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I am new to the game, who do I kill?

Ziua 1,881, 02:57 Publicat în India Bulgaria de Stolch

Most new players in the game get recruit with promise of epic battles or to help their countries win back their independance. In many respects India is not different and it is unlikely to be diferent.

The simple reason for that is, that while the game is first and primarely a social game, the dominating module in it is the war module. Thus war and battles are one of the main stimuly for countries and for recruitment.

There are a few things new player should know though when starting the game and I'll try to briefly list them as to avoid many of the commen mistakes that all of us have made when we started.

1. Easy gold

When you start the game there are a number of missions you can do, you get additional experiance points for them as well as ranking up both in military ranks and levels is easy and fast. The result is that for every level you go up you get 1 gold.

This creates the illusion that gold comes by easy in the game, so many new players spend it early on. This is far from the truth and so it is better to keep the gold and not spend it. Use it to upgrade your training centers. Mainly your free training center, followed by the 0.19 hgold training center

2. Candy bars

Same as above, with the rapid and quick leveling up of military ranks, you get 1 candy bar for each. These give you 100 energy each. However new players should keep them and not spend them for two main reasons.

First as you gain levels, for every new level your energy gets filled to the max, so early on there is no point in using candy bars as leveling up is often enough.

Second candy bars are used primarely for battles and as new players have little strenght they can do very little diference on the battlefield, while later on with the same resources will do 20-50-100 times more damage. Think of it as an investment in the future, where you get 10000% return on it in a few weeks.

3. Strenght

As I said the games dominating module is the war module, for that reason strenght is the single most important stat in the game. That is for two main reasons.

First the damage that one does is very much dependent on the strenght you have. (The actual formula can be found here on the wiki milirary formulas) In short the basic stat upon which damage is calculated is strenght, the quality of the weapons used and your rank is only a %tile improvment of the basic value. For this reason early on the amount of damage players do before their strenght has gone up is very low but increases very fast.

Second reason is that for every 250 strenght accumulated one gets a super soldier medal which as all medals except battle hero medals comes with 5 gold. Thus for new players it is a major source of income. There are 4 diferent training grounds, one free and 3 which cost gold. I'll talk about training strategies in another article, however for young players it is advisable to use the free one or free + 0.19 gold.

4. Levels

Up until now I've been talking about how you get gold for leveling up and how it is quick early on, now however I'm going to say don't be in a hurry to do so. It sounds counter intuitive, however it is practical.

The military module is divided into 4 different divisions according to their levels and not their strength, thus for new players it is good to stay in D1 as long as they can, especially as they accumulate strength over time and can gain an advantage over others in the same division on the battle field. There is a few reasons for that, but there is a catch also, as you fight in battles you gain experience (1 point for every hit), thus you level up faster.

First fighting can be a good source of income for young players, doing the most damage in a single round of a battle can earn you a battle hero medal, which comes with 2 gold. Best way to do so is to use rockets or bazookas which you earn while doing missions or your daily orders in the MU (military unit) and not by hitting with tanks. Reason you'll do much more damage and gain much less experience doing so.

Second as you gain strength and for that you need time, you become more important fighters in your division, thus will be sought after when important battles need to be won. You could become decision maker in who wins or looses the battles in D1. While D1 is very volatile because of multiple accounts and people who join play for a day or two and then leave, D2 is stable, so going into D2 with a fair amount of strength is very much beneficial.

This is far from inclusive of all the important things, but not to overwhelm you with information and scare you away with complexity (which is actually untrue of the game, but may seem this way at the start) I'm going to finish this article here.

If you have any questions about any part of the game, it's mechanics and so on, feel free to post in the comments (preferably so that everyone can see the question and not ask the same one) or via pm and I'll write a follow up article with all the answers.

Good luck and welcome to our small, but growing and very friendly virtual community. You'll find out that no one will refuse help, you can spend 5 minutes or all day in this game so even if you're unsure weather you like it at first give it a couple weeks and then decide, many players leave initially only to find themselves returning later.

Be different, be yourself!



Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Ziua 1,881, 03:23


Ind1anMartyr Ziua 1,881, 04:07

superb! now to convert the wall of text into something easily digestible : )

Chlife Ziua 1,881, 04:07


anThhraX Ziua 1,881, 04:09

in indians we trust !

Antich Bananich
Antich Bananich Ziua 1,881, 04:09


hail all eIndian new players... have fun _:)

Ind1anMartyr Ziua 1,881, 04:10

Antich o7

Ind1anMartyr Ziua 1,881, 04:10

anthrax o7 : D

Stolch Ziua 1,881, 04:15


That's where other's are good, I'm a brick layer : D

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Ziua 1,881, 07:07

hail eRichard "the wall of text" parker ..

Lonqu Ziua 1,881, 10:24


BrknSword Ziua 1,881, 20:04

Nice Newbie Article.

Keep it up,Parker.


Nirmal Baba
Nirmal Baba Ziua 1,882, 00:05

*Strength 😛

Akshit IInd
Akshit IInd Ziua 1,882, 07:38

o7 gr8 article...quite a help for me who tanked a bit

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Ziua 1,882, 09:29

You are not a new player, but nice try.

Bharmal Ziua 1,882, 10:26

Nice article for newbies.
It would be good if we can put this article link in the welcome message for every eIndians

Stolch Ziua 1,882, 12:09


you see shadows in the middle of the night. I haven't said I'm a new player and if you're referring to the title of the article it represents a generalized question a new player might have and the article is supposed to be the answer.

Never thought I'd have to explain that to an old player.....

Treian Ziua 1,882, 21:13

What did you last account get banned for??

You might want to let new players know that also so they don't make the same mistake......

Just sayin.....

Tredlock Ziua 1,981, 18:10

Should we start fighting as soon as possible or gain a certain level of strength and weapons first?

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