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Josh Frost: An Interesting Turn of Events.....

Ziua 2,284, 20:53 Publicat în USA SUA de Josh Frost

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Holy cow, look at all those fu**ing Indians. - George Armstrong Custer

I am Flattered

So, I log onto IRC and start shooting the bull with a few friends and look what happens: I get 7 endorsements for President!!! Man, I wish it was this easy in the old days. I would have ran more often!! lol While I am extremely flattered by the endorsements and the enthusiasm shown by so many people, I must respectfully decline. I have no intention of running for President… as tempting as it is. There’s no crisis in the eUSA, no great problems in need of fixing, and it looks like New Azazel and Wild Owl have done a great job getting us into a credible alliance and making the eUSA stronger. Call me back when there is a crisis.

An Endorsement

All of that said, I know a guy who should be President. When I came back to the game and joined the Federalist Party, there was an enthusiastic new player I met. No matter the job, be it great or small, he was always there working the hardest to make sure it succeeded. Then that same guy grew up and became the Party President of the Federalist Party three times and was quite successful at it. He has served six times in Congress and has always contributed effectively.

Those are just his minor accomplishments. He has served as Director of Homeland Security three times and helped to end the PTO threat in this nation. As a member of Wild Owl’s cabinet he has filled two of the most difficult positions the game has to offer. He is the Chief of Staff and the Secretary of State. He has done both of those jobs impeccably.

Every time this guy has had a challenge put in front of him he has succeeded. In the past year he has grown exponentially as a player and a contributor to this online community. I am supremely confident that he will not only be able to do the job, but will most likely become an all time great President. Therefore, it is my great honor and privilege to endorse Tyler Bubblar for President of the eUSA!!!



Josh Frost
Josh Frost Ziua 2,284, 20:54

First for America!!!

Kody5. Ziua 2,285, 15:12


Mr. Wonka
Mr. Wonka Ziua 2,284, 20:56


Temir Beg
Temir Beg Ziua 2,284, 20:56


Aramec Ziua 2,284, 20:59


Ioanys Ziua 2,284, 21:06


Wild Owl
Wild Owl Ziua 2,284, 21:21

Tyler has been a great CoS and SoS as a part of my administration.

Alexander Valkor II
Alexander Valkor II Ziua 2,284, 22:31

Well, that is a solid endorsement. Plus the kind words from POTUS here in the comments. I may just have to give this guy a look.

Quintus Modius
Quintus Modius Ziua 2,285, 01:22

Eww. Such disappointment.

Code-Y Ziua 2,285, 04:40

Gnilraps 4 CP ^_~?

Pfeiffer. Ziua 2,285, 05:07

lol, you bought votes for this?

Josh Frost
Josh Frost Ziua 2,285, 06:32

Umm... No.

Pfeiffer. Ziua 2,285, 06:41

Someone did, and that amuses me. Our media isn't so competitive as to make it necessary.

Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Ziua 2,286, 10:14

Our media isn't so competitive thanks in large part to you....

PigInZen Ziua 2,285, 05:35

Damn. Now my vast army of Buddhist eUSA players will need to find another to endorse.

Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Ziua 2,286, 10:16

The Pagan Army will be voting Gnilraps....

GonzoVeritas Ziua 2,285, 05:48


Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Ziua 2,285, 06:13

Voted...frosty has spoken!

Tyler 4 CP

Cthulhu.. Ziua 2,285, 06:59



Artela Ziua 2,285, 08:25

Don't you ^#}%^ start with getting it wrong who did the damn work on the alliance.
No love.

Cthulhu.. Ziua 2,285, 08:49


Josh Frost
Josh Frost Ziua 2,285, 09:50

But New Azazelian Diplomacy???? Are you implying other people were responsible?

Wild Owl
Wild Owl Ziua 2,285, 12:52

New Azazel had nothing to do with us joining Sirius.

Gnilraps Ziua 2,285, 08:33

This was a very intelligent move.

My compliments.

Josh Frost
Josh Frost Ziua 2,285, 09:52

5 medals would have been too gaudy. I prefer even numbers and I don't have two consecutive terms in me. lol

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Ziua 2,285, 10:11

So you have the same OCD I do huh? lol

Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Ziua 2,286, 10:18

Symmetry, I get it...what's OCD about that...?

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Ziua 2,286, 12:40

It depends.......if you like symmetry, it's cool. If you can't sleep because of it, it becomes OCD 😉

DuhReelistEva Ziua 2,285, 09:42

V + S

Tyler is awesome!

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Ziua 2,285, 10:01

Lord Business for POTUS!!!!

prettyganzales Ziua 2,285, 12:58

Write in comments here:
These words: "РОГ для стада и лохов! Для чертей и петухов!" will get 5 Q7 wep from me.

Colin Lantrip 3
Colin Lantrip 3 Ziua 2,285, 14:04


klop123 Ziua 2,285, 14:31

Gnilraps 4 CP.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Ziua 2,285, 14:52


...wait wuuuuut?

Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Ziua 2,286, 10:11



Geezus Ziua 2,286, 12:53

Justice for Japan!

Toto Schillaci
Toto Schillaci Ziua 2,286, 13:17

I hoped that you could be a candidate for real. You seemed open for resolving differences with AFA, I am really sad that Wild Owl didn't show the same level of commitment to that.

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