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3rd eOlympic games results

27 День 854, 22:19 Опубликовано в стране Australia Australia

Ladies and Gentlemen here they are, the highly anticipated official results of the 3rd eOlympic games.

First place: GryffterX
Second place: Paksenarrion

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3rd eOlympic games prizes

34 День 850, 15:21 Опубликовано в стране Australia Australia

I've been a bit pressed for time and I'm slacking with the announcements for this games. Currently there's only 1 day left to get your entry in before the eMalaysian games kick off.

This article is just a quick one to announce the prizes for this

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3rd eOlympic games announced

18 День 837, 13:05 Опубликовано в стране Australia Australia

Today the 3rd eOlympic games have been announced for the 20th of March - that's only 14 days away!

These games will be hosted by your friendly neighbours, Malaysia.

The FREE entry events this time will be Diving and Equestrian[

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2nd games official results

19 День 826, 19:55 Опубликовано в стране Australia Australia

The 2nd official eOlympic games have now wrapped up and it’s time for everyone’s favourite part. The official results:

1st: Vegah
2n😨 Ashi BoBoX
3r😨 Paksenarrion

1st: Barteus
2n😨 zmaj ognjen vuk
3r😨 pifou

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2nd eOlympic games prizes announced

12 День 814, 18:26 Опубликовано в стране Australia Australia

There’s less than 10 days to go until the 2nd official eOlympic games so I thought I’d share a few statistics on the upcoming games and announce the gold prizes for these games.

Firstly the current number of entrants for each

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