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The Partisons

Ziua 1,949, 17:35 Publicat în USA SUA de Jason Welsh

Hello eRep! Welsh here. I’d like to talk to you guys about a new Military Group called the Partisons!


The Partisons are not an MU, we won’t be having an in-game MU page, we’ll be organizing like the MUs used to do before they got in-game pages, and we’ll accept players even if you already have an MU!

Who are we?
We are a group of people who organize once a week through group PM in-game. We are loyal primarily to the USA, Brazil, Albania, Russia, and other allies of the United States. We are aimed at advancing the military cause of the countries we support as well as advancing the military standing of our individual members (this means RWs for RH medals and BH medals, some of our members have already gotten some).
We have been active for over 2 weeks already fighting in Taiwan, Polish-occupied Western Europe, and recently in Spanish-occupied Canada. So far we have about 20 people actively fighting with us and we’re looking to expand.
Our officers currently include myself, Squirtius Maximus, Kody5, and DMV3.

How do we work?
This is not an MU, this is a military group that is not tied down by game mechanics. We are designed for people who already have an MU and a commune job. We are where you go after you get the daily 25 kills over with.
We don’t have an official supply system, but we do share IRC supply channels and other stuff whenever we find it. We will have an official members list, but not an in-game page. We will be running through (about) 1 campaign through week and we communicate about each campaign through group PMs. As of recently, we do have an IRC room that we encourage people to hop on to (even if you’re not a Partison).
Based on how many people join us during the next few days, we are ready to potentially split it into 2 divisions (1 PM per division, all officers can see all group PMs).

Why should you join us?
Strength in numbers. We have had a good start so far as far as communicating and setting up RWs with the support of national MUs. We’ve already gotten people RH medals, and we’re hoping to get more medals for more people as well as helping to shape the world in a way that benefits our country.
Also, if for no other reason, join for the community. We have fun in our PMs between keeping each other informed. You don’t wanna miss it 😉

IRC: #Partisons
Information: PM me, Squirtius Maximus, Kody5, or DMV3
Want to join?

Stay sexy guys



PeVall Ziua 1,949, 17:52

Partisons ftw

OMGWTFIDK Ziua 1,949, 18:49


Looking forward to having fun in this game for a change xD

Bucephalus92 Ziua 1,949, 19:18

Partisons ftw

Thedillpickl Ziua 1,949, 19:41

I wanted to use the name "Sexy Purple Godzilla Monsters" but everyone else voted for Partisons.

Bucephalus92 Ziua 1,949, 20:03

You wanted us to be the Rhinos remember ; )

Thedillpickl Ziua 1,949, 20:08

Rhinos, purple monsters, meh it's all the same when you get as old as I am. 😃:D

Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Ziua 1,949, 20:20

oh god, not that pic again XD

Thedillpickl Ziua 1,950, 09:36

Imageshack is a wonderful tool. :3

PeVall Ziua 1,949, 20:31

forgot to say :

V + S

The Joshua Tree
The Joshua Tree Ziua 1,949, 20:32

I'm in.

Kortanul Ziua 1,949, 23:40

Well shit, if the Tree's down, I can't can't take myself out of this...
Pity, though. I'm officially taking 1-2 months to build strength, even skipping out on most of my DO's.

You lot best stay active through that time. >[

MazzyCat Ziua 1,949, 20:37

I'm very interested in the 4 of you working together.....

Meow! ♥

DMV3 Ziua 1,949, 21:39

This has been a great deal of fun and a great success so far.

weasel2 Ziua 1,949, 23:29

Party hardy

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Ziua 1,950, 03:31

cool. rock on Partisons!

Feeby Ziua 1,951, 00:54


Viktor696 Ziua 1,951, 09:10


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