or is this all politician talk...

Tim_Holtz Dan 1,899, 14:47

this isnt my article on FA or defence icetek, atm this is dealing with domestic politics

Icetek Dan 1,900, 16:30

I understand that, i guess ill just have to wait for your finances and FA article to come out to make my point.

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