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Last Words In Office

Ziua 1,780, 09:24 Publicat în United Kingdom Polonia de Magic

That’s my last article in this term, so at the beginning I’d like to thank all the people that trusted me and let me to be your Prime Minister. I hope you will rate this term as good, because all targets were fulfilled.

Our National Army is reformed. Now it costs very little money and we get the cheapest Q7s for supplies. There was another option to reform the army (to give some % of daily income to each MU), but unfortunately, we couldn’t afford it to be attractive for all people. Sharing 2 000GBP daily is just funny, so sorry, we had to do reform as it was needed. I hope our next president will also use them, and that people who don’t like it will see the positive side of the whole reform!

The second reform is that of the NHS, as I said in my manifesto. It’s reformed to be private, so we don’t spend more money on it. For me it’s a change on the positive, also at the forum there’s debate about next changes, which as I could read, are awesome. I hope congress will agree with that reform proposal, but we’ll see it in the future.

Third, we started investing with our gold & money. I recovered all national organisations, and they are used by our Ministry of Finances. As I heard, UK didn’t used to invest, but at the beginning of my term, Carlini8 was doing great job at it. At the moment we can’t invest due to gold under 500GBPand still changing up/down, but I hope that the next government will also invest our money, so we can get some profit from it.

Congress, well, these guys were working with me for whole term, and I’m glad to see that they really do care about country. Too bad that I’m a guy who likes do things quickly, so I had to adapt to their tempo of work. I was really glad to see propositions at the forum, and disscussing in my debates. You guys are elite of our society, I hope I will be able to work with you in the future again!

Ireland treaty, well, I think that it took more than it gave us. Securing Wexford was a problem, but once we have it we should be able to hold it for months to come.

I’d like to thank you again, for the whole term. Thanks for all the private messages, all the queries on IRC, and all discussion on the forum. Also whole to whole my government - you are awesome, you did good work, and I was happy to work with people like you. Good luck for the future!




Magic Ziua 1,780, 09:24

Thank you, UK!

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Ziua 1,780, 09:25

Voted, thanks MH!

Tata Zygulka
Tata Zygulka Ziua 1,780, 09:29


Lily Jayne Summers
Lily Jayne Summers Ziua 1,780, 09:31

I'm honestly surprised you wasn't impeached.

Kravenn Ziua 1,780, 09:34

Voted !

Magic Ziua 1,780, 09:40


The Warior of Jochhism
The Warior of Jochhism Ziua 1,780, 09:57

well done : )

Tusheng Ziua 1,780, 09:57


ApronChef Ziua 1,780, 10:10




Alphabethis Ziua 1,780, 10:19

ne dobry polska Preszident

Sexagenarian Ziua 1,780, 10:20

Thanks for destroying the national miltary, are you going back to eMoldova or wherever it was you came from?

Alphabethis Ziua 1,780, 10:21

no good polish president.

Niemand Ziua 1,780, 10:24

Thank you MH for the cooperation.
I am interested to hear what the profit was on our organizations.


Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Ziua 1,780, 13:16


BigAnt Ziua 1,780, 13:23


Sir Nick Griffin
Sir Nick Griffin Ziua 1,780, 17:34

P%£" Poor

Apathetik Ziua 1,780, 17:43

I admire what you tried to achieve and you did what you said you would. I have no right to criticise under those circumstances, and I understand your reasons for doing what you have while the eUK is stuck in the same groove it has been as long as I've played. More in game updates would have been nice though, but under the circumstances I can totally understand why you didn't do many. We weren't wiped under a TUP CP which was a first too 😛

bartobk2 Ziua 1,780, 22:38

teraz dawaj do polski na prezia

Piran Ziua 1,780, 22:58

Congratz, voted o7

Ergo Deus
Ergo Deus Ziua 1,780, 23:26

Bigant: "Poor"

The distinct taste of irony fills the air.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Ziua 1,781, 02:25

@Rednoahl: we have had far more TUP presidents than we have had wipes.

Another War Veteran
Another War Veteran Ziua 1,781, 03:30

Finally, a lack of awful articles that are few and far-between can come to an end.

Lord Lewis Cromwell
Lord Lewis Cromwell Ziua 1,781, 04:49

Goals set out in manifesto accomplished - check
Citizens able to finish new missions - check
Country still here while war around us - check

Like the man or not, criticise his party or act all xenophobic to your own demise, but the PM job was done. Bravo MH

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Ziua 1,781, 06:06

Can we have Scotland back as per the treaty?

Douglas Mckeever
Douglas Mckeever Ziua 1,781, 06:22

Well done!

[The irony of Alphabetis (Spanish in real life, German in eRepublik) criticising our CP for being Polish, is truly astounding. Hypocrisy of the highest level!]

earl of shrewsbury
earl of shrewsbury Ziua 1,781, 06:47

"Only Words in office"...

wigibob Ziua 1,781, 08:43


we will *ahem* miss you
*plays "celebration time" on phone*
*starts celebrating*

well another one bites the dust, can't say I voted for you but it can't be brilliant if the best day for the country during you being in power is when you leave


IfIWereARichMan Ziua 1,781, 17:22

@All you moaning minnies. What actually went wrong?

Vote wigibob or Lily Jane for president next time, see how he/she gets on.

wigibob Ziua 1,782, 03:09

well did our country go anywhere? did it get better, or worse, you decide (hint:it got worse)

Kamoris KSC
Kamoris KSC Ziua 1,782, 05:29

o7 Magic thanks for the help 🙂

Prince Andrei
Prince Andrei Ziua 1,782, 06:06

Me Polish. Me like tripe up bum

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