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Military Unit Auction !!!

Ziua 1,554, 09:24 Publicat în Poland Estonia de Albertti


I’m put my MU to auction (link). MU located in Poland.

Why is good to own military unit?

1. You can chose battle where you want make your daily damage.
2. You can build your private army, with your friends.
3. And lots more FUN.... 😉

If you want own my MU, then just make offer, in comment section, starting price is 20 Gold and step is minimum 0.1G (example from 20 next bid is minimum 20.1G) you can make also bigger bid. Auction will end in day change from day 1556 to 1557. Biggest bidder then donate me Gold (it take 2-4 day) and join with MU, I will kick off all other member and then live by my self, so bigger bidder will take lead and ownership of MU.

If auction winner need insurance for deal I can find person who will ensure deal.

I hope auction will be active and I find new owner for MU.

Reason why I leave my MU is that I want move back to my homeland Estonia.


Edit1: If there is several bid in day change, There will be 3 minute no bid window, if after last bid there is 3 minute no new bid, then we have a winner 😉



turmus Ziua 1,554, 12:56

shall we bid only onwards or we can bid backwards also? 😉

Albertti Ziua 1,554, 13:19

You can, but you can´t win this way ; )

eLGraVito Ziua 1,554, 14:09

is there a possibility to change the name of the military unit?

Albertti Ziua 1,555, 09:55

Yes for 2G.

eLGraVito Ziua 1,555, 10:16

so i can buy for 18g

Albertti Ziua 1,555, 10:48

Starting price is 20G and MU name is atm great ; )

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