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[ATO] Vote American Freedom Alliance for Congress: In This Sign You Will Conquer

Dan 1,892, 00:08 Published in USA ZDA s strani Ronald Gipper Reagan
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I want to tell you all a story, but before I get to that I must get to the crux of this article, and kindly remind you to Vote for the American Freedom Alliance on Friday, January 25th in the Congressional elections. Once again the PTOers will try to reduce the number of seats that this grand coalition of Patriotic Americans known as the AFA will take in the upcoming Elections. Party President Viarizi and I are hopeful that many great Americans will take their rightful places in the eAmerican Congress after this Election.

If you want to vote for candidates who come from diverse backgrounds and who are rewarded for merit above all else, then vote for the AFA. This is a time that all Americans who love our country and value its principles join together to stand strong and take yet another step in taking our country back from forces which seek to turn brother against brother and continue this civil war. It must end, and it must end with the righteous prevailing over the wicked. It must end with 100/100 bonuses. It must end with our true friends and allies around the world respecting us once again and wanting to work with us as partners. It must end with the corrupt hegemony which has suffocated the natural free will of the eAmerican people meeting its demise. With your help, we can make this a reality.

Rome seems to be a common theme lately, so I am going to skip a few hundred years after the Republic and tell you the story of one of my personal heroes, Constantine the Great. The year was 312 AD, The Battle of the Milvian Bridge, a battle which ended a great Roman Civil war that pitted four Emperors against each other, Constantine received a divine vision which would forever change the fate of the world as we know it. Shortly before the battle with his final rival Maxentius was to take place, he had this miraculous vision.

While he was marching with his army, Constantine looked up at the sky and saw a cross of light above the sun, and above it he saw the Greek words Εν Τούτῳ Νίκα, which in Latin is “In Hoc Signo Vinces” or in English, “In this sign, you will conquer.” When Constantine saw this, he was not sure what it meant, but the following night he had a dream in which Christ told him that he should use this sign against his enemies. To make a long story short, he adopted this sign for his army, and Maxentius drowned in the Tiber during the battle, paving the way for Constantine the Great to be the sole Emperor. He would ultimately be the first Christian Emperor and turn an Empire which persecuted Christianity in to one which advocated and embraced it.

You might ask how this is relevant? Well, my fellow Romans, in the sign of AFA and the proud and noble bald eagle that adorns it, WE will conquer. So far this has been a nation which has persecuted us for our beliefs and our core values, but this time is coming to an end. I have had a vision where Plato himself has told me that in this sign, WE will conquer, and we will give this nation the wise, honest, and true leadership that it so deserves. Those who wish to keep our nation divided by weak leadership and in darkness will drown in the Tiber, and we will march in to Rome itself.

To Victory!
Ronald Gipper Reagan
2-Term AFA Party President
AED Commander

and here’s a random picture of the great Czech President Vaclav Klaus speaking at our Party Convention. He is one of the world’s most respected leaders and one of America’s greatest allies. We were most honored to receive his support.


nuno258 Dan 1,892, 00:14

first vote

Viarizi Dan 1,892, 00:23


K1tho Dan 1,892, 00:24


invaluable Dan 1,892, 00:25


n0s3 Dan 1,892, 00:28

I, n0s3y, still oppose the efforts of Ajay Bruno, Hannibal LA and Sidarta and the American Freedom Alliance to politically take over this country.

Dantes165 Dan 1,892, 00:29

v + s done

Doru Capone
Doru Capone Dan 1,892, 00:38


Canute the great
Canute the great Dan 1,892, 00:38


James Brooklyn
James Brooklyn Dan 1,892, 01:32


sunatan Dan 1,892, 01:46

Great words, but PTO is PTO!

I'm voting this article only because it is listed as my duty in the voters club panel 😛

Viarizi Dan 1,892, 01:48

Political Take Over is something you call someone who does not agree with you but has a chance of beating you in elections 😛

Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Dan 1,892, 01:59


Stef40 Dan 1,892, 02:06


olygator Dan 1,892, 02:18

V o7

Chucho86ny Dan 1,892, 02:42

V o7

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dan 1,892, 02:48



Relorian Dan 1,892, 03:43

Ah more worthless propaganda from AJay Bruno. The only way you will ever get into office is to continue allowing enemy nations citizens access to the eUS by ignoring eUS Law or by creating tons of multis.

No right minded person wants to vote for you and your band of thugs.

denis 88
denis 88 Dan 1,892, 04:54


Marsylianka Dan 1,892, 04:59

Komentar je izbrisan

iqxy55 Dan 1,892, 05:16

vote for me

Infinite One
Infinite One Dan 1,892, 05:26

AFA= Ronald Ripper Reagan = Lies= No vote

SinaAria Dan 1,892, 06:10

why would i vote for you again? oh right. cuz i`m a lunatic.

Exiled 888
Exiled 888 Dan 1,892, 06:16

Interesting approach. Is it conviction or opportunism?

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dan 1,892, 06:19

AFA= Ronald Ripper Reagan = Lies= No vote


fingerguns Dan 1,892, 06:24

So you're hallucinating now?

Time to switch the meds.

Cthulhu.. Dan 1,892, 06:33


Merle Corey
Merle Corey Dan 1,892, 07:03

while interesting as a historical story, when applied to current eRep, it is a load of hooey.

Soliden Dan 1,892, 07:29

Nah, we got plenty of lions for you. 😉

Number11 Dan 1,892, 07:52


alfjaf Dan 1,892, 07:55


Winter Night
Winter Night Dan 1,892, 08:15

Political Take Over is something you call someone who does not agree with you but has a chance of beating you in elections. x1000000

\\\\\ A F A /////

Skarbrandus Dan 1,892, 08:32

Afa's losers team 😃

Viarizi Dan 1,892, 09:18

@Skarbrandus you are the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOSER with that beautiful gay name!

Derphoof Dan 1,892, 10:20

How about, no?


helixer Dan 1,892, 11:14

you're the PTO'er you dumbass!

Syz2 Dan 1,892, 11:14

When I read this it had 666 votes. I'll vote for a party with a better sign.

Barracuda1 Dan 1,892, 11:17

AFA= Ronald Ripper Reagan = Lies= No vote


Thedillpickl Dan 1,892, 12:05

"Political Take Over is something you call someone who does not agree with you but has a chance of beating you in elections."

I love this line. Idiots are idiots aren't they? AFA calls actual Americans (and those foreigners who have assimilated into our culture) the PTO threat. Then attempt to use the above slogan to put us down for calling them a PTO. Stop and think about what they are saying for a second.

We (Americans) are the PTO threat to the United States but we (Americans) persecute them (AFA) by calling them the PTO. Sounds like someone is chasing their own tail. ~pickle stares at Ajay~



ldel Dan 1,892, 12:56


***** VOTE A F A *****

SpicyandNice Dan 1,892, 12:57

vote shout

vojislavp Dan 1,892, 13:07

true \o/

James B. Burke
James B. Burke Dan 1,892, 13:23

AFA= Ronald Ripper Reagan = Lies= No vote


K Squared
K Squared Dan 1,892, 14:21

"If you want to vote for candidates who come from diverse backgrounds and who are ---- rewarded for merit above all else, --- then vote for the AFA."

I would like some examples of these candidates' merit that didn't involve multies, impersonation, or bannings.

Chase Mason Mikeals
Chase Mason Mikeals Dan 1,892, 14:56

I think you made a typo you put: [ATO] Vote American Freedom Alliance for Congress: In This Sign You Will Conquer. Shouldn't it be: [PTO] Vote American Freedom Alliance for Congress: In This Sign You Will Conquer

Veritas Triumphus
Veritas Triumphus Dan 1,892, 15:16


loftedraptor Dan 1,892, 15:36

AFA all the Way!

Dedicated to the AFA and AED


Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Dan 1,892, 15:52

ahhhh, the smell of desperation.

And the epic failure that is the AFA

Iamnameless Dan 1,892, 15:58

Beyond pompous, the use of IHS is insulting to Christians.

Add "god complex" to this insufferable wacko's long list of delusions.

Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Dan 1,892, 16:09

RGR, I hate to bring real life into this, but the fact that you attempt to portray yourself as a righteous Christian sickens me. I'm a Christian, and I am FAR from perfect, but to make it sound like you are Christ-reincarnated, is absolutely disgusting.

bigcdizzle Dan 1,892, 17:01

AFA= Ronald Ripper Reagan = Lies= No vote


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