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Yes you can India!

Ziua 1,877, 14:25 Publicat în India Bulgaria de Stolch

India has grown up today in more then one ways. It has not only won a great and improbable victory against a much stronger foe it has changed it's place in the world overnight.

While a single victory does not change anything in terms of "damage" for a country, a victory of this magnitude it changes the outlook towards the game and ones place in the big picture.

Of course from the opposition there will be the claims of the sorts: "CoTwo have 70% of the damage", "they spent 3 million to win the battle" or any other excuse you can think of. Yes India does not have the military power to fight on even footing with Croatia and win be it a direct attack or an RW and yes many helped India in that battle.

However the ability to rally such support to your cause is also a sign of prowess and this is where the big qualitative change has happened. Keeping in mind that many of the people who readily fought for India in this epic battle were not too long ago across the trenches it is a testament to India's integrity as a nation and country in the game regardless who their current opponents or allies are.

It is no secret that India is what you would call a small country in the game and it is no secret that it is mostly the big countries who are the driving forces behind events in the game, which in a sense is logical of itself. Everyone has a different style of playing the game and often the strong of the day are viewed as egoistic, imperial and so on. True or not, everyone has the right to make their own future in the game and every country is fighting for what they believe is their best interest and is best for their own country and community of players as they should.

I'm not going to make excuses for the big countries, however being top dog also means being an easy target as well, something that small countries don't have to deal with always. They can coast below the radar and be free of taking hard decisions or involve themselves in events more then as prescribed by others.

Often this situation is facilitated by bigger countries treatment of smaller countries, thus often smaller countries look for a "bigger brother" to look over them. This is the main diference that this victory has brought on for India. It has seen that there is a different way the game can be played, that it can be an equal partner and that it does not need a bigger brother to lobby for it to achieve great things.

India earned that victory on it's own. Yes it is inexperienced in waging such battles, yes it is unsure in it's own abilities and yes it has a long way to go until it can compete tactically or militarily with many bigger countries in the game. However it showed poise, patience and unity which resulted in this great victory. Maybe it is enough to say that the plan for the RW was to be a drain battle for the main objective winning the initiative in the direct war. Still it was carried out almost flawlessly, which lead to the opportunity to be contested and ultimately won. It was by design that this possibility arrose and this is what shows the growing up of India on the battlefield.

Most importantly however India saw that it does not need lobbying to be able to go knock on others doors and find support. People came to fight for India, not for someone else.

Now however the hard part begins. Croatia has regarded India as a resource colony which could be trampled without effort and hence has not put any thought into their planing or campaign in this war, assuming that India will roll over for them or/and they cannot gain support for their cause. Oh how wrong they were about that as they ere in their treatment of their former ally. Still they now know and they will change their approach, they will no longer underestimate Indian potential and so the battles that will come will be much harder but as much fun as this one.

In essence India has already won this war, from this point on it matters not what happens, India has garnered the attention of the world and win or loose it has changed it's outlook on the game as well as the way others look upon it. This should not be reason to feel satisfied however but a stimule to do even better.

Most importantly India has tasted what it is to be an independent entity and that taking a position is not the end of the world, everyone is equal no matter of size or pretences in this game and so the appetite can only grow from here.

I believe this is the beginning of the birth of yet another great country in the game, which in the long term is beneficial to everyone, friend or foe as it will bring more variation and make the game more interesting for all in the future.

Only thing left is to make a BB and gain the most important resource in the game, the players themselves. Something some have forgotten or overlooked for a long time.

I think this victory is what will make this BB posible as it has energized a community who has seen that it can and the coasting of the past will give way to the ambition of the future. Time to build the new India, time to make this country as great as it can be.

I know you can India and after today so does the whole world!



Graf Sprat
Graf Sprat Ziua 1,877, 14:42

Awesome stuff bro!

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Ziua 1,877, 16:21

Good work!

Lonqu Ziua 1,877, 18:06


Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Ziua 1,877, 21:46

"Most importantly India has tasted what it is to be an independent entity and that taking a position is not the end of the world, everyone is equal no matter of size or pretenses in this game and so the appetite can only grow from here."

This statement reminds me of one of Li Po's most famous reflections:
"We sit together, the mountain and I, until only the mountain remains"

Time is short and some obstacle are large. Remember what is important and know your limits.

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Ziua 1,877, 22:21

Stolch Ziua 1,878, 02:08


"Time is short and some obstacle are large. Remember what is important and know your limits."


Remember you place, shut up and bend over. Damage rules.

Graf Sprat
Graf Sprat Ziua 1,878, 03:42

The beauty of poetry is that your interpretation depends on ur own perception. Here's another one of the beauty that Roger put up...

First the Full para since picking up half a quote often leads to misinterpretation....
"The birds have vanished in the sky, and now the last cloud drains away. We sit together, the mountain and I until only the mountain remains"

In Li Po’s poem, the birds and clouds are the restless thoughts that keep us from experiencing life more deeply. The mountain represents the richness of life that is always there, and which is truly seen only when our thoughts are still.

So, in the end, birds, clouds, and other distractions disappear and the mountain (which symbolizes the richness of life and thought, and not an un-surmountable obstacle) is the only one that stays

lovac na jelene
lovac na jelene Ziua 1,878, 05:19

But hasn't eIndia always had it's position in eWorld? I don't know what are you insinuating? eIndia was always "neutral", but constantly attacked by Phoenix/ONE and always getting help from EDEN, China especially, and Croatia in both ATO and defending against invaders - Indo, Thailand and serbian PTO attempts. Now it wants to be neutral again but with completely different friends. Doubt that anyone will believe eIndian integrity anymore, and that hurts the most.

All past good times were forgotten in a second.

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Ziua 1,878, 05:47

@Graf Sprat, your interpretation is actually nearly exactly what mine is, re-read mine.

The distractions should be ignored as they are not important, but the timeless mountain will remain. I meant it to say, let's not get caught up in them and figure out a path forward that will benefit eIndia and our experience.

@eRP, you really have entrenched yourself here, its odd that you have decided to simply take the opposite position to everything i say. However it leads me to believe that you have a greater goal. If you are planning to simply influence eIndia's alliances, here is a tip, slow down your approach, you are burning too hot and will soon be embargoed as a traitor by a bunch of people. Been there, done that.

Stolch Ziua 1,878, 10:13


Actually I'm not influencing anyone in anyway, all I'm doing is letting my brain be picked, everything else is up to Indians themselves.

All I've done is present the simple view, that the important thing in my opinion for India is to get a BB, so that it would not have to find itself in a subservient position again in the future.

While your and some others train of thought has been, that it is pointless to fight back so then logically it is in everyone's interest to not fight. It is up to Indians themselves to decide what to do.

As for the "greater goal", the only one doing so far is you ; ), then again most Indians know me from years back and know what sort of treatment they will get from me so I'm not worried at all. Especially because I have no problem to leave if asked and will do so if it happens.

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Ziua 1,878, 15:40

you're really weird, I was just giving you advice. Next time i will only pick your brain for advise instead of trying for a two way street.

Asmitatheone Ziua 1,879, 03:15

Whats ur point Roger?
Croats are the mountain that we accept and let them have their way.
Everything said and done, this is eIndia, and we have the right to say who stays here and who doesnt. Ok, we might not have the the damage/strength to remove them by force, but the frnds we have to remove by force can hardly be called frnds.
History has it that not a single country remains wiped out for ever.

Finally, faith CAN move mountains!! Mind you that!

Ind1anMartyr Ziua 1,879, 04:31

As far as im concerned, thats a very motivational article and an excellent read : )

NueveOcho Ziua 1,879, 04:37

Voted o7

Xicor13 Ziua 1,879, 09:59

Wall of text : /

voted anyways o7

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Ziua 1,879, 13:58

@Asmitatheone: Agreed, my point was not to get bogged down and figure out a path forward.

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