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The mud-pit called international diplomacy

Ziua 1,884, 07:48 Publicat în India Bulgaria de Stolch

Diplomacy more and more is mirroring the RL with interests, lobbies and bilateral relations sometimes overriding principles and alliances.

This can be well seen in both EDEN and TWO, but is probably true to some extent in CoT as well. Though as the weakest still out of the 3 alliances it is more understandable from CoT.

So what is the situation now and why it is as it is, is a very interesting topic. I'll try to do a little analysis and present a perspective on things. Of course this perspective comes from my own position, but I'll try to be as unbiased as one possibly can and it will be up to everyone to make their own conclusions.

I'll do this in general and then will talk a little about what it all means for India.

The threat called CoT.

For EDEN this is a reality, but it is also a possibility for TWO. CoT was being dismissed as the "puppet alliance" of Bulgaria, full of small countries and with no future. Then it was labeled and to some degree continues to be labeled as the "puppet alliance" of TWO. Still however it is the only alliance actually growing and not only from outside (through adding members), but from inside too (developing it's own members).

While this is good for CoT it is bad for EDEN, hence why over the last 1.5 years though EDEN has kept to the rhetoric of "evil SErbia and evil Poland" it has rarely fought against them or TWO. Most of the time EDEN has focussed on trying to bring down CoT before it became strong and self-sufficient or as it is an easier target now. Internal lobbies also had something to do, but more importantly there is no resources to be had from the TWO sphere so whenever the big countries in EDEN are on the map and looking for resources, the only thing some of them really fight for, they target CoT sphere.

TWO on the other hand is more then happy to see CoT lead the fight against EDEN on most fronts and get involved in an auxiliary role. It cannot stay aside and watch things as it needs to bridge the gap in terms of damage, however it can do it from a much more confortable position. It has lead a few drives of it's own but they have been mostly short bursts, where CoT has been on the trenches from it's inception.

As CoT continues to grow and become stronger however it starts to pose a risk and threat to TWO as well, especially in a post-EDEN world. Thus what has already started to happen and will happen more in the future is for us to see attempts at influencing internal decisions in CoT or being "choosy" when to and when not to provide military support.

Of course this tactic will not achieve their goals but only prop up CoT even more in the long term. Basically what the old boys on the block do not realize is that CoT is as much a product of the "denial" policy EDEN has employed and TWO seems willing to pick up in an attempt to limit the alliance and it's influence on the New World.

EDEN the longest standing alliance in the game

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for EDEN, it is the longest standing alliance in the game by name only. In essence it is no different then TWO as the only long standing part of it is it's core big countries (Croatia + Romania) + the second tier big countries (Greece with Turkey desperately wanting to join in that status). In TWO that is Serbia + Hungary + Slovenia and the addition of Poland + Spain. While TWO has changed names, EDEN hasn't however other then the name, nothing else is different between the two.

Since it is unwilling to accept it's demise in name mostly EDEN has now more former members then current. That coupled with the policy of marking everyone depending on curent interest as "traitors" has limited EDEN's ability to be a factor in the game and will continue to do so in the future. There has been an attempt to revise that strategy with Argentina, however it is coming too little too late. Simply put, the EDEN core has lost the longstanding war with TWO core, but they will never admit that and so the propaganda wars will continue.

Second big problem for EDEN is, that by incorporating Turkey and Argentina they made it imposible for any cooperation with CoT, which means that there is now virtually noting else but themselves left to fight their enemies.

the choice has been to focus on CoT, which has only dug a bigger and bigger hole as CoT has not succumbed but actually continually and persistently grown. This choice of strategy however has reduced the strongest (on paper only) alliance to become a non-factor in the new world and virtually handing to TWO the influence to decide over what happens in the ne world.

There is a certain amount of truth when they cry everywhere that Serbia or Poland decides this and Serbia or Poland decides that. They do, but not because everyone is a puppet, but because of the influence they currently have, all of it in direct result of EDEN actions and not really their own.

Simply put, by not fighting against Serbia and Poland, they have allowed them to outsource their damage and have gained huge influence due to that. Of course Serbia and Poland have also learned a lesson since the last time they were in the same position (ironically thanks to similar policies of the main countries in EDEN) and that is to be more involved in others battles and less egoistical. Then again EDEN has not put them in a position to have to defend their economic base, so they haven't really had a chance to be egoistical either.

Future for EDEN is bleak, not only because there is no one left to recruit out there, but because the new wave of players below D4 are more dispersed in non-EDEN sphere. Especially CoT which has a much larger share in D1 and D2 then higher. In time that will translate to a weakening in D4 for EDEN and so things will become even worst.

TWO rules the world

At this point of time, TWO does rule the world, however it is not the unconditional position ONE had a while back for a short period of time. It only has this position while it supports CoT against the assault of EDEN. However as it does not need to be on the front-lines all the time it can influence to a certain extent who wins where and when.

It is still a compact alliance, but will try to expand, most likely under the old "pro/slave" formula wich has been championed by both EDEN core countries and TWO core countries in the past. Current status quo in the world is perfect for TWO and they don't want to see any changes, least of all they want to see EDEN disappear, EDEN is TWO's best ally which facilitates their economic empires through it's policy and is easily controlled while it has no chance of gaining strength.

In short EDEN has become a tool for TWO to keep their king of the hill position. The only danger to TWO is CoT if it continues to grow and gain strength as it is the only alliance capable of challenging it. However as long as EDEN is focusing on CoT, TWO can control CoT's development (at least in the short term) by offering or denying support at key moments.

So at this moment the survival of EDEN is more important to TWO, then to EDEN itself. It's ability to grow as an alliance however is limited and actually the best prospects for that are in EDEN currently. Greece, who has been laying a posible path already and Argentina which has already left EDEN and will be looking to get closer to TWO or bring back Brazil to EDEN side, with the former being more likely.

CoT, the Cinderella alliance

CoT has a weird name, simple beginnings and even more strange growing up process. Virtually everyone, including most people in Bulgaria itself thought that an alliance cannot be built on small countries. It turns out not only it can, but it can become a factor.

Basically CoT started with Bulgaria and Chile, one was a power, the other was a small and worthless (in many's eyes) country. Then over time more small countries joined. To make a long story short, before Indonesia and Macedonia joined, CoT was regarded as Bulgaria and a kindergarten and more a peculiarity then a real force to be reckoned with.

Still it did not succumb to the repeated and unceasing attempts by EDEN to destroy it early on. Actually that onslaught by EDEN only helped it become stronger, so through sheer determination it not only survived but grew. More importantly however it grew within as well as from outside. Chile is now a top power as well, MExico is a growing mid-sized country and Peru has recently made a modest BB as well and while it still has a long road ahead till it gets to a mid-sized status it has grown it's active players by 4-5 times and set itself ready for the next step.

All this is helping cohesion and strength of the alliance.

The main weaknesses of the alliance are that it is dependable on TWO damage as long as the dying EDEN alliance focuses on them, thus limiting their ability to help out and grow their members and strength. When eventually USA and Brazil join, it will gain the needed strength to match both other alliances and it's role with TWO could switch drastically overnight.

This process however is not going to be easy and involves the resolution of old problems within members of the alliance which both EDEN and to some extent TWO will try to exploit in the near future to keep the alliance from evening out with both of them.

The second danger to CoT, and which has been somewhat evident of late, is complacency. As the still weakest alliance in terms of military strength it needs to continually be the most active diplomatically. Work actively in both propping up it's own members and integrating the countries which can work with it and will guarantee it's viability in the long term into it.

Simply put CoT has to continue actively to grow and develop at least until it reaches or even surpasses EDEN and TWO military output so that it cannot be ground down into a subservient alliance as was the case with TERRA before.

Current situation on the battlefields

How does all this translates into the current situation on the battlefields is an important clue to what might happen in the near and not so near future.

The fall of Argentina and the yet another miscalculation of EDEN

EDEN allowed basically Argentina to fall and leave the alliance as it bets on Argentina being able to pull in Brazil towards it, now that there is no EDEN and no Romania to interfere and gain again Brazil on it's side. As Argentina will always remain anti-Chile this would guarantee the Argentina-Brazil duo on EDEN side. Also the hope is that that would mean domination in South Amerika once again.

This tactic however depends on Brazil deciding to cut ties with Spain (which it has recently created and improved) and USA with which it has been an ally for a long time now. Also the hope is that that would mean domination in South Amerika once again. In short EDEN looses only on paper a member, but regains Brazilian damage.

The problem however is, that the only one taking risks in this arrangement is Brazil as it will gain many opponents on it's borders, while for Argentina and EDEN nothing changes in that respect. Add the fact that USA is on a fast track into joining CoT and that CoT is the only alliance where there are no "undesirable" countries for Brazil, this proposition seems unlikely.

The more likely result would be, that in order to save the Brazil - Argentina relationship, upon wich EDEN is gambling, Brazil and Argentina together might join TWO if Brazil can work out it's problems with Hungary. Still Brazils own interests and future would be by far best served in CoT rather then TWO or as a damage puppet/drain for EDEN and Argentina.

Macedonia, the new powder-keg of the balkans

This is where the battle for supremacy between the three alliances will be decided and where the lines are being drawn. This however will not happen as most might think, it will not be the one inning on the battlefield that will benefit in the inter-alliance relations.

TWO is currently staying away from this front, for a few reasons.

"Punish" Macedonia mostly, but CoT as well for accepting USA on a CoT track.

The now traditional "love story" between Greeks and Serbs, after Greece gets deleted. In essence, Greece gets back on the map when Serbia stops fighting against them and not when EDEN starts fighting for them. This is not necessarily because the Serbian government chooses to do so, but more as a result of a large scale "orthodox brotherhood" propaganda campaigns done by Greece and some Serbians. Still the result is the same regardless.

EDEN focusing on CoT as a means to guarantee Croatia it's resources, as TWO has no interest in kicking Croatia out of Asia. Wrongfully thinking it is making Serbia more "offence" able by doing so. In reality it makes Serbia less offence able as Croatia is getting more weapons resources and is farming and stocking resources for the moment Serbia goes to war so they can start an RW. Hence how they force Serbia to look for help in defending the Croat RW even as they had no war of their own at the time.) To bring back Greece on the map, force a peace treaty on Macedonia, so that Turkey + Greece can join forces and retake the Arabian peninsula and rebuild their farms.

The result of it however will be that it opens the opportunity for quickly improving relations between USA and MAcedonia, a posible problem area within CoT and thus finishing the internal problems that possibly could arise from USA joining the alliance. This will also mean that the relationship between alliances in the game ill become more complex and smaller countries will gain some hope for their futures.

If it doesn't materialize, then EDEN core countries and especially TWO will be the winners as they will guarantee that the status quo currently and will put small countries in EDEN in a vassal position to TWO for a long time to come.

TWO has lately secured it's bonus base with agreements with countries which otherwise would be a RW drain to them, like France, Germany and Netherlands (maybe?).

Last important front, though one that is not getting much attention right now is India vs Croatia

While CoT is under siege from EDEN it is unable to help India even if it wishes to do so. TWO (in their opinion) have no interest in helping India to keep Croatia away from Balkans. This is an instance here the interests of EDEN and TWO are overlapping and thus mutual exclusion helping each other. Thus for CoT and for the new world as a whole this is the second test ground where it will become apparent if the status quo of the last 5 years can change.

If CoT is able ultimately to help India, regain it's independence as most within the alliance want to do, then it will mean that the long and arduous road from "laughing stock" to viable and independent alliance has been finished as it will demonstrate CoT's ability to achieve goals which are not symbiotic to TWO.

This will also mean the end of EDEN unless it decides to seek cooperation with TWO, which though it seems far fetched is not that imposible especially for some of the members within EDEN.


What all this means for India is a couple of things

First, the fight for independance ill be long and hard, however it has no other option but to carry it out, because any long term agreement with Croatia will mean subservience to Croatia and EDEN.

Second, TWO is not an option as an alliance which can adequately defend and promote Indian independence and interests at least in the near and moderate future, at least not before Croatia has left the region.

Third, it's only viable option for support is CoT, even if CoT is unable to help as much as needed as long as EDEN is besieging it. Thus the short term membership of CoT as a way to solve the problem with Croatia is unlikely to give immediate results, rather this is an option for the long term prosperity of the country.

Forth, the only way for India forward in a very dynamic and multipolar world is to help itself first. This means that for India at this very moment and for the foreseeable future a baby boom is the paramount priority and aim. Only by gaining population will it be able to guarantee it's long term success because regardless of how sympathetic or not other countries are toward sIndia's plight it will always be dependent on them if it does not have enough of it's own resources. Players and people are the ultimate resource of any country, nothing else comes even close to worth.

Fortunately, being erased or even without a congress for small countries nowadays is not as hard a blow as was once upon a time. Tax income is small enough that even without congress for 1 month it will not really effect the countries ability to function financially and there are no other consequences that come from that.

The lack of resources though somewhat important for small countries is not as vital as getting ne players. Once the population grows that so will the importance of having resources which can aid the development of players in the country. Food resources are irrelevant, only weapons resources matter.

For India and for Cot, because there is a mutual interest here for cooperation, the test will be how quickly and how well they can make the transition process, including helping India have a baby boom with wich it will become independent and help the alliance in the future.

This is the main advantage of CoT it still is an alliance which can gain and promote countries into growing and thus strengthening from inside. Both EDEN and TWO do not have that opportunity, because smaller countries do not share goals with either alliance.

In conclusion

Over the next few months there will be a cat and mouse game between all 3 alliances where EDEN will sell itself to the devil (or try) in order to survive (mostly in name) again, TWO will try to keep it's most influential position and resource base (it has already achieved everything it needs on that front) and CoT continue to claw and fight to gain an equal footing and position to the other two alliances.

Both EDEN and TWO do not have the ability to grow much more then they're at this point, the only alliance with potential to grow is CoT if it can witstand the onslaught which will come progressively stronger as they continue to gain on the big two.

Most importsant issues will be the ability of USA to integrate into CoT and be accepted (weather it can truly commit to the alliance).

Brazil's choice between TWO and CoT (EDEN is not an option).

The reaction of TWO in terms of the integration of USA into CoT, if they choose to influence CoT against it, they will make it harder in the short term, but probably put themselves in a tough position long term as for the USA right now this is "least of all evils" scenario, however it can quickly become into a viable future.

The fate of India, the last strategic frontier where all 3 alliances can contest (bad for India in the short term, but good for it's prospects for growth and development in the long term).

Russia used to be a factor, however it has remained for too long passive and now is no longer a factor in the future of any of the alliances and so it is not mentioned. Realistically it's future can only be in CoT, anything else is generally imposible for many reasons, the position of "everyones friend" is one that very fast will become entirely imposible. So far it is still in their hands, but the longer they ait the more it ill be taken out of their hands and others will choose their fate for them, likely the same which is logical to be as that is the only place they would truly receive support.

So I'll end it here, hopefully for the two people who read it will be interesting.

be different, be yourself.



Lonqu Ziua 1,884, 07:58


Btw, I DID read it. xD

Albacetenis Ziua 1,884, 08:12


Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator Ziua 1,884, 08:13

Its was a long one...

But the best analysis ever written.


rtapiacl Ziua 1,884, 08:16

Great Article!

Hope to see more in the future.


fingerguns Ziua 1,884, 08:19

This is an excellent analysis. Thanks for putting it together!

Stanimir Georgiew
Stanimir Georgiew Ziua 1,884, 08:23


Albacetenis Ziua 1,884, 08:24

"The only danger to TWO is CoT if it continues to grow and gain strength as it is the only alliance capable of challenging it. However as long as EDEN is focusing on CoT, TWO can control CoT's development (at least in the short term) by offering or denying support at key moments."

The evil TWO oh yeah!

Tervel 2
Tervel 2 Ziua 1,884, 08:29

Now Brazil's choice CoT!

Stolch Ziua 1,884, 08:30


Far from it, there is no labeling of evil and righteous, it is an analysis of the mutual dependencies of the main alliances. Like it or not this is the mutual dependencies that exist.

Since CoT is the only alliance right now, who can achieve an independent status from the other two in the long term it is the only one that can possibly be a danger to TWO (not now), EDEN is going to be less and less of a factor over time and can never be a threat to TWO again.

CoT and TWO will remain close as long as there is EDEN and that is due to EDEN's track record mostly.

Imoenbg1 Ziua 1,884, 08:41

I did read it as well..

Nice analysis. And quite correct!

Robert E.Lee 1861
Robert E.Lee 1861 Ziua 1,884, 09:00

Too many exEden-Terra countries in TWO or CoT will cause war

USA is the best example,USA remained without any friend but Brasil only option is CoT,but the thing is that USA i a fertile ground for TWO-CoT future conflicts.
What about Indonesia?
Macedonia tried to attack USA...
CoT will became Eden no2 if they accept all outcasts from Eden or terra

Coyolxauhqui V
Coyolxauhqui V Ziua 1,884, 09:01

Splendid read from top to bottom.
The path of sustained growth is long and difficult for any small country, even with a BB, for new players sooner rather than latter change the internal dynamics of a country; hence the flexibility and sense of direction of such a country is put at test for a good period of time.
The same happens in an alliance, specially one like CoT for the reasons you express: the balance between flexibility and sense of direction within CoT will be set to a test now with the eUSA entering the circumference of the alliance, great growth can come, yes, but it will require non-stop diplomacy mainly for war and economy reasons in the long term.

I personally prefer playing the game to grow than to keep the status quo, so all in all, I see an interesting future for CoT, even if rather bumpy. We shall see how things roll.
Good luck eIndia... and keep up the good writing Parker.

bancho22 Ziua 1,884, 09:12

that was very interesting : )

plutorius Ziua 1,884, 09:15

great article, voted!

Cadfan Ziua 1,884, 09:25

great article and very interesting, voted!

Alias Vision
Alias Vision Ziua 1,884, 09:25

"Only by gaining population will it be able to guarantee it's long term success because regardless of how sympathetic or not other countries are toward sIndia's plight it will always be dependent on them if it does not have enough of it's own resources. Players and people are the ultimate resource of any country, nothing else comes even close to worth."

You wrote this in the context of a babyboom but it is just as valid, if not more so in the context of player retention period. Yet India is hell bent on chasing some people out.

Stolch Ziua 1,884, 09:27

The only constant in life and here is change, those who fight against it sooner or later fall by the side as will EDEN eventually.

Game has changed more over the past 1 year then the previous 4 even with the Admins adding new countries. The reason is simple CoT has created the opportunity for ne countries and new areas to gain prominence, before it South AMerica was a non entity, it is now the second center of the game. Asia though has had occasional conflicts is still largely in the periphery, India can change that and hence the game as well.

Still nothing is a given, potential may or may not be realized.

Ahileuss Ziua 1,884, 09:30

Good analysis, many valid points...

Stolch Ziua 1,884, 09:32


The basis of any country in order to have stability in the long term in this game is to have a large RL community or to have no RL community at all. A combination of a RL community with a large expatriate community does not work in this game, it leads to constant pendulum effect and a war zone for others interest, weather purposefully or not is irrelevant.

USA is a very clear example of that. As long as the migrants had same interests as the RL community it was fine, the moment they diverged USA was plunged into a very prolonged political crisis and by far it is not only TWO fault as has been the propaganda from EDEN.

Alias Vision
Alias Vision Ziua 1,884, 09:35

Whatever you say Toronto boy...

Ind1anMartyr Ziua 1,884, 09:37

Awesome!! Brilliant analysis!! o7

Stolch Ziua 1,884, 09:40

OMG I've been exposed, I'll cut my veins now, just wait for it......

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Ziua 1,884, 10:00

I liked that, thank you Richard. I notice you didn't mention Asgard, at all..........seems strange to omit such an alliance even if their collective influence is relatively small if you include Canada. However, the difference I feel is that Asgard could rapidly become the EDEN version of CoT.

Sooner or later the slave states of Western Europe will figure out that only a non-stop drain in RW's for Poland, Slovenia and Spain will result in their freedom. They just need to pick one country (say Portugal) and just a non-stop RW supported by mobiles until Spain just gets lost.

It requires a certain amount of bloody-mindedness for all concerned, but it's viable, and the combined influence if directed efficiently is impressive enough

SexyCicko Ziua 1,884, 10:02

i barely read it

Hackerdude Ziua 1,884, 10:05

Excellent writing Parker, and a lot more than two people reading it 🙂

Bucephalus92 Ziua 1,884, 11:16


Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Ziua 1,884, 11:24

"You wrote this in the context of a babyboom but it is just as valid, if not more so in the context of player retention period. Yet India is hell bent on chasing some people out. "

How big of a babyboom do you need to produce the talent and experience that the membership of UAgg possessed? One day, eIndia will reflect back on the opportunity that UAgg presented and regret it. Babybooms are elusive and seldom happen. Adopting players from other countries is far more effective, but you have to make them feel welcome to make it work.

Good luck with the babyboom.

Pescaman Ziua 1,884, 11:34


IntoOblivion Ziua 1,884, 12:00

I'm sorry, but the title got my mind wandering to sexy mud covered chicks. Yeah, some of us still dwell at the bottom of Maslow's pyramid, am afraid.

Stolch Ziua 1,884, 12:01


If you were thinking about mud covered chicks you're a lot higher on Maslow's pyramid then the bottom : P

IntoOblivion Ziua 1,884, 12:19

actually, just a tad higher, if you presumed I felt the need to join a group : ))
quite right, young sir.

Stolch Ziua 1,884, 12:23

I was thinking as catering to fantasies, which would place it even higher : D

IntoOblivion Ziua 1,884, 12:33

I only ope this is not sarcasm addressing my cognitive needs...

off whisky
off whisky Ziua 1,884, 15:59

A quality read.Thanks!

NueveOcho Ziua 1,884, 16:05

cCc Turkey is the only option cCc

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Ziua 1,884, 17:02

"You wrote this in the context of a babyboom but it is just as valid, if not more so in the context of player retention period. Yet India is hell bent on chasing some people out. "

How big of a babyboom do you need to produce the talent and experience that the membership of UAgg possessed? One day, eIndia will reflect back on the opportunity that UAgg presented and regret it. Babybooms are elusive and seldom happen. Adopting players from other countries is far more effective, but you have to make them feel welcome to make it work.

Good luck with the baby boom.


john nwp
john nwp Ziua 1,884, 18:07

I may not agree with everything you said, but you have alot of good points as well as things worth thinking about. voted and sub

olivermellors Ziua 1,884, 19:34

First, the fight for independance ill be long and hard, however it has no other option but to carry it out, because any long term agreement with Croatia will mean subservience to Croatia and EDEN.


Appeals to independence may be effective with nationals of a country with a colonial past, but what does it mean in this game? What does it mean in this game, to a team with 200 active players? Does it mean, only, controlling 12 game tiles? A 200 player team can only control that many strategically important game tiles through the interdependence which comes from thoughtful diplomacy, including the realization that you will make deals with teams who can wipe you out whenever they want. Those teams may be called croatia, or bulgaria or CoT or Eden. Intelligence is not subservience.

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Ziua 1,884, 19:55

Sure is a mud pit...

ayush121212 Ziua 1,884, 22:36

great article mate
you have made a good analysis of each alliance

big vote

Shiina Sayane
Shiina Sayane Ziua 1,884, 22:45

It was a good reading
However failed to mention that TWO all-out offensive halted before even could get started.
They wanted to destroy eChina but eHungary couldnt achieve victory against Iran hence they missed the chance to go eChina,thus TWO delayed thw whole attacking against eChina
That means Eden will be around as long as we have the fort called eChina and we will defend it no matter what.

Akshit IInd
Akshit IInd Ziua 1,885, 02:29

wall of text 😮

Bond Guevara
Bond Guevara Ziua 1,885, 04:29

brilliant article... (y)

Stolch Ziua 1,885, 05:23


TWO offensive has not really ever started. The key to an offensive is to be ready to loose some resources while you're doing it, just as Bulgaria did initially against Greece. TWO has so far only attacked without being ready to do that, so whenever EDEN has fought back hard they have stopped them with single battles.

EDEN tries the same tactic with CoT as well and achieves spectacular failures just for that reason, the peak damage dissipates after a few battles and CoT grinds them down after that and achieves it's goals. Of course it's not without military support from TWO, however it is the different styles which lead to victory or defeat.

Lord Marlock
Lord Marlock Ziua 1,885, 08:57

Fantastic article - a truly insightive perspective of the current eDiplomatic-eWar situation in the eWorld - what I suggest for further analysis is the operability of CoT as it becomes larger and larger. A shere number of EDEN members brought down its capability to agree over things, and act as one. Is CoT facing the same issue possibly?

TheDarkHeinz Ziua 1,885, 09:07

great o/

I am not dSoKre
I am not dSoKre Ziua 1,885, 09:22

The moment when CoT challenge TWO, EDEN would be in position to pick battles and help CoT or TWO or just sit back and laugh. Of course EDEN can't fight CoT when the same CoT get help from TWO. No alliance is that strong to fight two alliances at the same time. And who told you that Eden want to destroy CoT, Bulgaria? Don't put so much importance to CoT. EDEN will survive and just imagine, maybe EDEN and TWO decide to attack USA when they got into CoT, some from Europe and some from Asia for mutual benefit.

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