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[C4] Love & Rockets

Dan 1,996, 02:10 Published in USA ZDA s strani Haselrig

➸ Hello Cockers, I am once again proud to announce a new program designed to give the soldiers of C4 a little boost on the battlefield. As of today, C4 will be offering an opportunity to swap the weapons you produce for those needed to build rockets. The unit of measure we will use to judge the value of each q of weapon is the WRM needed to produce them. With our current bonuses of 60%, it takes 2,100 WRM to make the complete set of weapons, q1 through q6, needed to build one rocket in a level one rocket factory. The amount of each weapon q needed for each rocket factory level are as follows; 10 for level 1, 20 for level 2, 60 for level 3, 90 for level 4 and 120 for level 5 and the WRM needed increases accordingly. The 2,100 WRM needed to produce all of the q1-q6 weapons a level one rocket requires is valued at 63 USD at the current, stable, market price of .03 per. The same method can be used to determine the value, in WRM, of the weapons needed for each level of rocket factory. A donation to Neron of equivalent value of weapons (food, USD and gold will also be accepted) will be exchanged for a rocket pack with the correct number of each q of weapon to build your rocket. This will allow you to avoid having to deal with the changing prices of the market. In an attempt to keep things as simple as possible, we’d ask that the items used in exchange for rocket packs to be limited to direct donation items only, so no WRM or FRM please. Any donations of weapons of any q to help support the program will be greatly appreciated.

Rocket Pack Request Form: http://tinyurl.com/C4Rocket

✍ Haselrig
Commanding Officer, C4



hazelh Dan 1,996, 02:29


Neron Trocki
Neron Trocki Dan 1,996, 04:02


Colonel W Kurac Dan 1,996, 06:59

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Haselrig Dan 1,996, 12:42

Good one ~_^

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