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Interview with the Creator

Ziua 1,899, 19:03 Publicat în USA SUA de Alastor DoUrden

Welcome to the first of a series of interviews on this wonderful MU. Today is all about the creator Neron Trocki. He talks with me a little about himself and what he did to this MU and for what purposes. Everything you read is all his own words and none of the were edited.

Please tell us about yourself.

Well, I'm a Croatian in Real Life, played this game back in 2008, had a MU back then too, but a lot has changed since 2008. Well, its a LONG story. Basically I was pushed into it, by inter-EZC power struggles and pure BS... The MU itself was a gift from my teammate IDF Soldier ( EZC, 11th Regiment a.k.a The Cannon Cockers ) since I never have money on me, I tend to give it all away to players, I do believe I kept that trend alive in C4 as well as in EZC 🙂
Why did you set up the MU like it is now?

Its a mistake to think a person runs a Unit. True, some may carry it : with humor, donations, good will, or plain reason.... But to think any GOOD MU is autocratic, well, its dumb
In our case we are formed like we are cause of people that made it ! In C4 we have a lot of "officers" , which are just people that want to be involved, that want to HELP. Now, I'm the kind of guy that will teach a man to fish, you know 🙂
So I tend to let the new blood take some initiative and form the unit.
If it WAS up to me, we would still harbour inactive players, and have 45 regiments, one for every active person in game 😣 so I never again feel bad for people not making their DO. As it is we have 5 regiments, which, for a unit of our size ( we started with 16 people ) is amazing.

ID LIKE TO POINT OUT we would N0T have survived without friends like AlexJ1890, Clorofila, Chicago Machine 5440 (newly Bia Pandora ) and many more!
We still fight the government to give us some more funds, to buy WRMs to make guns with which we outfit our soldiers !
I urge all people to tell me if something is wrong with the unit ! Im referring to your Q. the MU is "set up like it is now" cause I have no feedback that it needs changing. Tell me, what would you change 🙂 All Cannons have voices, and they are LOUD 😁
What was the purpose in creating this Military Unit?

It was , and still is, a place for semi-soldiers to gather, a place where you can feel a part of the team without hassling over roll calls or whatever, a place where any level 12 ( or whatever )player can get any sort of supply drop, IF he shows initiative ( asks for a uni, wants to work in a commune , etc. )

We make no rules, other than to protect the interests of the eUS and to be friendly to your teammates. Its a game, I don't see it as some sort of strategy, but more of a social haven for those long shifts I have to endure and this is perfect,l when I can "fight" and chat with people from all over the world, from my neighboring Serbia to Brazil.

In any case I hope the atmosphere of the unit wall says it all, not a day goes by without some jokes, supply drops, or valuable info being passed along that means of communication. 😃

So tl;dr the MU is here for any eUS citizen, to feel at home so to speak.
We have GoWs, we have strategists, wiz kids, artists, journalists, gun lovers, market experts and all sorts of people in between, why don't you come and C4 yourself 😉
Next installation in this series of interviews will be with Dinnyin our Commander. Until then fight for a great chance for something big because we of the C4 officers have been working on something big for the community.


PeVall Ziua 1,899, 19:11

Neron is a great guy, Nice article!

BugsBunnyz Ziua 1,899, 19:17

Great Interview!

Neron Trocki is one of the coolest guys in the game, he never cares about himself and is always willing to give a helping hand.

BeachBro Ziua 1,899, 19:49


Candor Ziua 1,899, 20:53

Turn down that noise! Damn kids.


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Ziua 1,899, 21:35


chazp Ziua 1,899, 23:54

V & S

hazelh Ziua 1,900, 01:40

Hail Neron \o/

Haselrig Ziua 1,900, 03:00

Yes, all hail the creator, o7

Malpazar Ziua 1,900, 23:50

voted and sub'd!

KazeSan Ziua 1,901, 07:28

OOO The Creator o7

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