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MISS CoT 2012 / These are our candidates!! [ENG-ESP-BULG-IND-LIT]

Ziua 1,850, 13:26 Publicat în Chile Argentina de Pescaman

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Dear friends and fellows,

For a long time, we have fought and dedicated our best efforts in combat. However, the end of the year is pretty close, and our alliance believes that it is time to focus in the search of beauty too.

Ladies and gentlenman, all our brotherhood will participate in a global contest to find out a woman, whose her beauty, attitude, sympathy and enthusiasm will be a source of inspiration for all of us.

We hope she represents the spirit of our young alliance: a group of brothers united in trust, wich have borned to give diversity to the game and break the national stereotypes.

Our queen will be chosen and crowned during a special ceremony on December.


Estimados amigos y compañeros,

Durante varias semanas hemos estado abocados a luchas, combate, gastos, esfuerzo y desgaste. El fin de año ya está cerca, y pensamos que ha llegado el momento de enfocarnos también en la búsqueda de la belleza.

La hermandad de CoT participará en un concurso global para encontrar una mujer cuya belleza, actitud, simpatúa y entusiasmo sea una fuente de inspiración para todos nosotros.

Esperamos que ella represente el espíritu de nuestra joven alianza: un grupo de hermanos unidos en la confianza, la cual nació para dar diversidad al juego y quebrar los estereotipos nacionales.

Nuestra reina será elegida durante una ceremonia especial durante Diciembre de 2012


Скъпи приятели,

От много време вече се бием и даваме всичко от себе си в битките. Но краят на годината е близо и съюзът ни смята, че е време да се съсредоточим върху търсенето на красотата.

Дами и господа, всички страни ще вземат участие в световния конкурс за намиране на дама, чиято красота, отношение, съчувствие и ентусиазъм да се превърне в източник на вдъхновение за нас.

Надяваме се тя да представлява духа на нашия млад съюз: група от братя, свързани чрез взаимно доверие, целящи да разнообразят играта и да разчупят националните стереотипи.

Нашата Кралица ще бъде избрана и коронована на специална церемония през декември.


Kepada teman-teman dan rekan-rekan sekalian,

Untuk waktu yang lama kami telah berjuang dan mendedikasikan usaha terbaik kami dalam pertempuran. Namun, akhir tahun ini sudah cukup dekat, dan aliansi kami percaya bahwa sudah waktunya untuk fokus dalam pencarian keindahan juga.

Hadirin dan hadirat sekalian, semua potongan persaudaraan kita akan berpartisipasi dalam kontes global untuk menemukan seorang wanita, yang kecantikannya, sikap, simpati dan antusiasme akan menjadi sumber inspirasi bagi kita semua.

Kami berharap ia mewakili semangat aliansi muda kita: sekelompok persaudaraan yang bersatu dalam kepercayaan, yang telah ditanggung untuk memberikan keragaman untuk permainan dan mematahkan perbedaan bangsa.

Ratu kami akan dipilih dan dinobatkan dalam upacara khusus pada bulan Desember.


Mieli draugai ir pažįstami,

Ilgą laiką mes kovojome ir atidavėme visas savo jėgas mūšiuose. Tačiau artėjant metų pabaigai, mūsų aljansas tiki, kad atėjo laikas susifokusuoti ties grožio paieškomis.

Ponios ir ponai, visa mūsų brolija dalyvaus tarptautiniame konkurse, kuriame ieškosime moters, kurios grožis, požiūris, simpatija ir entuziazmas bus mūsų įkvėpimo šaltiniu.

Mes tikimės, kad ji reprezentuos jauno aljanso dvasią: grupė brolių, susivienijusių pasitikėjime, kurie gimė tam, kad suteiktų įvairovės žaidime ir sulaužytų nacionalinius stereotipus.

Mūsų karalienė bus išrinkta ir karūnuota per specialią ceremoniją Gruodį.

These are our candidates!!:
Estas son nuestras candidatas!!:
Това са кандидатките ни!!:
Ini adalah kandidat kami!!:
Štai mūsų kandidatės!!:

1. MISS PERÚ: Claudlacz (

2. MISS BULGARIA: ShoeShine (

I am 20 years old, I like cooking, drawing and dancing, I am very passionate about healthy way of life and nutrition. Obviously I am from Bulgaria 😃 Its a lovely country with lovely and welcoming people. The best way to conquest my heart is being comfortable with yourself. It's more about being stimulated mentally, like when a man has a sense of humor or he is charming, I think that's attractive. It's all about personality, really.

What attracted me in the game mostly was its social aspect. I love talking to people from different countries and getting to know them and how they are different from those I know in Bulgaria. It is such an easy way to kind of "travel" around the world : )))

The best of eRepublik is as I said the social eLife 😃 The worst is that some people really take it too seriously when actually it is just a game 😉.
My message to the CoT people is to be even more friendly to each other, help each other and of course LOVE each other!

3. MISS LITHUANIA: malfame (

I am a 20 year old girl from Vilnius, Lithuania. I am a student, my field of studies is French philology. I love literature, my favorite writers are Fransuaza Sagan and John Irving. In addition to that, I enjoy the theatre, movies, travels, photography. I have been playing eRepublik for more than 1.5 years. I was invited by my friend to join this game. Now I am working at ministry of culture and also I will try to be ambassador of eLithuania in eChile this month.

For me the most enjoyable part in this game is communicating with other players. Here I have met a lot of wonderful people. The worst? I can't think of any negative things and if I could, I wouldn't be playing. I hope you will stay as cool as you are now. Best of all in the battlefield and in RL. And if you decide to visit Lithuania - feel free to contact me for a free tour around Vilnius 🙂 Je vous aime, mes amis.

4. MISS INDONESIA: PurpleQueen (

Hi! I'm PurpleQueen, my real name is Lia. I'm from Indonesia. I'm 24. I love chatting with friends, listening to music, shopping and playing with children. I'm a teacher for babies and elementary students. I was graduated in Psychology.

PurpleQueen was born on 3rd of May 2010. My best friend, Pak Camat, was the one who invited me to play this game. I'm the member of PKeI (party) and Red Guerrilla (MU).

The best of eR is I get a lot of friends and a new family named "eKeluarga eLaknat". Love u all so much. 😘 eRepublik gives me a very great community. We become good friends in real life. we had twice held charity for children who are less fortunate.

For CoT people : "If you're alone, I'll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I'll be your pillow. If you need to be happy, I'll be your smile... But anytime you need a friend, I'll just be me."

5. MISS PARAGUAY: Snow.Flake (

Hey everyone, I'm laflore (Snow.Flake as I just changed my ingame nick). I'm 26 y/o. I'm from Paraguay RL and I'm here to represent my country. I'm a former Captain of the Ejercito Paraguayo's R11, where I have been a member since I started playing eR in july, 2012.

The best of eR is that we get to know people from all over the world, the worst could be that sometimes some people forget that this is just a game and take it too serious even IRL.

My message CoT, is to keep on the good relationship we have between our alliances and, under any inconvenience, before taking any decision that could affect the alliance, try to talk to the concerned side so we can avoid misunderstandings.

6. MISS CHILE: RBonacieux (

My name is Romina, i'm 19 years old and i live in Villarrica city. I study laws in Temuco city. I like history, clasic movies (action and suspense, mainly). I love literature, in fact, my nick is a mix between first letter of my name (Romina) and Bonacieux, the last name of Constance Bonacieux, a character of writter Alejandro Dumas, she was the only woman who conquered the hearth of D’Artagnan de Batz (in real life his name was Charles de Batz.).

7. MISS MEXICO: Mex Geli (

¡Hello everybody! I know I’m not going to win, but I came here anyway, just a little late.

I'm from Hidalgo, México. I'm 27 years old, vegetarian, Buddhist, activist for the animals rights, a little nerd too xD. I’m not a normal girl actually, but at the same time I’m very simple, I like a good movie with my family, a basketball game, a walk with my two Doberman dogs, but what I love more is read, it’s my favorite hobby and something I do every day, no matter how buzzy I am I can’t help but read.

I get in the game because I saw a message in FB and my gamer side just wanted to investigate, but I really liked the game and the friends I could make in here.

The best of eR in my opinion is the people you can know, I think they are the reason for a lot of us choice stay in the game, and the worst is when people forget that behind of a screen there are a person too and she/he deserve respect, even in the thematic of the game.

My message for CoT people is the when we fight together we can take the eWorld, I’m not going to forget this epic fight against eArgentina in ePerú. This is what we can do together

8. MISS MACEDONIA: MissPaunova (

This is my last year in high school, 3 days left 'till my RL birthday, i'll become 18 yo on 18th December.
I'm bookoholic, very friendly and sociable person who is writing songs and stories and have a genuine interest in other countries & cultures and building friendships.
I'm a proud member of Dark Side Wolves, but i keep in touch with friends from my previous MUs and just like in RL, i don't like politics in this game as well so i'm not member of any party.
Surely the best thing about eRep' is meeting friends and having fun, but on the other hand you can always find party-breakers, which is the worst thing you can face in your eLife.
All i want is people to enjoy every moment and every second of their lifes, just be yourself and do what makes you happy. No matter what, never give up in the battle of making your dreams come true.



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ANTINIANKU Ziua 1,850, 13:28


Go.Hard Ziua 1,850, 13:28


Eduardo Mella
Eduardo Mella Ziua 1,850, 13:32

o_0 una paraguaya 😃

Benzo Diazepino
Benzo Diazepino Ziua 1,850, 13:37

Snow.Flake *-*

KillerWolfAttack Ziua 1,850, 13:46

Sexto lugar!!! PREMIO DE CONSUELO!!!

hungryrabbitjumps Ziua 1,850, 13:47


Kal Hell
Kal Hell Ziua 1,850, 13:48

hail bulgaria!!! o/

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Ziua 1,850, 13:48

♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥

Sysiphos Ziua 1,850, 13:49

malfame!!!!!!!! Go lituania!! xxD

CaMoMuHaBaM Ziua 1,850, 13:50

Go go go ShoeShine 🙂

farfullento Ziua 1,850, 13:51

sub-sub-sub-sub-sub pole

Leo de Salto II
Leo de Salto II Ziua 1,850, 13:52

La bulgara

dark.templar Ziua 1,850, 13:53

Paraguay (h)

TracyMcGrady Ziua 1,850, 13:53

bunlar gerçek mi lan

juanchomono Ziua 1,850, 13:54

get the cool
get the cool shoeshine (😎

Black Bess
Black Bess Ziua 1,850, 13:55


VVar0408 Ziua 1,850, 13:55

Adres verin kızlar give me adresses

dedo mraz 78
dedo mraz 78 Ziua 1,850, 13:55

all of them 😘

Stef40 Ziua 1,850, 13:55

IT IS MACEDONIA !! ERASE FY*OM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT IS MACEDONIA !! ERASE FY*OM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT IS MACEDONIA !! ERASE FY*OM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT IS MACEDONIA !! ERASE FY*OM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT IS MACEDONIA !! ERASE FY*OM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sando Griffin
Sando Griffin Ziua 1,850, 13:55

1. Bulgaria
2. Paraguay
3. Chile

Ton Dieu
Ton Dieu Ziua 1,850, 13:56

juanchomono hahaha!! 😃


All The Way Crunked Up
All The Way Crunked Up Ziua 1,850, 13:57

Shoeshine o/

Pisco Sour
Pisco Sour Ziua 1,850, 13:58


Greevas Ziua 1,850, 13:59

ShoeShine All the way
Bulgaria FTW

Don Clota
Don Clota Ziua 1,850, 13:59

a lituania los pasajes

kloraq Ziua 1,850, 13:59

snowflake iyiymis amua sıcıyım.

dort numaranın bıyıkları var es gecilmesin. ulke adını yazmadım uzulmesin diye, o kadar da kibarım iste.

C.G.R Ziua 1,850, 14:00


SuleymanSeba Ziua 1,850, 14:00


Machine Gun Kelly 19XX
Machine Gun Kelly 19XX Ziua 1,850, 14:00


Guacolda Melian
Guacolda Melian Ziua 1,850, 14:00

o/o/o/o/ RBonacieux o/o/o/o/

Isagoras The Greek
Isagoras The Greek Ziua 1,850, 14:00


timberchopper Ziua 1,850, 14:01

como votamos?

R O S H I Ziua 1,850, 14:01

bulgaria and chile

Tyrant of The Black Abyss
Tyrant of The Black Abyss Ziua 1,850, 14:01

Hail Snow.Flake !!
Hail Paraguay!

timberchopper Ziua 1,850, 14:02


Simonymous Ziua 1,850, 14:02

1.Where are the others candidates?
2. I propose a rule: no vote for your own representative - like in Eurovision and sh&t : ))

Finway Ziua 1,850, 14:02

anan +1

WafreyBG Ziua 1,850, 14:02

Go go go ShoeShine

Udra Ziua 1,850, 14:02

It's clear, that Lithuania will win...

vpablo Ziua 1,850, 14:03


k0stek Ziua 1,850, 14:03

Chilean girl is the prettiest one here but all of them are really beauty!

Atom Oppenheimer
Atom Oppenheimer Ziua 1,850, 14:04


Vasil Miloykov
Vasil Miloykov Ziua 1,850, 14:04


anija Ziua 1,850, 14:04


iverson267 Ziua 1,850, 14:05


nussey Ziua 1,850, 14:05


Talys Ziua 1,850, 14:05

Go go go ShoeShine

erktozgr Ziua 1,850, 14:05


Karolis Lietuvis
Karolis Lietuvis Ziua 1,850, 14:06

1. Lithuania
2. Chile
3. None

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