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[AMP] This Party.

Dan 1,825, 12:54 Published in USA ZDA s strani Gaara Killah

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,
Tonight's presentation from the Department of the Navy is brought to you by the American Military Party.

This party, the AMP, is a great party. This party is the one that allows new members to actually participate in the inner workings of the party. I went from a brand new member of the party, to a member of the Round Table. The Round Table is the main leadership, it has all the program directors and deputies. For a long time I had gone from party to party looking to give my experience in goverment and experience in dealing with people. I was offered by Emdoublegee a director spot due to my prior experience and willingness to work.

Excuse me while I post attractive redheads

So far this term we have opened the AMP Media Club! The AMP Media club is a collection of good writters from within the AMP, these authors write articles pertaining to in-party workings, congressional matters, International matters, and War Reports. We encourage all up and comming writters to inquire either myself or Mr. Swagg about joining the AMP Media Club. If you would like more information, it can be found here.

Another attractive red.... aww hell, she has a nice rack.

The AMP offers an awesome Intern Program which helps people who are interested in doing something in the AMP, by enabling them to work with the Department directors. If you are an AMP member and are interested in working with us, please check out this link.

All in all, the AMP is the party of oppurtunity. It is a great party for new players who want to make a name for themselves. I may not be new, but I joined the AMP to re-spark my interests in this game.

This has been a public service announcement from the Department of the Navy and the AMP Media Club.




Alexander Valkor II
Alexander Valkor II Dan 1,825, 12:58

First Denied

DW.Frost Dan 1,825, 13:05

Voted GK o/

n0s3 Dan 1,825, 13:09


BeachBunny Dan 1,825, 13:10


Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Dan 1,825, 13:36

Voted. AMP!

ErrOrka Dan 1,825, 14:13

dick or gtfo

John Largo
John Largo Dan 1,825, 14:15


DokJon Dan 1,825, 16:13


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