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Summary of Hanibal's Latest Article

Ziua 1,821, 08:20 Publicat în USA SUA de Stan Brown

Hello again, sorry for not writing for a week or so, I didn't see anything worth writing about, in my opinion, but now I have so let's get on with it. In his recent article Hanibal addressed both his term as AFA party president and the future goals of the AFA. Some of these were very PTOish so I figured I'd summarize them and go on a rant for the media 😃 Here Goes...

Hanibal begins by talking about how Savonrepus had RL issues during the November elections and therefore couldn't make any propaganda or write a plan for a cabinet. While these undoubtedly contributed, his loss was inevitable due to the fact that the majority of eMerica doesn't enjoy being PTOd. When Hanibal goes on to explain the AFAs "Inner Policy", He mostly talks about Elititists and their elitist ways in the majority of this part of the article. To summarize it in a few phrases: He wants peace, The eUS needs peace, Citizens are the only ones hurt, and that "according to 'Elitists"PTOrs are only here for PTO and yet they're still taking away bonuses.

The second half of this portion of the article is what is interesting. Hannibal mentions that he thought Cerb would be more lenient toward their "party" and that he would bring peace. However, Hanibal then goes on to announce that rogue proposals in congress and other PTO activities will not only be accepted in their party but they will be encouraged. This is in no way beneficial to the eMerican people and the reason Hanibal gives for doing so is the New Citizens Message that Cerb proposed for this month. 

Too bad the AFA has none.

Hanibal also wrote about the clan's primary held in their forums. While it was a primary, it in no way included the entire AFA's point of view. There were only 18 votes out of the AFA's hundreds of members. In the comments on the article Hanibal's defensive argument on this is that there are plenty of veteran parties with only 10% voting going on whereas the AFA is newer and so 2.5% of their party voting is actually good. Well the way I see it, the veteran clans have plenty of inactives and 2-clickers that don't really vote. Whereas on the AFA side of things they have a growing population of New players and eMiggrants to eMerica. So WHY?! May I ask you where only 18 votes cast.... It seems to me this election was not quite as open as the public was led to believe. And guess who won the primary out of those 18 votes? That's right you guessed it, the AFAs resident child molester, Ronald Gipper Reagan.
So after all the interesting parts of the article Hanible closes with the usual shit, Elitists, tyranny, More tyranny, gangbang on their forums, more Elitists, a mixture of all the previous comments, and then freedom for eMerica... It's unbelievable how much bs a single article can be comprised of, except for the gangbang thing, I don't doubt that for a second.

Now before I go on some rant, I'd like to point out something. I am not an elitist, I am no friend of The AFA but I am not the sort of tyrant-like person that the AFA defines an elitist as. Truthfully I don't think anyone on this game is. I believe in the choice of the people and fair elections. Where the AFA sees the same people running over and over through tyrany and totalitarianism, I see a group of dedicated experienced players that have the experience to be the CP. Now none of them are perfect, but do you think anyone from the AFA would do better? When I vote alot of things influence me. Yes It is Ideal for me to vote with my party, and that weighs in a whole lot but I look at the media and propaganda, from every side of the spectrum to make sure my vote was for who deserves CP. And from my standpoint the AFA shouldn't get my vote.

If eMerica voted for these "Elitists" before the AFA got here, then it seems as if they are the rightful rulers of this virtual nation? They were elected fairly long before the AFA got here, and when the AFA arrived they were only ostracized by these "elitists" because of their radical views on Allies among other things. Ronald Gipper Reagan, one of the founders of the AFA, had been and still was an enemy of the State. These people who wish to free eMerica from the "Elitist Rule" came and brought with them one of the greatest enemies of the eUSA and they expected to be excepted as a legitimate party?! 

I don't know about you but if I had come to eMerica from one of its greatest enemies, I would have proven myself to the popular parties and regularly elected players. I would have shown that I was experienced and tried to get involved in politics right away. If I didn't like what I saw then I would have worked for what I thought was fair through proper government and fair elections. All of these would have paid off in the end, and much quicker then the AFA's current methods.

Instead the founders of the AFA came along and they ostracized themselves from the population. They argued in defense of some of our greatest enemies. They showed no interest in bettering the current system but instead throwing it out completely. RGR a longtime enemy of eMerica joined up With these newcomers, further muddying their reputation. They had little or no support in eMerica so they decided to bring some in illegally. Multis and immigrants filled their ranks and they became known as a PTO. 

While some of you may disagree with my opinion of the AFA as a PTO. You can't deny the facts.

- The AFA wishes to control the government as stated by RGR and Hanibal both.
- The AFA has allowed players from eSerbia, eHungary, and other enemy nations into our nation without them recievign a proper background check.
- The majority of the AFA is made up of people who weren't born in the eUSA.

So therefore the AFA is an organization made up of those not originally from eMerica, here on a political agenda, that want to take control of the government. Now that is pretty much the definition of a PTO altogether. A Political Takeover, they wish to take over the government for political reasons. Whether or not it is as the current and rightful government says "The AFA are PTOing for eSerbia" or if they really are just a bunch of "peaceful" immigrants trying to make the political system equal (highly doubtful), it is still a PTO and should be stopped. Well I'm gonna stop there so I hope you enjoyed this article, please vote, subscribe, and shout.




Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Ziua 1,821, 08:37

Great article!!!! V&S&Shouted

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Ziua 1,821, 09:23

1 month old /😕 authority on this subject.Btw, a lot of these people have been here their whole eLives, or for YEARS. In fact. you would be surprised at how many of these "evil Serbs" have been here since early 2011. At that time, I actually had like 25-30 Serbs, Bosnians & Croatians in my party at the same time. 🙂 Now, our party is extremely diverse, and everyone gets fair and equal treatment. We don't see RL ethnicity. We see peoples character. the only thing anyone deserves to be judged by.

Stan Brown
Stan Brown Ziua 1,821, 10:07

RGR, I'm not judging your party by real life ethnicity, Im judging it by the amount of players that come from virtual nations you idiot. Im not the belligerent fool that you are, I don't enjoy insulting people's RL anything. No one's forgotten your comment on the US Military's lack of Honor.

Also these observations I have made are not intended to be used as fact, and I came to these conclusions based on what I have read, heard, and observed in the media of both sides throughout eRep.

Azazel Romanov
Azazel Romanov Ziua 1,821, 10:25

"1 month old / authority on this subject."

"We see peoples character. the only thing anyone deserves to be judged by."

CONTRADICTION. Mocking a player for being young and then saying you only judge character. Hypocrisy, thy name is you.

Ramilas Ziua 1,821, 10:34

"There were only 18 votes out of the AFA's hundreds of members."

^^^ wow, that sure sounds like an ELITIST election right there ^^^

Stan Brown
Stan Brown Ziua 1,821, 10:55

RGR I also find it interesting you did not address my unbiased observation of your party being a PTO, which if you feel like replying to this is near the end of my article

LordRahl2 Ziua 1,821, 10:58

>1 month old / authority on this subject.

And already ahead of Ajay.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Ziua 1,821, 11:33

the majority of every single T5 party is made by players who are not born in eUSA.

Yes, its truth players voted for elitists in pasrt, and when those guys didnt do anything good for eUSA, we came..and we will stay as long as it need eUSA to became #1 Conutry in eWorld. Or give us results and we will revoke without fight...

stewy Ziua 1,821, 12:11

yet again, ajay open mouth and inserts foot. nice job stan o/

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Ziua 1,821, 12:42


Stan Brown
Stan Brown Ziua 1,821, 12:45

Well Hannibal as I said in the article you should have joined a prominent party to reach your goals not start a PTO, it's good that the T5 parties are largely made up of those not eBorn in the eUSA

BeDva Ziua 1,821, 12:49

hannibals media fapping has no end it seems...

Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Ziua 1,821, 12:55

great article man, you catch on fast

Ramilas Ziua 1,821, 13:05

You put the lime in the CoConutry and you make it #1.

Syz2 Ziua 1,821, 13:38

Great article! Well done!

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Ziua 1,821, 13:40

B2 when i see u buthurting here i know i did great job in media xD

RebelBlood Ziua 1,821, 13:49

FACT: These are ALL banned Ronald Gipper Reagan accounts

[banned] Ajay Bruno
[banned] Pizza the Hut
[banned] Pizza the Hut2
[banned] Pizza the Hut3
[banned] General Cartman Lee
[banned] Winston Churchill
[banned] Barnabus Stinson
[banned] Sials Benjamin

source: and,22528.0.html

RebelBlood Ziua 1,821, 13:53

2% of the AFA vote RGR has been proclaimed as the "official candidate" by AFA party leadership and endorsed by the current AFA PP Hanibal LA

Democracy in action or hand picked successor by AFA's own elitists?

Deepchill Ziua 1,821, 13:55

Sub & voted, good job.

Dr Heisenberg
Dr Heisenberg Ziua 1,821, 14:55

I love when new players get it 🙂
RGR how does it feel to always lose?

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Ziua 1,821, 16:13


I know the truth, and so does AFA & its allies. 🙂

We sadly cannot and don't need to win over everyone.. just 50 % + 1

Stan Brown
Stan Brown Ziua 1,821, 16:28

RGR it was no secret that both you and eSerbia know that the AFA is a PTO, but you forgot to mention that your enemies realize it too.

bigcdizzle Ziua 1,822, 02:14

"we will stay as long as it need eUSA to became #1 Conutry in eWorld"

I would also like the eUSA to be the #1 Coconut Tree.

Viarizi Ziua 1,822, 04:41 ...mmmm .... what we are going to do tonight?

- The same thing we do every night, - try to take over the world!

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