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Hitting the Poles

Ziua 1,819, 16:52 Publicat în Italy Italia de Frenchy Rossolini

As you all know, party elections will be held on the 15th. Aquila et Gladius has welcomed me into their ranks, and I truly feel among brethren. On this note, I announce that I will be running for the party presidency. I shall fight, brothers, for us. I WILL fight for the good of all of us, of our party, and of Italy. A long, hard road to victory awaits us, brothers; but hand me the lamp, and I shall guide the way. Your vote decides your own destiny. Use it wisely.



Castell militarista
Castell militarista Ziua 1,820, 00:29

o7 my dear

To be an "official candidate" let's month you should write your candidature in the post about PP's elections on our forum ( ; )

Come and know your party mates and good luck anyway

icona Ziua 1,820, 04:12

Yeah Frenchy, come in our forum first : )

LegioFerrea Ziua 1,820, 13:56

Come to our forum and let's discuss it!

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