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WTF is wrong with this picture

Ziua 667, 12:03 Publicat în USA SUA de Hampton H. Hampton

So we have now won 7 straigt battles against the Russians and yet they get to continue attacking.

Now I don't know what kind of wars the wonderful, kind, creative and neat-o Admins have ever studied, but typically the team that keeps losing doesn't keep advancing.

Counter attacking is a VERY MAJOR part of war strategy, think about how all wars in the world would be fought if they went by the current war module of eRep. Just think for a minute, some of you just for a few seconds so you don't get a headache from thinking too much.

PATTON "Well General, the Japs just attacked Pearl Harbor, what should we do?"
McARTHUR "Well they won so I guess we just sit here and wait for them to attack again"
PATTON "Shouldn't we counter attack?"
McARTHUR "We can't, they have the inititve, what we can do is just beat them in the next battle and hope they haven't opened up any other battles in the meantime."
PATTON "I see, I see. How about we attack the Germans then, you know, help on the Euro front?"
McARTHUR "It's true we could fight over there, but since we are under attack on the complete opposite side of the freaking world, we can't, the rulez says"
PATTON "Well thats stupid, I'm going to Africa I heard Rhomel was there, I read his book"
McARTHUR "Ok, good luck, try not to slap too many people, oh and wear your seat belt"
PATTON "Whats that? I didn't quite catch what you said"
McARTHUR "Nevermind, I'm sure it's a none issue""


Tis silliness in my opinion, massive silliness.

I'm not even going to get started on the whole retreat bug that has bitten us TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

Anyway, here are some words to Live by:

"If your in a dark alley and there is a rather suspicious character there and he asks if you wanna play cornhole, find out which version he's talking about before agreeing to play"



Vootsman Industries
Vootsman Industries Ziua 667, 12:08


Zyria Ziua 667, 12:09

I think if Patton and McArthur were in that position they'd just go to Japan and blow the sh*t out of it. For fun. Then blow up the rulez.

Avenya Ziua 667, 12:13

voted, but it always sides with who has initiative, so when we had it last week, it was wonderful.

SDF-1 Ziua 667, 12:17


Emerick Ziua 667, 12:24

Spell-check pls

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Ziua 667, 12:27

Come spell check it for me when you get out of jail. Also, don't play cornhole in jail Emerick, the prison version is very different.

Petras Invictus
Petras Invictus Ziua 667, 12:36

Honestly, when I first started playing, I was a bit confused about how the war machine worked: honest to God I thought it was just like the board game of Diplomacy. This was right before the US lost Illinois to Russia and I remember my first night thinking "oh well if this point thing makes sense, the US will win NP..." Then I wake up the next day and see we lost somehow. I just figured it was all about "support" where your forces were, etc, just like in Diplomacy.

But yeah it makes even less sense now that Ive figured it out. Really the only way that I think the current war mechanics work is if you are only allowed to open one battle per 24 hours, not "open as many as possible and as long as you win the last one you are still on the offensive." Or at least make it on a per battle basis where the winner of the battle gets to make one attack once that battle is finished no matter what other battles are going on.

Pangolin Ziua 667, 12:40

Diplomacy FTW.

eugeneonegin Ziua 667, 12:53

love it.

Aetius007 Ziua 667, 15:01

Initiative should be lost if you continue to lose battles, perhaps like 3 in a row, or a certain amount of points. This means your offensive has failed.

In reality offensives couldn't be maintained forever, unless the overwhelming majority where victories. Examples of epic offensives are; Alexander the Great's conquest, Hannibal's conquests in Italy, Genghis Khan's conquests, Napolean's conquest of Austria, D-day, Russian Counter offensive after Kursk, Invasion of Iraq.

Notice any similarities? Thats right, battles were rarely lost by the attacker, because it would have hindered their INITIATIVE

Draconis Group
Draconis Group Ziua 667, 15:36

Complaining about the war module at this point is like complaining about a crying baby on an airplane. There's nothing you can do to change it and you just have to endure it until it is all over.

jaco_vich Ziua 667, 17:53


Avenya Ziua 667, 20:19

/me eats jaco_vich

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