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Ziua 1,940, 05:24 Publicat în USA Australia de Terravista

Fellow Australian's and friends, New Zealand is AGAIN trying to take OUR beloved Tasmania. We just won the state last night and I stayed up all night in vigil, it would be terrible if we lose it tonight. We have other objectives, like assisting friendly nations and we have other battles in our homeland with our brave resistance. To me Tasmania is of the highest priority, of course I am not a politician and have no authority, but please get in tonight and try and keep what is ours already, surely we must own at least one territory, and we have our pride, if we can't keep Tasmania atm, we can't protect any liberated state.
I am rather new at this, so much of what I say is just intuitive, any mistakes in what I am saying, please PM me, Greg L. not TERRAVISTA, I am just contributing an article to his great newspaper. I want to thank Terravista for his support of me and I count him as a friend, I also KNOW he is a true patriot, HE IS IN THERE RIGHT NOW, Fighting for his country. I honor all you true patriots out there, you are my brothers in arms, we all want the same thing, but of course we have many opinions, if I have not requested a friendship with any of you yet please send me one, it's just that I haven't gotten around to it.
Tasmania is forever Australian, lets get in and shed the blood of any who dares try to oppress this greatest of nations, the real world knows how great we are in reality, all we need is lots of new citizens and nothing can keep us from our continent.
As Jeffrey Fenech used to say, I LOVE YOUSE ALL, and I really mean it. AVE MIGHTY INDOMITABLE AUSTRALIA.
Yours truly, Greg L.



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