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Ronald Reagan Birthday Q7 Tank Giveaway & What Reagan Would Say To The PTOers

Ziua 1,905, 00:34 Publicat în USA SUA de Ronald Gipper Reagan
Words From A Real Leader....
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Today is President Ronald Reagan’s 102nd birthday. Sadly he left us to be with the Lord nearly nine years ago, but his memory lives on in our hearts forever. Ronald Wilson Reagan, lovingly known as “The Gipper”, lived an extraordinary life, and he was an extraordinary man. He was a man who stood up for all people, from the unborn to the elderly. He reversed a terrible recession and brought about one of the greatest economic booms in history. He stood up to an evil empire and helped to free hundreds of millions of people from the chains of Soviet tyranny. This was a time when we could truly be proud to be Americans. In honor of his birthday, I want to offer everyone who reads this article a free Q7 tank. If you want one, it will only take you a few seconds to earn it.

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Happy Birthday to America’s greatest President. We love and miss you!

What would Ronald Reagan say to the PTOers who control our country today if he cared about eRepublik? I think he would detest the way people both in real life and here have soiled the good name of our country. They have run it through the ground and fundamentally corrupted what it means to be an American. This nation is not supposed to be about the consolidation of power in the hands of a few misguided individuals, or the persecution of those who disagree with them, or who believe that they have the right to establish their own rules to preserve their power and invent outlandish lies about their opponents to try to maintain a culture of fear within our country. The real PTOers are the ones who have built up an eBerlin Wall to try to divide our nation and established a no mans land for anyone who dares to defy them. It is time that this wall is torn down. With the courage of our convictions, and the knowledge of knowing we stand up for the cardinal truths of our values as Americans, we will defeat this evil empire.

Ronald Reagan was a good and honest man in a business often dominated by liars and those interested only in personal power and glory(in fact, he was in two of them!). It is not the right of anyone to say who is and who is not an American. I love our policy of approving anyone who wants to come to our country and be a part of it. There are great potential Americans all over the world. I am proud of the fact that we defy a corrupt system. You will always hear the truth out of me. Some simply do not like these truths. Others choose to ignore them and listen to all sorts of unsubstantiated lies about me personally, or fabricated claims about some sort of master plan to destroy the USA. All I can tell you is what I know to be the truth. Ronald Reagan had numerous failures in his career before people woke up and realized that what he was saying was right. This is no different.

Oh, and to Fluffer, here’s what a REAL boy scout looks like....



Anthony Tony Soprano
Anthony Tony Soprano Ziua 1,905, 00:39

v4 shout !!

Kostoulas Ziua 1,905, 00:39


TITUSS Ziua 1,905, 00:39

Happy Birthday Mr President !
3 / 2032

ImmortalChe Ziua 1,905, 00:40

v7 sub allready done and shout is going now....

zmeuNY Ziua 1,905, 00:40

tank please 🙂

RagingGod Ziua 1,905, 00:41

8/old Happy Birthday Mr President !

Tyxy Ziua 1,905, 00:42

v9 s already subbed thx

dia761 Ziua 1,905, 00:42


Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Ziua 1,905, 00:45

v+s happy birthday

DMAI Ziua 1,905, 00:47

v(14) already sub. + shout

Nece Moci Ove Noci
Nece Moci Ove Noci Ziua 1,905, 00:50

16/2035 happy b-day

Amonasmo Crew
Amonasmo Crew Ziua 1,905, 00:52

v 15 + s 2035
Happy Birthday!!

Amonasmo Crew
Amonasmo Crew Ziua 1,905, 00:53

v 15 + s 2035
Happy Birthday!!

MR. HANK SCORPIO Ziua 1,905, 00:56


/Great Presidents

lol @ Reagan he was a hater, an imperialist and far-right loony. He hated the poor, homosexuals & lefties and he was pretty sure you were one if you disagreed with him. His response to the AIDS epidemic is one of the most sickening cold expressions of pure murderous political evil in history.

albAngel Ziua 1,905, 00:56


Hanca Vasile-ionut
Hanca Vasile-ionut Ziua 1,905, 00:56


albAngel Ziua 1,905, 00:57

s 2036

B.D.JOE Ziua 1,905, 00:58


Damon Salvat0re
Damon Salvat0re Ziua 1,905, 01:01


enroub Ziua 1,905, 01:03

v 11 s 2038
Happy Birthday to America’s greatest President. We love and miss you!

AndreiAP Ziua 1,905, 01:04

v25 s2040

KOSOVA PlumbiArt
KOSOVA PlumbiArt Ziua 1,905, 01:04

V-24 s-2039 + shout

0toringo Ziua 1,905, 01:05

v26 s2041

Elvis Dura
Elvis Dura Ziua 1,905, 01:08

v 27 tank please

ilesef Ziua 1,905, 01:10


yanyali Ziua 1,905, 01:11

v30 s2042
Happy Birthday to America’s greatest President. We love and miss you!

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Ziua 1,905, 01:12

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!


S.Arsenov Ziua 1,905, 01:16

31/2043+shout Happy Birthday

balon4eto Ziua 1,905, 01:18


Nikolay Dimchev Dimov
Nikolay Dimchev Dimov Ziua 1,905, 01:20

33/2045 +shout

Floberg Ziua 1,905, 01:20


CyberVirus1207 Ziua 1,905, 01:22

v37 s2048

Stevanovic Dragan
Stevanovic Dragan Ziua 1,905, 01:22

v 35 + s 2047 + shout
Happy Birthday Mr.President !

acsoraecrim Ziua 1,905, 01:22

V 38 - subs 2049

Gin Gi Bi
Gin Gi Bi Ziua 1,905, 01:23


Stef40 Ziua 1,905, 01:23

s from before

happy birthday Ronald Reagan

Persian Stormrage
Persian Stormrage Ziua 1,905, 01:23

v 40 sub

Orcworc Ziua 1,905, 01:24

v41 s2051 Happy Birthday

stanisavs Ziua 1,905, 01:24


Persian Stormrage
Persian Stormrage Ziua 1,905, 01:24

Happy Birthday

AG.trimafadzi Ziua 1,905, 01:25

v 41 sub
happy birthday bro o7

Viarizi Ziua 1,905, 01:25


Qnitsa bg
Qnitsa bg Ziua 1,905, 01:26


Happy Birthday

BigAlboss Ziua 1,905, 01:27

V48 old sub

lmsantos Ziua 1,905, 01:28

V44 old sub +happy birthday

teroBG Ziua 1,905, 01:29

49/2055 Happy Birthday to America’s greatest President. We love and miss you!

DaRth PaLpaTiNe
DaRth PaLpaTiNe Ziua 1,905, 01:31

50 / 2056

Russian Citizen
Russian Citizen Ziua 1,905, 01:31

Vote52 tomorrow i have my birthday

ONE Q Ziua 1,905, 01:32


Lee the Rebel
Lee the Rebel Ziua 1,905, 01:32

53 vote old sub shout

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