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Ziua 1,950, 05:34 Publicat în Australia Australia de greg L

Hello Aussies and eAussies, hello NaN ( HAIL NaN ), and hello to all our friendly nations and to those not in arms against us, and to all of my friends in any country.
I thought I would name my paper in honour of Australia's greatest boxer and our bravest one, the immortal Les Darcy, known worldwide as The Maitland Wonder. Les was the first Aussie Sportsman I know of who always fought with the Aussie flag behind him.

I am a new player, just been playing about three weeks and met some good people. In rl I am a musician which is bad because we are the lowest paid workers in the country but I love the blues too much to give it up. Some of you have met me already and I hope to get to meet more. I am here for one reason and one reason only, to assist my people in getting our land back, as the world's biggest Islamd and a continent, thats a lot of land... but it's ours.


I am a patriot, very pasaionate, some will not like that about me, some will, but I am here to serve Australia and NaN, I promise to do my best to free us and I also promise to fight for South Africa's land too, a friend of Australia is a friend of mine.




greg L
greg L Ziua 1,950, 05:46

At least one photo came out right

greg L
greg L Ziua 1,950, 05:54

I will do an edit once I can get the photos right.

venja Ziua 1,950, 06:22

Nice article

greg L
greg L Ziua 1,950, 06:36

thanks Venja

LanyIsLost Ziua 1,950, 06:26

I love the blues but I'm RL American so ours aren't like yours so much.

greg L
greg L Ziua 1,950, 06:35

My blues is as authenticly American as I can get, and I get closer than most, 26 years of playing and listening does that.

LanyIsLost Ziua 1,950, 07:09

I've been introduced to a lot of great Aussie blues so I wasn't putting it down, just know that no one is like Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson to name a few.

greg L
greg L Ziua 1,950, 10:43

Yes that is true, we have yet to produce one of those, or a Blind Blake, BB King, Blind Boy Fuller, Elmore James, Bo Carter or a Little Walter, we tend to rock harder than most as AC/DC ffans or Easybeats, Cold Chisel and Rose Tattoo and Angels fans will attest.
As for me I like them too but admit the great bluesmen were just better musicians. Australia has a fine history, but the blues is neglected, just one blues song ever made the Aussie Top Ten.

LanyIsLost Ziua 1,950, 10:58

I like Cold Chisel, Rose Tattoo, and Midnight Oil, probably more I can't think of atm. I love the sound of Stevie Ray Vaughan as well. BB King and Clapton together are awesome too.

greg L
greg L Ziua 1,950, 22:41

The Angels were a great live band, better than many big name bands, but I dont think they are well known outside, the Easybeats however were well known everywhere in the 60's, when they started in 1965 they were the hardest rocking band on earth, absolutely legendary great band, George Young and Harry Vanda were the big names from that band. George young is of course the older brother of Malcolm and Angus young. Their single, "Good Times" is a MUST listen to song, it is as good as rock can get.

greg L
greg L Ziua 1,950, 22:43

Who doesnt love Stevie Ray Vaughan

roboz Ziua 1,950, 23:22

Nice to meet you mate..
Voted for Blues!!!

greg L
greg L Ziua 1,951, 04:23


sike woods
sike woods Ziua 1,951, 07:38

blues = real music

argi the eliminator
argi the eliminator Ziua 1,951, 07:48

Nice to meet you!
I will be honest, I don't like blues 😛

greg L
greg L Ziua 1,952, 02:15

Well maybe not for everyone, maybe my playing would convert you XD. Most like it (at least those who have heard all the greats). Mate if we were all the same it would be boring.

argi the eliminator
argi the eliminator Ziua 1,952, 02:19

I would love to hear you playing. Let me know if you have a video on YouTube or if you are planning to visit Athens 😛

greg L
greg L Ziua 1,952, 02:35

will do, once the blokes in my band get off their asses. Athens !!!! Hell yeah, what sort of person wouldn't wanna see the Parthenon.

Terravista Ziua 1,951, 08:32

Your a hit mate!!!, I think you have a gift, writing. If you cant win those people over the hatred issue through talking, then this is a good place to try, with a good quality newspaper!

AugustusX Ziua 1,951, 21:38

You're all old 😛

greg L
greg L Ziua 1,952, 02:16

nyah nyah, I'm older than you, lol, youngster ... P

Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Ziua 1,951, 22:16

Your unaustralian if you don't like ACDC...

greg L
greg L Ziua 1,952, 02:16

Yep... and the Easybeats too is a pre-requisite.

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