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Nevada and counter attacking.

Ziua 651, 13:35 Publicat în USA SUA de Hampton H. Hampton

Can we cease fire there please? Indo is just going to attack Oregon or Arizona soon enough and retreat Nevada after we dump damage, weapons, cash and Gold into the defense.

The War Module is bad, Counter Attacking is a major stratigic avenue employed in battlefield tactics. THere needs to be an ability to counter attack. "Inititive" is silly, You can have the "inititive" to counter attack you know. Battle of the Buldge was because of a German Counter Attack.

Also is there a Mentor program? I hear nothing of it these days. Over a week ago I volenteered to be a mentor, a week later I was PMed and told there is a waiting list be be a mentor. Seriously? It's just like with the Military, "WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW, just wait around for a while though and we will get to you"

Ohwell, at least the economy is starting to bounce back. I'm still be paid better here in Greece but things are looking up in the US, as long as we can keep Texas. We we lose TExas in the near future and say it was "An Unnecesary region defending (Insert some other place that makes you say "WTF?" here) was more important". I'm gonna punch alot of people in the face. Also Arizon is pretty important right now becasue it has Iron.

Anyway, I'm outta here for now.

So Words to live by, lets see what do I have here. hmmmmm, lets try this one.

Be really rich and involved in politics, so that someday when you die people will celebrate you and everything you've done and not mention too often how you drove off a bridge and killed some chick after leaving a party and simply just suspend your license for awhile even though you fled the scene and never reported the accident to the Police.



logan Dunleavy
logan Dunleavy Ziua 651, 13:48

I can be Ted Kennedy?

Weslie S
Weslie S Ziua 651, 14:22

Maybe I'm incorrect, but couldn't Indo just keep attacking and retreating or attack another territory before we can secure the territory they are attacking ad nauseaum? We wouldn't ever get a chance to counter-attack.

Venetia Ziua 651, 14:37

Soon, retreating will be limited by game rules. This is the last of that behavior.

Tom Becca
Tom Becca Ziua 651, 14:45

they arent getting any states back trust me they already failed arizona and soon nevada

Arnold Snarb
Arnold Snarb Ziua 651, 15:02

I hope no one is dumping gold or serious weapons into Nevada, but wasting 'damage' isn't an issue unless there's a bigger fight out there.

Lvl Six FTW
Lvl Six FTW Ziua 651, 16:13

We need to dump a shit tone of money into Cali!! im pissed that we lost it. and why is Texas so important?

Darth Sisyphus
Darth Sisyphus Ziua 651, 18:56

wait, you forgot to remind everyone about how horrible GI Joe was

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Ziua 652, 06:22

Texas is a region of High Oil and Grain, ALOT of companies there that are needed.

Also, GI Joe is a god awful movie and should not be seen by anyone ever.

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