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NaN - The New Alliance is Formed

Ziua 1,948, 18:20 Publicat în Australia Australia de Aus Prime Minister Office

Non-Aligned Nations of eRepublik Alliance (NaN)

Australia and South Africa have for sometime been discussing the idea of an Alliance between themselves which allows for other non-aligned or neutral nations to join should they choose. The Alliance Charter is complete, although still being refined by the current founding Member Nations (Australia and South Africa), we are proud to announce that the Alliance has been formed and agreed by both Nations, and is now open to other interested nations to apply for membership, provided they meet the Charter's membership requirements.

Both Australia and South Africa formed the Alliance because we found ourselves in a situation where none of the major alliances wanted us, and the other alliances, like Asgard, were predominantly regional specific, which we know doesn't work, one just has to look at CoT's problems at the moment to see how that works.

NaN does not discriminate between where you are in the eWorld, provided your are neutral or non-aligned with any of the other major alliances, membership is possible. The Alliance HQ leadership is operated on a rotating membership system, so no one nation is fully in control of the alliance and the rotation will operate to stop regional takeover. The Alliance Assembly, consisting of all Member Nations has over-ruling authority in the end, so any decision by Alliance Leadership can be over-ruled by the Alliance Assembly no matter what may occur.

We now officially announce the Non-Aligned Nations of eRepublik (NaN) Alliance open, active and should your nation be neutral or non-aligned, open for membership discussion with the current founding members, Australia and South Africa.


So say we all!


DraimAlexander Ziua 1,948, 18:24

Quick answers to questions that have come up on forums or privately

Q. Is this game going to be in game
A. Yes, Grimstone and I have been working for the past couple days with admin who is being picky. One of the reasons for the ingame posts now (rather then after it was set up in game) was because it was the last thing they wanted).

Q. Is anything on wiki?

Q. EWW name/logo/butterflies
A. so we are at the start of the alliance and have much still to go. We are refining the charter and the name/logo/everything is open for discussion. However we have been allies for a long time, this is sealing the deal more officially.

Don Clota
Don Clota Ziua 1,948, 18:27

Lol ...

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Ziua 1,948, 18:41

^^^ Chile Troll - Ignore mode. : )

DraimAlexander Ziua 1,948, 18:44

He's just jealous of our awesome phalanxes. : )

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Ziua 1,948, 18:47


greg L
greg L Ziua 1,948, 19:27

Yeah, good call, he is a CT

greg L
greg L Ziua 1,948, 19:28

a Chile Troll

schofeild Ziua 1,948, 19:09

how many non- aligned nations are there?

lancer450 Ziua 1,948, 19:21

NaN Cat! \o/ Sort of... ; )

greg L
greg L Ziua 1,948, 19:29

Hail NaN, Hail Us Hail eSA... and love the MPP with Czech's... BIG Vote.

Tabithi Ziua 1,948, 22:26


Mystela Ziua 1,949, 00:52

I'm not sure about the butterflies... but the graphic with the spears (minus the body) is really neat!

Good luck! o7

Shirobu Ziua 1,949, 01:08

I wish the best for this alliance, and hope it grows to be successful

Tim_Holtz Ziua 1,949, 01:13

Japan is always welcome : )

greg L
greg L Ziua 1,949, 02:48

thanks, and I hope the same for you guys

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Ziua 1,949, 03:33

I want to thank you for what you have done for us Shirobu, and concur with Tim's comment, Japan is always welcome in the Alliance.

kuckuck Ziua 1,949, 04:22


Green4x Ziua 1,949, 04:50


Neptunian Ziua 1,949, 06:09

So its just us and SA? We should of gotten a more expansive list before an official announcement.. 🙁

Neptunian Ziua 1,949, 06:13

We should be actively lobbying small countries disenfranchised by the bigger blocs. There's always a dissenter not happy with the direction their alliance is going.

DraimAlexander Ziua 1,949, 06:19

I promise we are actively lobbying and have a couple who are very interested and a couple who are pretty interested. We announced it now because Admin was requiring it as part of the set up process for in game and because we thought it would help show people we were serious and encourage members. That turned out to be true, we have had an incredibly productive day.

Majester Ziua 1,949, 06:23

All alliance start when two or more people agree to the idea. In all our talks, only South Africa have felt exactly as we do without pause for the value of the idea. Now that its going, the doubters and hesitant have all the time they need to consider joining while we get on with it.

Neptunian Ziua 1,949, 13:35

Well thats good to hear. It was a pretty solid choice to pick up SA, since we go back awhile. What abt Ireland I thought we were pretty friendly.

infin Ziua 1,949, 07:53

This could be more ineffective than even CoT; and that's saying something.

Majester Ziua 1,949, 08:38

CoT is still more effective than Sol... but now we're digging. If it fails, it fails. If it succeeds, we have a new home for the Gold Mine club.

Devin Seay
Devin Seay Ziua 1,949, 12:21

Even though people that are close friends to me disagree, I belive this is a good step forward.

alimilano Ziua 1,949, 18:36

good move, BUT with new changes 1 gold mine will be in SA (Africa) and 1 in Australia (Oceania), so best choice for logo is one big target.

Tim_Holtz Ziua 1,949, 21:22

thats if Australia fights hard in those battles

we could let NZ get it then watch CoT fall apart lol

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Ziua 1,950, 05:48

Aint that the truth 🙂

plovets Ziua 1,951, 09:11


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