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eUS Cooperative Call out

15 6 дн. назад Опубликовано в стране USA USA Бизнес и финансы Бизнес и финансы

There are 3 reasons this article is written:
1. Groot asked for an article
2. The eUS Cooperative is still very much alive
3. I need that 25 comments for mission. DO IT NOW!

Here are our By-Laws: https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-doca-

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What did I gained from the eUS National Cooperative iniative

14 День 4,608, 23:43 Опубликовано в стране USA USA Бизнес и финансы Бизнес и финансы

It started when I saw an article on eUS National Cooperative call out.

"That is so cool, I can contribute to the country by becoming a national

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Write something interesting, please?

6 День 4,579, 01:00 Опубликовано в стране USA USA Первые шаги в eRepublik Первые шаги в eRepublik

So I noticed a surge in new player lately. It might be due to the state of the world we're in right now or the virus

To the newbies, instead of writing

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Wisconsin Final Voting Updates (Last Term)

2 День 523, 21:03 Опубликовано в стране USA USA

First of all, congratulation to Joshua Hoss as the new Senator from Wisconsin. I'm sure he will do a great job.
The following is my final voting updates for last term as Senator from

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Wisconsin Voting Updates 3

1 День 501, 03:24 Опубликовано в стране USA USA

Greetings, citizen of Wisconsin.
The following is my bi-weekly voting record. I apologize as some of them are outdated.

format : name of the proposal - my vote - outcome

Do you agree to transfer 20000 USD from the country

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