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Recommendation for newbies

Ziua 1,815, 07:32 Publicat în Ireland Mexic de collinfigures

Hello fellow.

In this article I want to write about the growth of the new citizens of Ireland.

Like most new players I am in the IBC, there I see the appetite of my fellow for hitting and complete the DO. Many complain because they have no weapons to fight and the truth is that the IBC does not provide adequate supplies. Unfortunately this is a result of the theft of which Ireland was the victim, now Ireland can not to cover the costs of training her new citizens.

But that's not the topic of this article, I just want to share with my colleagues a few tips that I was given.

My advice is: Do not complete the DO every day.

Why do you ask?

Because if you complete daily DO you go up your experience points and level quickly and one day you will find that you have many levels but little strength.

What you should do is worry about increasing your strength. Strength is very important, is one element that determines the influence that you can do on the battlefield. If you have more strength you will have more influence in the battle and your contribution to the war in Ireland will be higher. Also if you have more strength you have more chances winning medals (Super Soldier, Battle Hero, True Patriot) and that means winning more gold to fight or to invest.

So my advice is to increase the experience points slowly and worry about increasing strength, so you will get to level 25 with a force appropriate to enter Division 2.

The best way to increase strength is upgrading training centers; every so often it does promotion makes cheaper the update. So save your gold to upgrade your training centers.

These tips I received from some people as Benjamin Wellmann and FelipeTr and I hope it serves someone else.




Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Ziua 1,815, 07:46


HannyaTR Ziua 1,815, 08:29

voted. how about helping a newbie from america. its needed. 😮

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Ziua 1,815, 08:31


Nataliia from Galicia
Nataliia from Galicia Ziua 1,815, 08:47

voted hard

Quilly21 Ziua 1,815, 09:33


AqifPasha Ziua 1,815, 10:13

I disagree

Ian E Coleman
Ian E Coleman Ziua 1,815, 11:10



asecondchance Ziua 1,815, 11:56

to be honest this game isnt THAT exciting... it is stale at time and the war aspect keeps most likely 90% of people interested so i would not think it good advise to tell noobs to not do the daily order and just two click for a long time ... they will just get bored and quit. i think what you say makes sense but i think a noob learns that on their own after they get hooked for a few weeks and they need to try out ALL aspects of the game during that time

collinfigures Ziua 1,815, 12:49

Yes, I agree aseco. My intention is to give advice. But this game is not to spend all day at the computer, it takes a few minutes, is not like Call of Duty or PES in which achievements you get immediately. Here satisfaction is to get achievements over time. At first It seems entertaining fight all along but long term it's boring if you see that you get a few achievements. I think long term it is more entertaining to have lots of medals and gather strength to make a difference in the battlefield.

collinfigures Ziua 1,815, 12:51

Of course everyone is free to do what he thinks best or more fun, a advice is just that.

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Ziua 1,815, 14:03

Those are really good advices 🙂

Seamus Kellie
Seamus Kellie Ziua 1,815, 14:08

how much strength should one have before entering D2?

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Ziua 1,815, 14:41

Very good article, also always have fun. Dont take the game too seriously which im sure 9/10 old timers (myself included) can say we have done.

We are here to have fun

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Ziua 1,815, 15:00



Frank Dobbs
Frank Dobbs Ziua 1,815, 15:09

Battle Hero awards are easier to come by in Division 1, so it's worth going for these to get gold.
You can use the gold for training as well to build strength.

Frank Dobbs
Frank Dobbs Ziua 1,815, 15:14

Also don't forget to keep 3334 IEP in the monetary market for sale at 0.003 gold per IEP. This is known as Goldfishing - the Bot buys up gold so your turn comes round eventually and results in profit as long as the price of gold is above 333 IEP per 1 gold.

moomoohead Ziua 1,815, 16:42

very good.

Ian E Coleman
Ian E Coleman Ziua 1,815, 16:49

Does that still work Frank?

Big Sexy Black Man
Big Sexy Black Man Ziua 1,816, 03:23

Another recommendation is to buy Big Sexy Black Man bonds @ 2g a pop it's the smartest investment you can make with a bi annual return of (on average) of 6.5g

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