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kb1992 - candidate for Country President [program]

Ziua 1,899, 17:01 Publicat în Philippines Filipine de kb1992

Dear Filipinos!

I decided to run for Country President this month. I want to thank the Kilusan ng Makabayang Pilipino for support for my candidature. I am also grateful for the confidence from Democratic Party for Progress, Filipino Communist Party, MAHARLIKA and RD Philippines Movement.

Few days ago I presented my program to chiefs of all Philippine political parties. Now I publish it here.

Ministry of Finances:
The game mechanics does not provide the position of the Minister of Finances. And, although I am not a supporter of the creation of any additional and unnecessary positions, I think our financial situation is so serious that we need MoF this month. Our financial system is far from perfect and I have some initial ideas to improve it, and this matter should be discussed with the government and the congress.

Ministry of Defense:
The best idea will be to continue the current policy in MoD. Furthermore, I believe that leaders of each Filipino military units should be in regular contact with each other and with government, so the Minister of Defense will be responsible for organizing possible meetings.
When it comes to military plans, a lot will depend on the internal situation and diplomacy. Generally, the priority will be to recover our core regions.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
The first task of our diplomacy will be to contact governments of countries, which are occupying our provinces. I am sure that there is a diplomatic solution of this problem. If that fails, the more aggressive negotiations will be necessary.
As for alliances - I can not promise miracles, savings will be, but we have enough money for few key MPPs.
Because of increasingly smaller interest in working in embassies, we need to change the functioning of these - ambassadors will be sent to specific, most important for us countries. Wages for work in embassies initially stay the same, but it will need the opinion of Ministry of Finances.

Ministry of Education:
I would like to MoE form a system in which experienced players would be mentors for youngsters. It often happens that a newly registered player ends the game quickly because he did not see anything interesting in it. The tasks of older players would be to help youngsters to develop, advise and show the that it is worth to playing. Minister of Education would take the organization of this plan.
Informational and educational articles would be welcome.

Any questions or suggestions are welcome.

If I win, I would to start the work as soon as possible, so I ask that anyone who wants to help me in governmental job, please inform me about this right now.

There are three vacancies:
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs
- Ministry of Finances
- Ministry of Education

Since I assume the continuation of current policy in Ministry of Defense, Al Raposas will remain the office.

Your candidate for President



Mr_Pornstar Ziua 1,899, 17:24


Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Ziua 1,899, 18:16

If you want, I, with eUP, can cooperate with you in your goals for Education

Al Raposas
Al Raposas Ziua 1,899, 21:22


Makedonec 1992
Makedonec 1992 Ziua 1,900, 00:39


Joe Cabot
Joe Cabot Ziua 1,901, 07:32


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