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In the ancient times, there was nothing but sand, Now we have Snow

Ziua 1,827, 19:17 Publicat în USA SUA de GloveisLove

In the ancient times, there was nothing but sand. Sand randomly evolving without time or space. From this sandbox, people created great things. They constructed new societies and groups. People grew, they laughed, and they died. They worshiped Dio, every freaking day, they were building a religion.

Now all we have is dead people, and snow, lots and lots of snow.

Questions I think you should be asking,

1.Why aren't we at war?

2. Where are our bonuses?

3. What are we doing about our immigration problem?

I can answer a few of these questions.

1. We aren't at war because every freaking president we have lacks the balls to start a real war. My Dio, it is not like the regions are lost forever, trust me, I know from experience, having thwarted an Indo and Pole invasion simultaneously my first term, getting invaded by all of ONE the second term, and simultaneously wiping Indonesia and Mexico my third while holding all our bonuses. Maybe America isn't as strong as it was in the past, but for the love of Dio give us a purpose, that is the only real purpose of the Executive---to give people a purpose.

2. Our bonuses are gone because we aren't at war. We aren't at war because the Executive cares about its reputation. We can't go to war because we are alliance-less. We are alliance-less because Henry finally gave Poland the finger (and I don't blame him).

So that makes my next point--it's time.

It's time to stop pretending that all of our old allies will come back to us with open arms. Nah, they won't. It is at this point where you have to be a big boy and decide whether you want to suck up and apologize to your old buds, or go the third route and keep some old and make new. Or you can lay low and do something useful in the mean-time, like I don't know, conquer all of that teal America to the south of us.

3. As you know, AFA is the "immigrant" or "freedom" party. Personally, I'm more disgusted with HOW they came to be. A little unknown secret is that actually, a lot of immigrants were approved by past Executives, most notably the INCI (who were accepted under Colin Lantrip's rule (Haliman's?) and his buddies) who then in turn sold lots of citizenships to foreigners, allied and enemy. Granted, the INCI also helped us combat these groups, so they were what we like to call--a double-edged sword. Add this in combination with the occasional failure of other top 5 partys with placing proper blockers and the net result is not a good time. A few bad apples here and there plus Ajay & Crew and you have what is now called AFA---the result of an accumulation of years of bad choices and ignorance.

Now I don't like to point out problems without offering some advice.

1. -So here's what I would do. First off, give the citizenry a war, even better if you give them a war they want (this was the ideology of Direct democracy and it gives everyone more of a say). A preferred target would be Mexico since they are easily conquerable and their bonuses would help our production. If you're trying to win bonus points with old allies, then look to Poland as a target, if you just want a fun war, then choose either Japan, Indonesia, or South Korea. And if you really want a good time, Airstrike Sweden.


AFA has a plurality in Congress.

I never thought I'd say those words, but congrats to them. Now, this really stinks for the rest of you, because that means you are being bombarded with propaganda about how we need unity candidates.

And truth is---we do. But these unity candidates, 9/10 are absolute garbage. Why do I say that? Because I haven't seen them propose any solution to combat the problems that this nation has---1) lack of war 2) lack of bonuses 3) lack of political free will (ie: unity candidates). Now this is good for them, cause they can circle-jerk with the presidency under the name of unity. Bad for you, because you won't even see that seat so long as this problem persists.

Solution? Ironically, more foreigners. A better solution would be having a real-life American babyboom, but that is a mammoth task. But not just any foreigners, we should look towards Brazil, Russia, Australia, Argentina, Ireland, Germany (and I would say Canada, but our current and former PotUSes have some inferiority complex about America junior and think it's cute to have a shaky relationship with them. Just be careful, and make a concise and clear foreign policy before you choose who you want as an ally, the affects of poor foreign policy can be quite devastating (as seen in our current state).

And with that said, I encourage you all to be leaders, there is no difference between you and those in charge right now. You all have the potential to be them and much more.

Step out of the snow, embrace the sand, history favors the bold, not the meek.



GloveisLove Ziua 1,827, 19:17

In Dio We Trust

Mamihlapinatapai Ziua 1,827, 19:22


Pedro Romero
Pedro Romero Ziua 1,827, 19:28

Brazil s2 Glove

Plugson Ziua 1,827, 19:29

Canada can send you more snow should you prefer it over receiving our players. We have plenty to share of both, apparently.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Ziua 1,827, 19:30


Well deserved vote.

Milan Milankovic
Milan Milankovic Ziua 1,827, 19:31

1.Why aren't we at war?

We use drones.

2. Where are our bonuses?

We don't need them. Our riches is our soul.

3. What are we doing about our immigration problem?

What immigration problem?

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Ziua 1,827, 19:32

1.Why aren't we at war?

We use drones.

2. Where are our bonuses?

We don't need them. Our riches is our soul.

3. What are we doing about our immigration problem?

What immigration problem?

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Ziua 1,827, 19:33

This is Ajay level derpery. Lurk a little bit before writing an article. Cya.

GloveisLove Ziua 1,827, 19:36

Go home Kemal, I don't need to lurk all day to see that we still have the same problems we did months ago.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Ziua 1,827, 19:46

ahahahahahahahahahah Glove 1 - Kemal 0

Tiacha Ziua 1,827, 19:57

Great article. So true on many points. Especially right on about the circle jerk and the problem starting with INCI. I was shocked after I came back form quitting eRep for 2 years that they were accepted as being legitimate because when I quit eRep we were so afraid they'd be PTOers. Bit us in the ass it did.

FirstLaw Ziua 1,827, 20:00

Good to see a nice article from you, Glove.

It really changes the scenery

BrandonJ Ziua 1,827, 20:00

I would have the balls to attack real countries not bullying Mexico.. Send us the biggest country but again i would never get the opportunity to run due to elitism.

Rumenko LizME
Rumenko LizME Ziua 1,827, 20:34

If you want all these things to happen, don't ignore AFA. They are having a different point of view, the one that you are writing about, more interesting one. Give the chance to the new power, don't be afraid...

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Ziua 1,827, 20:46

Hey Gabriel.... I think I am going to go tell a certain persons parentals about what you said...

GTFO and go back to obscurity.

obenitedang Ziua 1,827, 21:03

TL:DR - Airstrike Sweden


Slyk Willy
Slyk Willy Ziua 1,827, 21:10

I have been gathering members for a meta alliance to sell damage to the highest bidder to offset loses caused by the lack of bonuses our past and present leaders have lost for us.

If anyone is interested in joining this alliance please PM me. I don't care what your political beliefs are or what country you serve. This will be used as a tool to solicit cooperation from the US government buy turning critical allied battles in the favor of the enemy until the us government brings back bonuses

5440 Ziua 1,827, 21:19

but have you seen the part about Sweden MPP?

GameChanger Ziua 1,827, 21:39

I am in favor of airstriking Sweden

chickensguys Ziua 1,827, 22:02

Love you

The Warior of Jochhism
The Warior of Jochhism Ziua 1,827, 22:44


Candor Ziua 1,828, 01:38

Good read, I might have defined the iNCi history a bit differently, and suggested the inevitable AFA solution, but the other couple of points are DEAD accurate. I've said both myself. You call'em here like you see 'em, kudo's my honest brother.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Ziua 1,828, 02:37

Sweden is always a just target.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Ziua 1,828, 02:42

'We aren't at war because every freaking president we have lacks the balls to start a real war.'
'Our bonuses are gone because we aren't at war.'

Both of these policies are why America is broke and getting broker...we had to propose a 10 USD Donation because we didn't have enough money and wanted to keep AFA from creating a Rogue proposal...seems to me that don't need rogue proposals....hell, we're broke....

P3ter Klep3c
P3ter Klep3c Ziua 1,828, 02:47

Bunlar hep seqs

GregoryG Ziua 1,828, 03:11

Your current situation is thanks to your "Superior Foreign Policy".

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Ziua 1,828, 03:13

Other than the incorrect INCI facts.. several months after my term.. and you used them to win more than any CP ever.. good article. Needs to be said.

I was their initial point of contact and Krems/Inwegen handled from there. Krems did the work I think but Inwegen has claimed credit for it before.. he might as well have some today too. 😛

To be fair though.. INCI showed up one day and there were like 1000 more later that week.. it is not like anybody really had a choice.

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Ziua 1,828, 03:15

Congressionals should be a good measure of this monthish old deny resources/war strategy.

Technician Ziua 1,828, 05:53

Yes, yes and yes........

to give people a purpose.

Oblige Ziua 1,828, 07:40

Go home impeached Glove, you're drunk.


1.) We're invading Mexico now.

2.) See one.

3.) Yes, because it's raining- let's ask for a flood.

GloveisLove Ziua 1,828, 07:41


I may be a bit off on INCI history, but what I said does hold some merit. I know Inwegen and crew, along with you, liked the idea, but only really because like you said---you had a limited choice. But you guys gave them the green light, when every other country denied them. And yes, there's lots of elements of INCI that I liked and did get their support on the first run, but not so much at all on the 2nd and third. I'm not so sure Krems did this...

GloveisLove Ziua 1,828, 07:46

But when 1000 foreigners show up on your land, I guess there really isn't much you can do like you say. That's why back then I made peace with them, what would had happened if we would of declared them a national security threat? I'm not so sure, would we be better off or worst? They were instrumental in the formation of Terra and relations with other countries, they respected our presidential elections by not nominating one of their own (although rocky) at the expense of immigration woes.

GloveisLove Ziua 1,828, 07:47


Well Oblige, it's quite simple, AFA is growing at a faster rate than our native population, eventually you will be over-run by pure numbers. So unless you counter balance this, you have to risk a "flood."

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Ziua 1,828, 14:58

Krems was State and served point on it.. but it was only a small group initially. Discussions started and then BAM there was 1000 INCI babies! 😁) It's actually good/fun memories.

In the end there was a lot to like and dislike about it but I personally and I know you did too.. made some friends and played around in parts of the world we likely wouldn't have.

It's a game people.. embrace the madness and have a little fun.

PTO, ATO, UNITY, DHS.. it's like FUN vs FEAR in this mofo now.

KetamineOcean Ziua 1,828, 16:17

You're fantastic. Continue being fantastic, you fantastic person.

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Ziua 1,828, 17:32

embrace the madness and have a little fun. x2

Publius Ziua 1,829, 03:12

In Dio We Trust

Yuri Kaczynski
Yuri Kaczynski Ziua 1,829, 11:57

What the hell is wrong with you? Leave Mex alone, what you need to do is go after those maple syrup fetishizing maniacs from the north!

Viarizi Ziua 1,829, 13:21




Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Ziua 1,829, 16:53

Saw this article just now. I always loved your articles.

Funny thing is that you could probably run for PoTUS as AFA candidate if you wanted to....i don't know why, but i have that feeling.

Also, "embrace the madness and have a little fun." x16

Serdjo Ziua 1,829, 17:00

Problem is game itself.

Who remember this:

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