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Where is asgard ?

Ziua 1,910, 09:43 Publicat în Estonia Serbia de kjork

Where is asgard ?




Minino. Ziua 1,910, 09:48


kjork Ziua 1,910, 09:54


Sztandar Ziua 1,910, 10:03

Sztandar Ziua 1,910, 10:03


Basowy Ziua 1,910, 10:05

We have pole position now in our quest to the north pole.

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Ziua 1,910, 10:05


Aquilamk Ziua 1,910, 10:07

lol where is Estonia without Poland ?????

jedimindtrick Ziua 1,910, 10:10

JeguljaM Ziua 1,910, 10:47

Lol where is Estonia without Poland?

Xharau97 Ziua 1,910, 10:50

Lol where is Estonia without Poland? x3

Enrii Lindebaum
Enrii Lindebaum Ziua 1,910, 11:15

Where is Estonia without Poland?
Here it is:

Ruben           Lagus
Ruben Lagus Ziua 1,910, 11:43

AssGuard o7

TheJuliusCaesar Ziua 1,910, 11:44

Kjork insider...
Inside kjork?

Rona1d Ziua 1,910, 11:45


Gerdionu Ziua 1,910, 11:47

i don't see any moose in scandinavia!

JeguljaM Ziua 1,910, 11:52

Enrii: that is WITH poland. You are more stupid than you look : )

Joonas Uss
Joonas Uss Ziua 1,910, 12:09

Alfons that is without Poland 🙂

Vohvelimies Ziua 1,910, 12:28

you forgoth Spain.. i mean canada

Mixliarder Ziua 1,910, 14:14


Mr Woosh
Mr Woosh Ziua 1,910, 20:20

Alfons... You act like Poland made us HUGE fave...
This fave is not so big that U can bs here now all the time.
Thanks for all who helped us. But if I see comments here like Yours... its not worth it.

Kain Propan
Kain Propan Ziua 1,912, 03:01

You can always ask Poland to back off if you don't think their entry to the war changed anything : D

JeguljaM Ziua 1,911, 23:45

Joonas Uss: Then why do you have boarder with Poland : ) ???

Vohvelimies: here we have a p funny comment. A troll with class. Not like the quality of estonian progapanda

Mr Woosh: They made you a huge favor, be a little thankful? Poland made all the job without you, just the facts bro, Estonia is of no position to troll since you have nothing to be proud of atm. Its like fighting with your sister and then you call for daddy to stop the fight. Isnt it?

When Poland is gone, then lets see where Estonia actually are, last time I checked you were wiped without Poland and Serbia. You were wiped by Finland, Finland is wiped by Poland, and you just took finland a little from behind. Big difference. But if you cant do the math I'm sorry mate. You couldnt manage to take down Asgard with Latvia and without superpowers and empires in the game. You cried to Poland that Finland dont wants to close the war. Well that's fine since ESTONIA started it. Don't be a bad winner and troll, It just makes you look worse.

That is so cute little puppet ACT member you actually think you managed to be something without your puppetmasters dont worry we will watch your back : D

I like Estonia but dont be a duck. Cry me a river, build me a bridge and get over it.

Erksos Ziua 1,911, 05:35

Dude, the war that ended was started by Finland. We tryed to make peace but Finland is eager to conquer us. And look what they did NE for Estonia... so who is starting the wars?

Obelix96 Ziua 1,911, 09:47

Ahem...The Estonian poll for NE against Finland which started this war was accepted 4 hours before that of Finland. Finland just made their own NE because bonuses are cool.

JeguljaM Ziua 1,911, 15:29

Wow.... Even your CP dont know the history. Maybe finland started it 1 billion years ago but this time Estonia started the war, when you were at peace. You NEd first. You started it yes, and because of that they dont Want to give you peace

Muusika Ziua 1,911, 07:48

so what u are saying is, if its estonia vs finlan/russia/sweden its fair fight, but when it is poland-estonia vs finland its not fair cos poland is bigger?

What u smoking lady?

Obelix96 Ziua 1,911, 09:43

Russia has never been seen on the Estonia-Finland frontier...Or atleast not in the last year and I haven't even existed that long.

Obelix96 Ziua 1,911, 09:50

And no. Neither of those two wars you described were fair. But Estonia was the one who started it after the last enforced peace by Poland. People are just raging about the Estonians being a bit too cocky now that Poland is back.

Muusika Ziua 1,911, 11:03

So what you are saying is estonia started all this despite every country president from estonia contacting numberous times finnish representives for peace for last year? something like that

kjork Ziua 1,911, 10:18

Obelix96 finnish goverment told they would not accept peace. SO we started NE before they could back then.

Obelix96 Ziua 1,911, 10:45

Ah, but that was only because there really was no negotiation from Poland's side. Our goverment didn't like having Poles dictating the peace terms.
Personally I am sure that if the first words wouldn't have been "Accept peace with Estonia" instead of something nicer like: "Surely this war of yours has gone on for a long time..."
In such a more diplomatic start of peace negotiations it would have been possible to make one.

Obelix96 Ziua 1,911, 10:56

Oh wait. Sorry. It seems that I missed your point. So this happened when this last war started?
But on the other hand, does it change things at all? Poland tried to dictate back then also.
And the last time I checked, the first and only peace offer would have involved Finland paying Estonia, and I persoanlly can't imagine our gov not accepting a white peace.

And let's not remember that the war which was ended by the first interruption from Poland started when Estonia decided to make a practice war into a real war calling Poland and Baltic countries into the fray.

kjork Ziua 1,911, 11:14

We offered pohja-eesti to finland. inorder for peace.

JeguljaM Ziua 1,911, 15:32

You still triggered the war bro.

kjork Ziua 1,911, 20:47

its not about who started it anymore, its about who has the initiative now.

Obelix96 Ziua 1,911, 21:37

Ah, but now you're talking about this latest peace negotiations. In which the problem was Poles dictating.

Also, Pohja-Eesti has fish, the only resource you and we had already.

kjork Ziua 1,911, 01:01

This war been going on since v1.Really hard to say who started it.

kjork Ziua 1,911, 01:02

And since this is erep its never one vs one.

Dapipo Ziua 1,911, 06:46

Wow, and the writer of this article is your MoD? Just... wow.

Enrii Lindebaum
Enrii Lindebaum Ziua 1,911, 08:40

Hurr durr where is RL professionalism.

nutty fox
nutty fox Ziua 1,912, 02:51

If this was ment to be propaganda EPIC FAIL. If you read the comments the Estonians made azzez out of them selfs with zero knowledge (or bad memory) of their country history and false claims and statement. This is how a true PUPPET country looks and sounds like and for that i give you 10/10 congratulations.

Enrii Lindebaum
Enrii Lindebaum Ziua 1,912, 03:07

Implying this war serious and anybody cares.

Enrii Lindebaum
Enrii Lindebaum Ziua 1,912, 03:07

was* fuck

Lejman Ziua 1,912, 03:36

Asgard is wiped by your big sister Poland. But we will be back!
And the question is if Estonia does the same mistake again and attack Asgard, get their asses kicked and again call their big sister.

Zacharia Raven
Zacharia Raven Ziua 1,912, 03:40

There seems to be many opinions about who has started what and against whom. As I have been in many recent negotiations, let me try and clarify this to all readers.

First of all, it doesn't matter who started the war. Not in 2008, not this year, not this month. What really matters is that Finland and Estonia are neighbors in opposing alliances. As majority of you know, the game mechanics make it wise for both countries to have an NE going. Fighters of both countries get True Patrot medals and Daily Orders.

Secondly this was has been ping-pong war since it has started. Estonia and Latvia have been winning at some point, and Finland and its allies have been winning at some point. Asgard was formed to enforce local strenght, which means local battles. Poland is not Asgard target, we all know who are.

Thirdly, even if there could be a peace in this region, which would not benefi anybody since Norway and Sweden can also participate in certain scenarios, the treaty propositions are always jokes. They never get passed in congress. Whenever winner writes it, it is too harsh. Whenever loser writes it, it is not worth the peace.

Fourthly, we make good enemies. Having a war keeps the economy running even at some level. We are used to fighting each other. If Estonia manages to win, it is a glorious victory for them, and they can take advantage that in their BB-propaganda. Bringing Poland and making them threaten us was good strategy, this article is bad PR. Finland does also plead for bigger friends, and thanks them dearly when they succeed.

Lastly, you should not overuse Poland's tolerance. They got fed up once, and at this rate they'll do that again. You know that after this Asgard citizens will hunger for Estonian blood more gravely than ever. You should focus on your recruitment programs, because it is a long-term investment. Poland will leave, but not all new playes do. Create some kind of a mentor-program, take on the eUniversity, which offers IG quests for

Zacharia Raven
Zacharia Raven Ziua 1,912, 03:42

new players. offer them interaction inside the game and show them, that there is a society outside the game, which by itself offers very little. Make them want to fight against Asgard.

Sorry for this wall, but all I've seen here is bad troll. I want to see Estonia back on its own feet, fighting us like they used to.

vCP of eFinland.
Co-founder of Asgard

Muusika Ziua 1,912, 04:41

Estonia is fighting you like they used to, but now its fair. 🙂

Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk
Jussi FULL RETARD Jernkuuk Ziua 1,912, 05:52

Have I come to the right place, I'm looking for the Polish-Estonian puppet show?

nutty fox
nutty fox Ziua 1,912, 07:06

Polish puppet show is a classic! Even the thought makes me laugh.

nutty fox
nutty fox Ziua 1,913, 00:58

Problems? No meanwhile in Asgard our new members of Norway having a blast in the frontline

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