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Serbia--from a scottish perspective

Ziua 2,286, 03:46 Publicat în Serbia Coreea de Sud de Gary RentZ

I lived and loved Novi Sad for almost two years(aint stopped the lovin')

I cant be arsed to write so with help from pictures i can tell/share my story.

Today we should start with an important subject PIVO to everyone else beer.

There is a good and wide selection of beer in Serbia but imported brands can be quite pricey and why would you go visit a new country and drink what you would at home?

So that leaves us with the decision...

There could be only winner and i joined with team LAV -

It is alot like stella quite strong 5.2% and leaves you with Boli glava sore head the next day but i didn't help my self my drinking 4 or 6L,,but in my defense i would buy the 2L bottles and you just can't put an opened bottle back in the fridge...right??


Where is the warning about this stuff?It should be stamped on bottles or something

Rakija is Serbia's national drink---holy mother of god!You will never drink anything like name it i have drunk it-a flat liner was a tipple of mine

This bad bay is a shot of sambuca a shot of gold tequila and Tabasco sauace.

Just to get across i aint no lightweight and really highlight how crazy this stuff is.......did i mention i was Scottish

This stuff is like nothing i ever had before--i necked 750mm like it was tequila and i was whats all the fuss nothing special or stronger than anything else i tried

Out of no where it hit and that was that,lights out game over and a 2day hangover in the post!! I also made the mistake of rakija mixed with beer,i think you guys call it cement mixer christ my head hurt for at least 3 days

I have now been tought the art of drinking rakija,,take it slow,,dont mix with beer,small amounts and eat plenty but i still have natural instinct just to neck a 30mm/50mm glass if someone hands it to me


Comentarii Ziua 2,286, 04:15

rakija mixed with beer hahaa i screwed myself one time with this mixture but I've learned my lesson

Anyway you should try the beer Skopsko a LOT better then these two


Gary RentZ Ziua 2,286, 04:24

Comentariu șters

Gary RentZ
Gary RentZ Ziua 2,286, 04:24

I want to visit Skopje sometime --would be rude to say no

General Stonewall Jackson
General Stonewall Jackson Ziua 2,286, 16:51

Gary, the best Serbian beer 100%

General Stonewall Jackson
General Stonewall Jackson Ziua 2,286, 17:10

p. s. vote and sub

EnrihV Ziua 2,287, 13:57

Sto rece General, Zajecarsko je najbolje!

Georgian Shield
Georgian Shield Ziua 2,286, 04:50

actually skopsko tastes like piss, jelen is way better. Ziua 2,286, 04:54

I'm half British so it's not like my view is only focused on the macedonian beers. I've tried many different beers over the years and the best so far are skopsko, stela artois and kamenitza

serbian beers are overrated

Gary RentZ
Gary RentZ Ziua 2,286, 05:00

I think i must of tried all of them-liver seems to think so and i have to say Jelen is the worst even worse than Bud etc and what the hell is Jelen Belo

Georgian Shield
Georgian Shield Ziua 2,286, 05:05

I dont say Jelen is the best, I just say its better than skopsko. The best beer of my choice would be staropramen from czech republic. in the region, i like most Niksicko from montenegro.

Gary RentZ
Gary RentZ Ziua 2,286, 05:16

Niksicko? is that the black one and the strong one lol ??

El Che G
El Che G Ziua 2,286, 05:25

дечко,ти со овој ум нема ни во војска да те прима,а тоа по автоматизам значи дека нема ни да се жениш
ќе си останеш воајер гледајќи ги другите како го консумираат сексот и уживаат...
а за коментарот за Скопско веројатно те познале дека си медициски феномен(без мозок,а шеташ) и навистина ти дале мочка за пиење - - оваа е под услов да си излегол некаде да прошеташ од твоето село

Georgian Shield
Georgian Shield Ziua 2,286, 05:32

you have light and dark beer from almost every brand here, it just depends on the taste of a specific person, not everyone likes the same. A beer is a beer, and if it isnt a low quality excuse for a beer, the difference is minimal and it just depends on your liking...
I dont speak bulgarian, sorry...

poletarec Ziua 2,287, 08:25

Make a favor to the world...Kill your self or make an vasectomy ...I'll pay for the surgery ..aKa hashim tachi 07

Georgian Shield
Georgian Shield Ziua 2,287, 09:17

make a favour to the world... keep building anicent monuments in 2014 too.. cause all of us can use a good laugh xD

Backoovan Ziua 2,286, 06:47


General Stonewall Jackson
General Stonewall Jackson Ziua 2,286, 16:47


Arn.Magnusson Ziua 2,286, 07:08

Is it an ancient FYROMian beer of Alexander the Great? Im sure it is... Thats why its the best in the world. Everything is ancient in FYROM. Dont mind the fact that you've first established your country in "ancient" 1992. Ziua 2,286, 09:11

лапни го цело

El Che G
El Che G Ziua 2,286, 10:40

барем одбери српско име и причај српски да те цео свет разуме

Arn.Magnusson Ziua 2,286, 11:18

El Che... jbg svidela mi se knjiga... Vidis kad se pojavi jedan normalan kao ti, meni bude zao sto sam vas prozivao... Al jbg kad ovi tvoji samo kenjaju kako je sve makedonsko: Najlepse, najbolje, najstarije I svi su ostali kurac a samo ste ci najbolji... I jbg onda se iznerviram kao ovo gore...

Arn.Magnusson Ziua 2,286, 11:25

I ako cemo realno od ex Yu piva cenim jedino Lasko. Al nema u komentarima Slovenaca da ga izreklamiraju...

Georgian Shield
Georgian Shield Ziua 2,286, 11:26

normalnih ih ima celih 0.1%, svaki narod ima debile, a oni (iako se ne mogu nazvati narodom jer su bugarosrbi) imaju skoro sve ovakve, nevaspitane, bezobrane i ne preterano inteligentne, dok se normalan nadje jedan u sto. zato ih treba tovariti uvek i svuda.

El Che G
El Che G Ziua 2,286, 13:04

епа јбг,па и србите се небески народ,па никој за тоа не ви се качува на глава и не ве навредува...

Georgian Shield
Georgian Shield Ziua 2,286, 13:51

Srbite ne idu po vasim novinama i komentarisu ih vise nego svoje. Mismo vas otpisali, ne zelimo uopste kontakt sa vama nikakav, idite po siptarskoj stampi pa se bratimite sa njima i hajlujte bugare, ne znam sta trazite ovde uopste?

ilesef Ziua 2,287, 05:33

Za mene e lasko najdobro i toa crno lasko nema vrska sto sum Makedonec. I ovde zborime za piva a ne za alexandar makedonski ili nebeski narodi . Dajte luge naucite da ziveete.

Jinky Jonston
Jinky Jonston Ziua 2,286, 14:10

I've to admit that Skopsko is a very good beer(my wife is from Skopje), but zolta is far better then beer.
And of course LAV RULES;-)

ilesef Ziua 2,287, 05:34

WOw u know about zolta that is something my favourit off all shouts!

Jinky Jonston
Jinky Jonston Ziua 2,287, 06:46

Па нели кажав, дека жена ми е Скопјанка

ilesef Ziua 2,287, 07:53

mora da e voodusevena sto taka lesno gi prifati "makedonskite vredrosti"

Jinky Jonston
Jinky Jonston Ziua 2,287, 13:20

Е па сега за тоа не ми е гајле ич

El Che G
El Che G Ziua 2,286, 05:28


Zeka ai
Zeka ai Ziua 2,286, 05:56


TheJakal Ziua 2,286, 05:58

I did drink Lav, I don't like montegrians but ...
Nikšićko > Lav > Jelen

Nikšićko is montenegrian beer which u can find in Serbia as well ..

Gary RentZ
Gary RentZ Ziua 2,286, 06:04

but you dont like anyone o7 fair play mate

dragan4s Ziua 2,286, 07:14

think that the same company bought niksicko and jelen brewery and both beers are produced and in serbia and in montenegro

General Stonewall Jackson
General Stonewall Jackson Ziua 2,286, 16:53

ne kenjaj, proizvode ga usred Vojvodine.

Lord Haldir
Lord Haldir Ziua 2,286, 06:10

"and you just cant't put an opened bottle back in the fridge...right??"

It's a horrible truth

Dobra priča Gari momče, baš dobra...

Gary RentZ
Gary RentZ Ziua 2,286, 06:18

hvala ti, i will do more when i get the time

Lord Haldir
Lord Haldir Ziua 2,286, 06:29

About women, I believe?

Gary RentZ
Gary RentZ Ziua 2,286, 06:32

believe it or that there was one planned...........its Serbia man where the ladies are @lepa@

Free Area
Free Area Ziua 2,286, 06:41

Scotland and Serbia are brothers

Gary RentZ
Gary RentZ Ziua 2,286, 06:44

u pravu si brate o7

Gary RentZ
Gary RentZ Ziua 2,286, 06:45

there will be an article on our connections even if small

Free Area
Free Area Ziua 2,286, 06:50

Im looking forward that

Gary RentZ
Gary RentZ Ziua 2,286, 06:52


Crveni Limun
Crveni Limun Ziua 2,287, 00:16

and the Irish also

Ivan Vancho Makedonski
Ivan Vancho Makedonski Ziua 2,286, 06:54

Serbian Rakija is mostly from plums (šljivovivica), if you haven't you should try rakija from grapes (lozova)...

About the beer I won't comment because SKOPSKO is by far better than Lav or Jelen : )))

Gary RentZ
Gary RentZ Ziua 2,286, 06:57

the plum fucked me that i get wasted and never like it since lol
my favorite was 'jabuka' the grapes were nice also

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