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Remember Albanians?

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Hi America,

I thought AUP is dead. Today i re-joined after a long time, but i still remember what this party and its members before did for you. Do you remember,too?

Recently with new updates,i see

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eSerbian battles orders

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PRIO 1 - Fight for France HERE,Macedonia FYROM is returning region

Hail Serbia
Hail Greece

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[Statistics] Asteria fighting for Argentina

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Pray for Loland..

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Ah Loland.. even Malaysia Airlines is more safe than Asteria Airlines! … citește în continuare »

Lets build new friendship..

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Enemy of my enemy is my friend


PS Dont think that someone can make me or anyone feeling ashamed.. those who are used and serving to enemies indirecly should be ashamed o7 … citește în continuare »