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My Attempt at Poetry

Ziua 1,822, 08:38 Publicat în USA SUA de Stan Brown

Well I got bored, and I didn't have an Internet connection so I just started writing poetry about... Well just about stuff, I guess they're all pretty random. So enjoy, or hate it, or whatever just comment. Even if you didn't read them and you just hate poetry, troll the comments, please Ill enjoy reading it. 

Return to Good: By Stan Brown

Riding a bike is simple.
Grinning comes when we feel joy.
Reading is not quite as easy,
Tho' it's simple enough to employ.
Our lives are all too crazy,
Utilizing lies, and dispelling truths.
Can't we just be united?
Heal what prejudice has wounded?
Everyone can just get along.
Seriously this isn't a joke.
Killing, Theft, and Murder
Internally banned?
Don't we all know what is right?
So shouldn't we all just be grand?
Another world might be different.
No sins of any kind.
Determined to remain pure.
Everyone just stopped being blind,
And looked at the worlds problems.
The ones both near and far,
Sure we can make that world,
But first we must choose to model
Abhorrence of sin and crime.
Before our lives were empty, fulfilled
In toil, and death.
Everyone come free of your leash
Sit on the grasses of freedom and peace.

Sloth: By Stan Brown

Because of our machines
Everyone has gone lax.
Attached to our technology,
Taxed by our sloth.
Initially hardy and clever, though
Terminally blasé.
Although our pride comes close, it
Falls far behind sloth in the race.
Annihilation by ourselves does not seem a likely end.
Not by our standards with all disease nearly cured.
"Oh sure it isn't likely,"
"Omniscient" as we all are.
No one expects it coming, but
Eventually we will fall.
Little lasts forever,
In fact probably nothing.
Kids grow old and the
Elderly die.
Sloth does not escape our race,
You just wait and see
Our ancestors survived on wheat and grain and seed.
Unused recently we have become weak.

Well I hope you enjoyed it, I don't think I even knew half of what I was saying but whatever. at least give me some input, something like "I liked _____" or "Do this instead ______" Maybe even a "Go Die" here and there As long as you comment, vote, sub, and subscribe. Feel free to pm me anything you wish to talk about, I take advice, criticism, comments, and blackmail. 😃




EnterAwesome Ziua 1,822, 12:43


fingerguns Ziua 1,822, 12:48

I get it.

Stan Brown
Stan Brown Ziua 1,822, 12:52

Do you really get it FG or do you just think you get it?

TerminalHunter Ziua 1,822, 13:46

Between you and Awesome, I think we're all going to have to write a few verses...

Might just break out a few haikus in the near future.

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