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Mr Crumpets Interviews the eChina CP

Ziua 1,949, 02:25 Publicat în Australia Australia de Mr Crumpets

Good Evening eAustralia,

One of the most hotly contested Foreign Affairs issues in eAustralia, is whther or not to have an MPP with eChina.

Twice the issue has been put to senate in the past couple of months and twice it's been narrowly defeated.

We've heard a lot from all sides of the argument in eAustralia, now we turn things around and find out the thoughts of the eChina President Atracurium.

Mr Crumpets: How is eChina fairing at the moment (in regards to wars and gaining new citizens)?

Atracurim: We are planning to get a babyboom. Thats our aim, Poland provides it. Right now, although not much we are seeing more babies. 🙂
We have few old players coming back too. The uniqueness of EC is as long as they do not remove themselves from our groups, they can be activated on service when we need them i.e. war or etc. Provided they are willing of course.

Mr Crumpets: A number of nations see EDEN as a 'dying alliance'. What's eChina's current view of it's alliance and allies in EDEN?

Atracurim: I have to agree to a sense that yes... things might not be so well in Eden.

Mr Crumpets: What's eChina's current view of eAustralia's situation, particularly being 'neutral', yet invaded by three CoT countries?

Atracurim: No much comment on that. But I think Australia doesn't have much choice either.

Mr Crumpets: What's eChina's overall view of the CoT alliance?

Atracurim: CoT seems ok I guess. Their hits are much coordinated.

Mr Crumpets: Do you think eChina and eAustralia could become allies again, and if so, do you see any tactical advantage for both countries?

Atracurim: China always view Australia as an ally (and we done our services before too). But I think the question should be more directed to Australia itself. How does Australia view China? Is it a common friend forgotten or...?

Mr Crumpets: What do you say to those that fear the whole weight of CoT would come down on eAustralia, if eAustralia did an MPP with an EDEN country like eChina?

Atracurim: I think its up to Australia to think, mpp or no mpp ... how much a differences it will make to the situation right now?

Mr Crumpets: How do you see the eRepublik world and alliances evolving over the next few months?

Atracurim: I hope new alliances will sprout up. The current ones... are very long already.

Mr Crumpets: Where to now for eChina - what's on the horizon for the coming weeks/months?

Atracurim: We are focusing more on getting new blood. By means of spending RL money, we will do it. An end is not always an end, in another view point its a new beginning. A country will soon die off if there are no triggers. Its a time where people will unite once and again for a common goal.

Without trying to put words into the eChina President's mouth, I found it interesting that he mentioned that things aren't going so well in EDEN and was looking forward to see new alliances.

Does this mean eChina is looking at knocking on the door of an alliance like NaN?

Only time will tell.

Mr Crumpets.


Binda33 Ziua 1,949, 03:24

China have always been our good friends. : )

BOUD1CCA Ziua 1,949, 03:50

Indeed. China's friendship is a huge asset the Australia's leaders seem to overlook or discount.

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Ziua 1,949, 04:26

No, we don't over look it. We simly look at the negative effect it will have while they stay with EDEN. Hopefully NaN will give them an alternative and we can move back to being extremely good allies again.

BOUD1CCA Ziua 1,949, 05:54

Yes there is a negative effect - but Australia is experiencing that already. How does that song go - when you have nothing you have nothing to lose.
Could I offer a suggestion - rent NSW to China (I am assuming that Australia will get the gold mine, the fact it is separated from China's other regions should not matter in this case - at least that way there is a chance of Australia getting some income and would stop Chile or Indonesia benefiting

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Ziua 1,949, 20:08

Its a good idea, but unlikely to happen, especially while China is with EDEN. It would simply make NSW a mass target for CoT as a whole instead of just Chile or NZ as individual wars and grudges.

BOUD1CCA Ziua 1,949, 23:07

But does it matter if all of CoT attack Australia or just the strongest/nastyest . You cannot be defeated any more than is happening now. And it cannot be assumed that all of CoT will feel the need - surely there must be some nations in CoT that are unhappy with how their alliance is treating Australia?
It won't be all of CoT benefiting just Chile - better that China got the gold

greg L
greg L Ziua 1,949, 05:38

"Mr Crumpets: What do you say to those that fear the whole weight of CoT would come down on eAustralia, if eAustralia did an MPP with an EDEN country like eChina?"
CoT already have come full force on us and probably will keep doing that till kingdom come, we have NOTHING to lose, he already said they view us as friends, BUT, we are half of NaN, so eSA has a say I would think. Seriously would like to see China join Nan or at best an MPP, now is not the time to alienate possible friends. HAIL eCHINA,... HAIL NaN, Hail Australia, Hail eSA, Hail eCzech Republik.. Ave friends.

Lord TJ Ziua 1,949, 07:43

Comentariu șters

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Ziua 1,949, 07:47

I raised relations with eChina during my CP campaign but since there wasn't much in the way of wanted debate from the quarters of my esteemed opponents or their political masters it wasn't worth flogging the horse. An overdue discussion. Well done MC on that front.

I diverge on one aspect. It doesn't have to be one or the other. As Atra said, eChina have always viewed eAus as a friend. He made the point of eAus asking the question how it viewed eChina, though I think most of the world likes eChina (but it also helps dealing with the same person and with the added benefit of not being insane or a megalomaniac).

Bottom line, eChina is a rare exception as an _extension_ of allied foreign positions. It also has its bonuses. The intelligent can decipher that with ease 😉

Devin Seay
Devin Seay Ziua 1,949, 13:36

I believe eChina is our only hope.

Derphoof Ziua 1,949, 22:30

China? NaN?

How about NO?

Tim_Holtz Ziua 1,950, 06:23

and why would USA Member of CoT who sold out Aus to get a better position (btw extended membership so it obviously failed) have a say in which alliance China went to?

just saying, you can dislike something all you like but as it stands why the hell should anyone listen to the US? especially China and Australia

dont get me wrong i like the USA for the most part, but you literally sold us out for a leg up which failed

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Ziua 1,950, 08:39

The second eAus CP in months to make such a frivolous claim, despite no evidence produced bearing any resemblance to the allegation. Just for lulz sake as there is no basis to it whatsoever, how did eUS 'sell out' eAus re. anything to do with CoT?

Two points that need clarifying. It was the eAustralian Government's utmost desire to have eUS as a signatory to CANAA.

Second, if the government weren't prepared to accept that the eUS's role was nothing more than a neutral arbiter, instead of expecting the eUS to abandon its standing with the international community and go in guns blazing on the mere whim of the eAus govt, eAus should have selected a different third party.

And now the eAus establishment has been defaming the eUS behind the scenes with the CoT court and in media trying to help along an alliance veto because it didn't get what it wanted.

Differences of opinion aside on foreign policy and alliances .. how precisely is this negative press strategy going to bring the eUS and eAus back together? By all means keep driving the wedge in. This is the benefit of having a populous country, we don't have to worry when a wiped country issues threats or complaints of standing.

Tim_Holtz Ziua 1,950, 09:11

you just keep on bullshitting dont you?

we dont defame the US behind their back.

the rest is completely a waste of my time responding to

Derphoof Ziua 1,950, 20:48

We don't have a say in what alliance China goes to. I was merely voicing my opinion, which is that I believe it to be a longshot that they would join NaN. Plus, I am not a gov't or cabinet official. So my word would never have any sort of bearing on how foreign affairs play out in various nations.

The "extended membership" is not to say that anything "obviously failed." It would seem as though most nations in the bloc still want the USA, which is why the trial was extended. Otherwise, they would have rejected us by now. However, nations displeased with the USA would have vetoed our membership. The fact that we have not been voted down means that they are in the minority and the majority is still trying to woo them not to veto. This is especially true after the USA REFUSED to sell out Russia in order to get a better position in the alliance. Considering how some of the nations are closer to Poland and TWO than other nations are, they would not have liked that. The USA was the only CoT gov't to publicly state support for Russia.

Tristan93 Ziua 1,951, 02:28

question what is stooping us forming alliance of our own if we could get enough big players involved china and i know south Africa are friends usa could also be why do we try to fit in with snakes and not allie with nations that actually like and are friends small but closely nit alliance is better then a segmented one ...... just saying

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