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[CP] Confessions of a neutral country president

Dan 1,588, 02:38 Published in Switzerland Velika Britanija s strani bowen199

Greetings my fellow Swiss citizens and onlookers,

I’ve decided to come out. Many of you knew all along some of you suspected it. I cannot keep this up for much longer and I think its time I confessed. I no longer wish to be neutral!

Yes you heard me correctly. I believe it is time eSwitzerland abandon its neutral ways and stand up for what we believe in. I’ve often sympathised with eSwiss grand fathers who remembered the first time eSwitzerland was wiped. To be truthful honest, I have no idea what happened, but it seemed to emotionally scar many eSwiss citizens. I refuse to keep handing out napkins to wipe your tears. Yes even the mightiest of countries can get wiped but they never just curl in a corner fetal position style. Yes, I’m talking to you the eSwiss that says ‘we are not strong enough’. To the eSwiss that say ‘we will lose’ and especially to you the eSwiss that say ‘we should stay neutral’.

Neutrality in erepublik can no longer be maintained and benefits no one. There are fewer neutral countries than ever before. The members of the major alliances have trampled, colonised or even PTO’d ‘neutral’ countries out of neutrality. While citizens of neutral countries fight everywhere without allegiance and earn the most mercenary medals (to usually compensate for not having a congress). They on the other, often lack the teamwork between countries needed to survive. The dream of living peacefully side by side your neighbours in a utopia could only work when your neighbours also desire to have peace. However, in a game that revolves around military conquest, the likelihood of peace is unattainable.

We have many intelligent, brave and dedicated eSwiss citizens who embrace change. These are the citizens who will take eSwitzerland out of its shameful neutral past! Stay tuned for my next article.

Yours Truly,
President of Switzerland



vasmegye Dan 1,588, 02:52

I hope you find a good way.

Mr. Enya
Mr. Enya Dan 1,588, 03:02

congratz. Is there a side you prefer, then?

Trogdorthetroll100 Dan 1,588, 03:25

Stay strong, do not falter.

Megalexandros Dan 1,588, 04:37

Pretty interesting

Dom DomiBoss
Dom DomiBoss Dan 1,588, 04:39

Finally someone realise that.

zRTx Dan 1,588, 04:48

We'll support you.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dan 1,588, 04:50

EPIC or GEA, depending on who is least able to take your regions for resources.

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Dan 1,588, 07:33

\o/ Confessions are good for the soul...

Hail Switzerland!!

cooldude97 Dan 1,588, 07:35

Hail Switzerland!

mungos032 Dan 1,588, 07:40


Sheldon the Mad Scientist
Sheldon the Mad Scientist Dan 1,588, 11:53

I support you!

Srog Norsktag
Srog Norsktag Dan 1,588, 16:40

So much for consistency. Well it lasted for 3 months...

Rican Dan 1,588, 21:03

Srog.... i've never been a pacifist. For 1 1/2 years i fought mindlessly. The current game mechanics are just against small countries... and that's the way admin wants it. It means more gold for them.
I look forward to learn what Bowen has in mind... if it's viable i'm onboard.

Thedillpickl Dan 1,588, 22:28

So sorry the experiment failed. I look on with great expectations of the eSwiss and wish you the best no matter what you choose.

Srog Norsktag
Srog Norsktag Dan 1,589, 00:22

@Thedillpickl: I wouldn't say that "the experiment" failed, this is just a singleminded decision of a CP (BTW he wasn't elected for it, since his pre-election program states neutrality). Switzerland is still very much on map, and by all means nobody is forcing us into any alliances.

@Rican: If it's a new alliance, I would swallow this, but if it's an old one...

Clifford Burns
Clifford Burns Dan 1,589, 00:57

Funny how people continue destroying this country :>

Ward De Bever
Ward De Bever Dan 1,589, 06:38

How, 'shameful' next to 'neutral' in the same sentence? Not applicable to Belgium.

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