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Pizza the Hut

Ziua 1,502, 16:08 Publicat în USA SUA de Eric Hinkle

Well, I guess it was only a matter of time before I learned why so many people dislike Pizza the Hut. Last month, when I decided to run for Congress, I politely asked Pizza for the support of the NCP in my run. I received a reply that I would receive the full backing of the party. As election day neared, I felt confident in my chances as I was campaigning and gaining support. However, things changed when another candidate entered the race. Without even notifying me that his promise was broken, Pizza withdrew party support from my campaign and sent no voters my way. After I managed to keep the race close without the NCP's support, I nicely sent a message to Pizza asking that he could send me the one or two votes necessary to put me in the lead. Apparently that was too much for Pizza, for, as you can see, I am not a Congressman.

As you may well imagine, I was not too pleased with Pizza and the NCP after this entire fiasco. I decided that I no longer wanted to associate myself with the liar named Pizza the Hut, so I switched my party membership to the Federalist Party. After doing so, I received this email:

"you joined the feds. REALLY?

and yeah, you were TEN DAYS old. We do not send votes to players that young because it is very possible they will quit. Now you will never get in to congress."

If that's the case, Pizza (because I'm sure you're reading this), why was I promised support? Answer me that at least. So, readers, let's make sure Pizza the Hut meets his end soon. And, when I run for Congress next time, let's make sure he's wrong there too! So, Pizza, why don't you go back to watching Spaceballs and leave the politics to those of us who actually care about the country and not just themselves.



Mister Y
Mister Y Ziua 1,502, 16:16

I know you have been traumatized, but believe me, only these experiences make you able to know who is really Pizza The Hut. Congrats for your choice, in Feds you'll be appreciated in the right way.
Voted. -1 for Pizza.

Kooguy Ziua 1,502, 16:28

I used to be a fed, they kick ass.
I'm still P/H

Schoft Ziua 1,502, 16:47

Pizza has tried it many places, but every time people find out the n00b he is.

John Killah
John Killah Ziua 1,502, 17:15

Classy Pizza the Noob ... fail on your part

chickensguys Ziua 1,502, 17:19


morningblur Ziua 1,502, 17:39

Pizza, a ten day old player is just the type of player you say you stand up for. A new guy who is not part of the so called elite. Go figure in the end you are no different than what you complain about. You marginalized this player after promising him help. I have long know you are shit, this confirms for everyone who didn't know you are hypocritical shit.

Doc Holliday II
Doc Holliday II Ziua 1,502, 17:50

I used to be a loyal Pizza supporter. I was in NCP and a 2nd commander in his 2nd Regiment for some time.

He cannot and should not be trusted.

Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Ziua 1,502, 17:56

Pizza the hut would rather put Serbian spies into Congress than new Americans.

code0011 Ziua 1,502, 18:27



Etheris Ziua 1,502, 18:31

I love how this has more votes then Pizza's presidential platform (as of now) and it's been around for less time 🙂

PigInZen Ziua 1,502, 18:32

Would you come back to the NCP if Pizza was no longer the PP?

Eric Hinkle
Eric Hinkle Ziua 1,502, 19:05

First, thanks for all of the support guys, it means a lot to me. Second, to Pizza the Hut, never underestimate the power of a newbie, we can still do a lot of damage. Third, to answer PigInZen's question, that would depend on who became the PP. If the right person won, then I may consider it. But for now, I am happy with the Federalist Party.

Kaptain Kidd
Kaptain Kidd Ziua 1,502, 19:29

You're right Eric, and in the event I was to get elected CP, you got my attention. I'll have to see how things look in the next couple days but you might hear from me if things look like they're moving ahead. Chin up there are always ppl out there to actually listen.

Jeff Dude Lebowski
Jeff Dude Lebowski Ziua 1,502, 20:00

Pizza the Hut has an American "Conservative" party full of Serbian spies and opportunists.Even his VP is hardcore ONE supporter and Serb. It's high time someone decent takes that party and gets rid of all the trash that has been piled up there for months.

Cody Caine
Cody Caine Ziua 1,502, 20:11

I subbed, and put a link to this in my latest article.

Vanek26 Ziua 1,502, 20:36

Sorry to hear that, Eric. You seem like the sort of sensible player we need in America. Keep chugging away. Don't let Ajay get you down. (Ajay = Pizza)

Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Ziua 1,502, 21:19

Feds'll get you into congress, just watch 😉

Tiamati Ziua 1,503, 23:43

I completely agree with Vanek on this topic; Learn from the experience and be wary of those who offer promises quickly without consideration.

Pizza The Hut II
Pizza The Hut II Ziua 1,503, 00:11

Also, I only promised he could be on the ballot.

I did not send votes to a NUMBER of veteran players who in retrospect could've won. I regret this and I made it clear to them I intended to do better for them in the future.

The fact is we prioritize people on a number of conditions.

#1-History(decreases the odds it is someone we can't trust)
#2-Initiative(how active they are in promoting their candidacy and in the party, etc.)

Anyone who wants to run on the ballot can. The fact is I did not send him votes because he was about two weeks old on election day. A player that age can easily quit, or be someone we cannot trust. The way he behaved showed I was right in my reservation.

We have a limited # of votes and we try to use them as strategically as possible. We made a huge mistake last time, but no one could've seen that coming because this guy had been someone I had known for awhile.

Pizza The Hut II
Pizza The Hut II Ziua 1,503, 00:12

ALSO, I had said this the entire month... anyone who asks me for help right before/during the election is on their own unless everything is going great in most of our races. That is what the Congressional Activism Program is about.

I have to make decisions as a Party President. I can't make everyone happy. It's just the way it is.

David Wilson
David Wilson Ziua 1,503, 09:03

Ajay maybe if you focused more on doing a respectable job and helping "your" country and less on your excuses you might get more sympathy.

Simulare Ziua 1,503, 09:59

Congress is meaningless. Still, a 10 day old player is solely interested in getting a medal. There is no other benefit. Unless, of course, you are the 10 day old "offspring" of another player. I smell a rat here - but, hey winner, you got an article about hut and your 55 votes. You are well on your way to being another of the boot-licking horde.

If you are indeed new, take this bit of advice, the only way to enjoy this game is if you assume an "every man for himself" approach. There is no national pride because there are no nations. Political parties are far too easy to manipulate so they are meaningless as are elections. And, really, at the end of the end of the day, do you really care what about the nationality of the 14 yr old kid behind the anime avatar with the clever border? No. So, get over it, click the buttons and patiently await the day they pull the plug on eRep.

Trogdorthetroll100 Ziua 1,503, 10:51

Sad face 🙁

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Ziua 1,503, 14:06


Mr. Booboo Kittybottoms
Mr. Booboo Kittybottoms Ziua 1,504, 02:18

Voted and subscribed! I hope you are enjoying yourself in the Feds! Why don't you join us on the forums? There you can properly attempt a run for Congress the right way. 😉

Maybaby Ziua 1,504, 06:29

@mccivii Damn! That's cold... but true.

ReconWarHawk Ziua 1,504, 13:41

Pizza's just jelly bro, shoulda joined us sexy libs though. Oh well best of luck to you in the Feds

Joesim Ziua 1,504, 14:56

With the Feds they will help you win an election. They have great leaders and amazing programs where anyone that puts forth some effort can succeed.

deershark Ziua 1,504, 16:07

I noticed a spelling mistake pizza, I'll fix it for you.
"#1-History(decreases the odds it is someone we can't trust)
#2-Initiative(how active they are in promoting their candidacy and in the party, etc.)

#1-Serbs come first
#2-Relation to ONE
#3-Foreign Nationals?

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