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Information about eCyprus(2)

Ziua 1,820, 11:13 Publicat în Saudi Arabia Israel de legii

Dear citizens,

as the ambassador tho eCyprus I feel the need to inform you that eCyprus is going tho rent our region of Tabuk to eTurkey...

1) eCyprus will free Tabuk by Resistance War and eTurkey will then take it by proposing Natural Enemy on eSaudi Arabia.

2) eTurkey will deliver
30,000 CC + 500 q7 weapons for the first month
30,000 CC + 300 q7 weapons for the remaining months
after the agreement signed.

3) Both countries are to send MU’s when needed in Resistance Wars.

4) Cyprus & Turkey will have MPP as the deal goes

5) EDEN HQ will guarantee for the terms of this deal.

Also the President of eCyprus was removed and replaced with Finway.
Reason-rafor was missing for the past 5 days(looks like he's got connection issues).
Their government will stay the saim for now, i will inform you if there's any changes.




Aleks79 Ziua 1,820, 11:41

Important!!! Let`s beat those multies!

anakin987 Ziua 1,822, 14:36

Approved by the SAP Leader.

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