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Regarding FingerGuns Presidency

Ziua 1,905, 02:25 Publicat în USA SUA de Tiamati

Re: FingerGuns' Term

While reflecting earlier today it occurred to me that FG's term as PotUS has seen been significant to me in regards to my eRepublik experience. What follows below is an account of the events during PotUS FingerGuns' term:

While lengthy, it is a summarized account of the events which occurred during her term from my perspective; hopefully it will receive comments from it's intended audience. Thank you in advance for choosing to read this article in its entirety at your leisure.

It all started for me just after what is remembered as the JJ scandal by most... While I was unaware of the event initially I did read TheDillPickl's article regarding the topic at the time.

Needless to say it got my attention, and I've endeavored to be more activity within the community since. Beginning with Jumping on the unity bandwagon while condemning the personal attacks instigated by political fervor against those whom remained true to their friends.

FG's Initial press release seemed to be secret this, secret that... Typical of many eAmerican political topics supposedly run by elitists. Personally from my unique perspective there are times when it seems these things are not run at all. So I went and took a better look at the eAmerican marketplace for greener pastures...

After all, it was the economy that kept me playing in v1... Being born in the barren wasteland of eMA on day 777 was no silver spoon lemme tell'ya. No hospital, 3 balanced Econ Industries, each with multiple company types yet the economy worked as it was 1 man; 1 job... In v1 you had to earn your keep just to survive..

Personally I miss V1 and it's balance; including now-unheard of Admin Brokered Contracts between players and Orgs to maintain fairness and balance. Or limits to how much gold you were permitted to buy per week in order to prevent "gold deflation"... It truly was a different game.

Another week then passes while I watched the economy shaved 20% of its value; and nothing new from the administration which while campaigning weighed in heavily about the domestic front but was apparently so embroiled in "secret trial CoT membership" matters that the crumbling economy seemed to no longer matter.

Irked; I came across then VP-JK's national address on behalf of our executive branch. Despite initial hopes it ringed hollow and felt nebulous by intent with zero mention of domestic affairs...

Determined; I began grumbling about our suffocating 25% Income taxes. I felt betrayed by the unity cabinet for having said nothing other than "the economy is broken" and seemed only interested in shooting down the notion of lower taxes while as it was our Military budget was being drastically cut.

Strike 1. And then immediately after that eAUS exploded; strike 2.

Bedlam, made the JJ issue seem tame by comparison as many veteran eAmericans like myself have to question where our nation is headed... eCanada was strange enough, but for us to now turn our backs on eAUS just as they start to ascend from the problems they've endured since eNZ was introduced was nothing I signed in on in the name of unity. Net result; FG published an article after a week of silence to address it in a less than Presidential manner.

Voices of dissent emerged; mine among them. One voice stood out amongst the crowd it seemed, seeking a national referendum regarding these events for our elusive exec branch... Jason did indeed stand for this endeavor of democracy only to be berated and inquisition'd for suggesting such ideals.

Ironically, it is my opinion the wigs should have endorsed the poll only to ignore it once completed, perhaps even classifying the results. Yet events unfolded as they did; primaries rapidly approaching and congressional ATO efforts in full swing.

Typical ATO tactics as mandated; do our utmost in the name of Unity to keep AFA from having a direct majority in congress; which we did. Meanwhile the presidency race began heating up with JK against Jason who was gaining popular support while under fire for his views. Ultimately Jason left our community it seems, despite his views being sound I suspect he merely stepped back due to the attacks levied against him by what many would term "Elitists"

Jason then apparently nowhere to be found, someone stepped up our hopes of community by its bootstraps, and that someone was Candor. Taking up the mantle of popularism and pushing his Candidacy forward to become eAmerica's candidate.

Seeking 10/10 bonuses similar to Jason and Zoli, Candor pushed even further by offering full civilian ombudsman oversight to our community and offering the position to a true member of the eAmerican community Bia Pandora.

Still undecided about whom to endorse mere days from the election I looked at the options, aside from 1 article by Zoli it seemed Jason had quit which left it to the Unity Candidate JK and Candor.

Most t5 primaries seemed unable to adjust their primaries to the new circumstances as Jason was gone and AFA in the first time in months was endorsing an eAmerican whom would be accepted by our eAmerican community.

So, no PTO = no need for Unity operations? Apparently not the case as some within our community were suggesting that Candor was the PTO candidate "this month" since AFA supported him...I lol'ed seeing as it was Candor was on the floor of the eUS Legislature amending the eUS constitution... 1000 days ago.

Thus begging the question; "In opposition to whom do we unite?" I've yet to come up with an answer; eAmerican Unity has earned a second term to shape our nation under John Killah we will all have to just wait and see what is in store for eAmerica under his Administration.

I am proud to have been a member of Candor's Campaign and have made it a point to wait until the conclusion of this election before reading PotUS-elect John Killah's platform. It is my sincere hope for our community as a whole that we will grow stronger and maintain better retention under John Killah's current term as PotUS.



Tiamati Ziua 1,905, 02:28

First reserved for Jason.

The Tl;dr version would be to print it.

wingfield Ziua 1,905, 02:55

V & S

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Ziua 1,905, 03:19

voted and subbed

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Ziua 1,905, 03:35

Interesting read.

I'm glad you shared your perspective

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Ziua 1,905, 04:20

Great insight, voted 🙂

Sozo Ziua 1,905, 04:27

Lol, I am one hundred and eleven days older than you. 😛

Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Ziua 1,905, 04:28


venja Ziua 1,905, 04:32

Nice article.

As an eAussie I have to say we felt a bit let down by the PotUS this term. But we will not be forgetting our Mates any time soon, despite being put to the sword for the sake of some sekrit and grubby deal somewhere.

Tim_Holtz Ziua 1,905, 04:33

very interesting article indeed

giladahgua Ziua 1,905, 04:37


Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Ziua 1,905, 05:30


Arcaian Ziua 1,905, 07:30

Nice article.

As an eAussie I have to say we felt a bit let down by the PotUS this term. But we will not be forgetting our Mates any time soon, despite being put to the sword for the sake of some sekrit and grubby deal somewhere. x2

V + S

Simulare Ziua 1,905, 09:48

This month will be no different than last month. We'll probably lose another hundred players to boredom. AFA will continue their efforts and nothing good will happen. Voters are dropping like flies. 1000 fewer voters since Sept.

How is this winning? AFA continues to hold 1/3rd of congress. They still hold the top party. New players see them at the top of the list while the other 4 parties bicker among themselves over who will be the next ineffective unity medal winner.

fingerguns Ziua 1,905, 09:54

Candor securing the AFA nomination was extreeeeemely interesting to me.

I believe there is a change happening within the AFA itself. Some of them do legitimately want to be here and participate in our community, not just PTO it. Someone like Candor stepping in to rally those people together is a very positive thing. As it has been said for months now, no one will take the AFA seriously as long as RGR is their mouthpiece.

Anyway, interesting article. Thanks for writing it.

fingerguns Ziua 1,905, 10:00

Oh, but also Jason was a crap choice. 'The opposition' keeps putting up terrible candidates and then cries conspiracy when they don't win. Jason was painfully inexperienced, completely void of practical ideas, had little in the way of staff and support, and rage quit the race multiple times. He wasn't a step up from John Jay or anything.

That's another reason Candor is a good addition to the conversation. We need to raise the quality of candidates all around and a legitimate "3rd party" type candidate lays the pressure on. If the JCS crew can't find better people to run or start working with others, they'll lose whatever little foothold they have left.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Ziua 1,905, 12:02

"If the JCS crew can't find better people to run"

...Jason was ST6. As an small party is predominately "JCS". Our vote was completely split, well there were write ins for me and a salamander.this month as very few of us found the choices appealing at all.

You should have stopped at your first post. That one was well spoken and less obviously bitter. "JCS" had nothing to do with anyone running. Nice tinfoil hat.

Maybe the "opposition" is just a bunch of citizens who don't like crappy finger-pointing, put down attitudes?

The failures of a team rest on the shoulders of its leader.


fingerguns Ziua 1,905, 14:02

Good point, Bia.

Who is the leader of the "opposition'?

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Ziua 1,905, 15:29

I don't know, I'm just a simple citizen. For what it matters, I oppose you, and no one "leads" me. I made that decision all by myself based on your actions.

Well not really you, but your attitude towards other players.

This anti-"JCS" thing you've been doing since your goodbye article to try to explain why your plans failed is nothing more than a scapegoat for...failed plans. When you were planning did you anticipate all angles? Did you anticipate that a large amount of citizens would not fight your war and were unhappy with CoT? As a leader you should have. It's not just the JCS that opposes this current path. It's citizens from ALL groups, even some in your own.

And then to ice the cake...humiliating your own hand picked team members, then taking responsibility for their failures as an afterthought, was tactless. There is no need to call people out, a simple "I selected this team, they didn't perform and I wasn't paying attention" would have sufficed. We are all human and we all screw up. But I think you enjoy hurting people.

Your DOI and DOD kicked ass this term. I was actually impressed.

The JCS is not to blame for any of your plans not working out. They aren't handpicking opposing candidates. They are not the Illuminati. They are barely holding it together and struggle to supply troops, just like every other MU. Half my friends in the mil voted for John Killah this election.

For being so irrelevant and having such a small foothold left, you just can't stop talking about them lately.

You only preach "unity" when you are up for an office of some sort. Your comments and articles speak something quite different.

And for the record, John Largo and John Jay would have done a wonderful job for us all. No one needs to talk conspiracy, it is no secret to anyone that this whole unity farce is corrupt.

Clint Carmel
Clint Carmel Ziua 1,905, 15:32

Thanks for the history lesson, Tiamati. You got to read my viewpoint as someone brand new, and now I've got to see what it's like to read about recent events from someone around since version 1.

fingerguns Ziua 1,905, 15:57

I didn't blame JCS for anything, although I will admit that being POTUS suddenly put them on my radar. I find them interesting.

Only a fool would count them among America's assets when planning a battle, so no, I did not do that, nor did the people who planned the operation.

I will stop talking about them soon, I'm sure. The novelty is wearing off and I am no longer in a position where I HAVE TO care about them to any degree. I only brought them up in my term wrap up because it has been suggested repeatedly that the government 'do more' to mend things with the JCS. I tried. Didn't work. What can ya do?

Candor Ziua 1,905, 17:02

Thoughtful and well written article. I'm working on my own wrap up atm.

"I am no longer in a position where I HAVE TO care about them"

I don't believe FG means this. To the contrary, I think FG is someone who thinks quite a lot about a variety of peoples positions, and chooses her own. Which is perfectly acceptable for a leader to do.

FG's weakness (and I respect FG and mean no offense) is that she can often say more than what is necessary for accomplising her goals, and, like many of us are prone to do, say some things with unnecesary hyperbole.

None of our current FA relationships (alliances) to me seem ideal. None of them. But what never seems to be said is the obvious, which is that we aren't a strong enough team to dictate better terms/teams at the moment. To better our alliance compositions, we need a stronger team at the table. To have a stronger team at the table, we need to grow. To grow we need full resources and a heavy recruitment drive.

But instead we remain focused domestically wrt the AFA.

So while not trying to get in the middle of anything above, it very much seems to me debates on allaince atm are nearly mute points until we resolve our internal and self impossed hinderances to strength.
Two cents anyway.

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Ziua 1,905, 17:07

Good article beyond the suffocating income taxes. Thanks for cutting down on the "trrbl elitists" ad hominems.

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Ziua 1,905, 17:40

Interestingly (to me) Candor won the Unity primary poll in the SFP by a HUGE majority, but was not endorsed since he was not the official Unity candidate.

Something is blowing in the wind.

In think it's pants.

Attica pants.

Iamnameless Ziua 1,905, 17:45

voted, well thought-out article + interesting comments

fingerguns Ziua 1,905, 19:18

I agree with you, Candor. But some of these divides are more than a year old and deeply personal (to some involved). I don't think it would be wise to simply do nothing as a nation for a year or two while a handful of people stare each other down, throwing coprolites. Most of us don't care about that and want to just move forward playing the game.

It is easy to say we should all try to get along, but we all have to actually want that for it to work. Not everyone in that particular situation is ready to do that, seems to me.

Tiamati Ziua 1,905, 19:51

"It is easy to say we should all try to get along, but we all have to actually want that for it to work. Not everyone in that particular situation is ready to do that, seems to me." -FingerGuns

"You only preach "unity" when you are up for an office of some sort. Your comments and articles speak something quite different." -BIa Pandora

Alas FingerGuns I am compelled to agree with Bia more than yourself Given your lack of reply to my Mail sent to you at the onset of your term for taking a Diplomatic stance regarding the Personal Attacks some of our community endured during the fervor surrounding your Unity Status during the JJ "scandal"

It is my hope you will try harder to uphold your promises regarding "Replying to Every Mail" as you stated in your platform when bestowed the honor of being eAmerica's Unity Candidate against an infamous member of our community.

Thank you all for your comments; It is my hope the discussion will continue as more people run across this article; All votes to help this reach the top 5 are immensely appreciated.

Christopher Edwards II
Christopher Edwards II Ziua 1,905, 21:06

@Pheinix Quinn: That is because the current party leadership is still chanting the "guilt by association" mantra. If Mother Theresa herself were endorsed by the AFA, they would find some reason to believe that she was part of a PTO plot or they just wouldn't want to endorse her as that may give the AFA some appearance of legitimacy. With this type of thinking, this rift won't be solved diplomatically.

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Ziua 1,905, 21:06


Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Ziua 1,905, 21:15

^The response I would have expected. =^P


Father40 Ziua 1,905, 22:39


Archfeldspar Ziua 1,905, 22:44

The status quo never seems.....when will it ever be the time to give the new (non-PTO) crooks a chance.

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Ziua 1,905, 22:55

TiamatiDay 1,905, 02:28 First reserved for Jason.

The Tl;dr version would be to print it.

I actually laughed out loud....

Good work on the article man!

Technician Ziua 1,905, 22:58

"it has been suggested repeatedly that the government 'do more' to mend things with the JCS. I tried. Didn't work. What can ya do? "

From a Ex-Marine looking in, being friends to my enemies does not make POTUS my friend. Why not ask the people .... because the people will say, NO !!!!

Allen Webster
Allen Webster Ziua 1,906, 23:02

v and s

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Ziua 1,906, 01:01

"Your DOI and DOD kicked ass this term. I was actually impressed."

You're welcome, I was the one who got out DoD orders at daychange and kept them up to date

Mister Y
Mister Y Ziua 1,906, 01:12

Another anonymus CP. Nothing new here.

Krimpie Ziua 1,906, 01:42

"I only brought them up in my term wrap up because it has been suggested repeatedly that the government 'do more' to mend things with the JCS. I tried. Didn't work. What can ya do? "

My dad taught me to respect wimmen, in your case I will make an exception. You madam are a genormous prevaricating bovine with a weight problem*

You joined the JCS channel once. Where you spoke about 5 words, then quit.
Never to be seen again.
Yeah, you certainly tried.

If there's anybody that has bent over backwards to repair things with "The JCS crew" then it is Oblige. Even with all the crap I shovel his way, he can still be talked to.
Even listens from time to time.

Pfeiffer, as pig-disgusting a specimen of the human species as I find him, did more than you.
He had the stones to go so far as joining USMC for a week.
Almost gave as good as he got.
He tried, not hard, but I got to give him that.

You? Nothing. Just nothing.
the only thing you seem to be good at is pointing fingers and trolling.

You remind me of one of the pigs from animal farm, but then again, even they had more integrity than you. At least they stayed loyal to their fellow pigs.

*If I got to translate that for you, then you really are as dumb as I think.

TheNorm Ziua 1,906, 01:55

@CEII - your the one reading into things, why don't you ask PQ, as a member of the SFP RC, how he voted on the matter of no endorsement?

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Ziua 1,906, 02:18

Once again we have a 'Pfeiffer Loyalist' sitting in the White House, this Alliance of Pfeiffer supporters have twice driven off a popular candidate for PotUS; this time they made no pretense of 'Unity'. All their claims that the Forums primaries are secure is laughable, Candor wins the SFP primary and yet the party endorsed the 'Unity' candidate; so even if you win the primaries the PP may endorse who he wishes....

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Ziua 1,906, 02:38

@CEII - Mother Theresa was over-rated. And she was probably an AFA puppet. TheNorm is correct. I agreed with the no endorsement decision and still think it was the correct action. The SFP party poll was for choice of Unity candidate, not for CP endorsement. On the other hand, the rather remarkable majority for Candor was, as I said, indicative of something on the breeze... a mood swing if you will.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Ziua 1,906, 02:49

"Fhaemita Malodorous Day 1,906, 01:01

"Your DOI and DOD kicked ass this term. I was actually impressed."

You're welcome, I was the one who got out DoD orders at daychange and kept them up to date"

You did a fantastic job, it was awesome to see them being cared for again. Thank YOU.

John Largo
John Largo Ziua 1,906, 03:21

Just commenting to say that there is no organized JCS opposition that I am aware of. That's just tin foil hat crazy.

Jason asked me to help show him how to run for POTUS, and I helped him because we are friends from AMP. He was my intern when I was Legal Director. He is/was ST6 not JCS.

John Killah is also my friend from AMP and former USNG, I would have helped him if he had asked (he obviously didn't need it), so there is no opposition from me.

I did help John Jay in his two runs because he is my friend from the Marines and I ran the month prior (mostly due to the urgings of Cerb who was my friend from AMP, and definitely not a JCS supporter).

So bottom line is that I am the only link between the "opposition" candidates the past 4 elections, and I'm no malicious roadblock, I'm just helping out friends when they ask for it. I'm not even that good at it as the best I could do is get second place (first loser). There is no "opposition" putting up candidates, there is just me, who is good enough to get pretty much anyone a seat on the national stage, but not good enough to win it. You're not worried about little old me are you?

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Ziua 1,906, 03:24

A good read.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Ziua 1,906, 03:55

Great read man. Voted. o7

Maxmillian VonWillebrand
Maxmillian VonWillebrand Ziua 1,906, 04:02

Ok Bia, to hell with this nonsense... You and me, in the hot seat, let's make our own run for PotUS... 🙂

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Ziua 1,906, 04:06

I'd follow you into hell, handsome.

Maxmillian VonWillebrand
Maxmillian VonWillebrand Ziua 1,906, 04:34

Then put your bells on little miss cuz it's gunna be a bumpy ride!!!!

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Ziua 1,906, 04:47

It's about time.

Krimpie Ziua 1,906, 05:15

What took you so forking long Max? \o/

fingerguns Ziua 1,906, 07:22

Run a legit JCS candidate then!!! Give people a choice!

I legitimately completely 100% support this.

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