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Great victory... They said...

Ziua 1,880, 14:05 Publicat în India Bulgaria de Stolch

I'm a sucker for good trolling articles, not because trolling is something exceptional to begin with, but because the quality in eRep is so little and far between.

I have to admit however that this one is a gem of a trolling article:

EDEN is dead... They said..

I can never wish to achieve such levels of pure win with my articles and thus will no try, however I'm very sure Argentina is very much appreciative of the newly "revived brotherhood".

I mean it's not like they got deleted while EDEN was achieving their great victory!

Oh wait, they did, damn....

Well anyway congratulations for EDEN to reviving itself and special regards to Argentina.

I'm still a sucker for historical perspectives so I'd like to elaborate a little on EDEN's great achievement.

Argentina has been wiped for the first time in maybe 3 years (maybe even ever). Even at the hight of ONE domination, ONE could not pull off the feat, however after 35 (or so, I lost count at some point, it was like that counting sheep game you do to try and fall asleep, it damn right works) straight direct battle won by Chile in their war with Argentina this has finally happened.

One would say, so what Chile is a top world power and they would be correct, Chile is a top world power nowadays, but it wasn't so always. Actually a little over a year ago, Chile was just another small country to be kicked around and Argentina did so happily, and Peru and Paraguay and Bolivia as well.

They were 10 times stronger, had 20 times more players and in general behind the broad back of Brazil were the masters of South America. EDEN naturally saw another worthy ally in Argentina who held in high regard their values of brotherhood and justice for the oppressed! Thus after accepting Pinokkio (Turkey) in their alliance, they accepted Argentina as well with great fanfare.

The Chilean "traitors" (a title also held by USA, Brazil, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain among others) refused to turn over and die, but instead fought back, made a baby boom and with the support of the other "traitors" from Bulgaria and their "puppets" of "PTOted" countries in the later formed CoT alliance, grew up and fought back.

Of course along the way they got deleted a few times, had to escape to Australia (which of course received the full support of EDEN and especially Argentina) and in general fought an uphill battle against a foe which was superior to them in all respects for a long time.

Actually Argentina is still stronger militarily than Chile, however the diference no longer is as great as once and no longer insurmountable as has been clearly demonstrated the last month.

Here will come the 70% theory, which has been added as a new postulate theorem of mathematics in the world, to explain Argentina's demise and of course the great victory of EDEN while Argentina finally succumbed to it's fate had nothing to do with it.

Ok ok, I'll stop kicking the dog while it is on the ground, it's not cool I admit and I'll let the trolls to troll EDEN.

I'll just add one thing, Chile was a small country that was viewed by many as irrelevant, it got kicked out of TERRA for the interests of a country who was not part of the alliance at the time because it was weak.

Well Chile is a beacon now in this game, it is an example that perseverance in the face of overwhelming odds will bring you success. It has accepted the challenge and can now say with clear concheous, thank you Argentina and thank you EDEN for giving us the motivation to grow up and whoop your beep.

In many regards Chile's fate in the game has mirrored that of Bulgaria, hence probably why Bulgaria has always had a soft spot for Chile and supported it even when others felt it not worth to waste their damage on them. Bulgaria too was assaulted much in the same manner by an EDEN member (Romania) once upon a time and much in the same way had a big baby boom and grew up to be one of the top countries in the world.

The question is which will be the next country to follow in Chile's steps, Iran (pro EDEN) maybe? I mean they won a great victory yesterday though at the expanse of Argentina (EDEN proper). I would think not, my bet would be on Mexico, ironically another country that has had to deal with permanent occupation at the hands of EDEN (Croatia) for a long time and is now in the process of growing up into a strong country. The other irony is that they too are a member of CoT and it's rag-tag bunch of Bulgarian "puppets".

If you're thinking right about now, that it is good to be a "Bulgarian puppet" you might not be too far from the truth, hell Peru would agree with you as the latest of those small and non-factor countries to make a modest BB and grow from a dozen players to a couple of hundred active players. I wouldn't bet against them growing up in the future too.

Some other countries that made big BBs after being under siege by former or current EDEN members are Serbia (yes you heard right, Serbia was a small irrelevant country until Croatia decided to delete it and PTO it for good measure) and Hungary (Romania span half the map of the new world, however it would take it 3 years before it finally achieved the deletion of Hungary not for the lack of trying mind you).

Anyone else that one can think in that position, oh yes, India. Many say now much the same as they said for those other countries before, India is small and worthless, EDEN thinks it as a prime target for their resource gathering operations yet I see the next great country in the game.

I see it, because I've seen the same happen time and again before and because India shares many of the qualities Bulgaria and Chile before it had. Irreconcilable spirit of independence and justice, strength of character to stand up to ones convictions even in the face of overwhelming odds and a small tight-knit community ready to endure hardships in the name of future prosperity. It does not complain that it is overwhelmed (like some master-card cry me a river countries south of Macedonia), it sucks it up and fights back.

So yes I want to congratulate EDEN on their epic victory and thank it once again for giving life and motivation to yet another country in the game. Mark my words and come and check them in a years time, when India is a top country in the game and the 70% theorem has been revised to a 80% theorem.



jorgejunior Ziua 1,880, 14:13

Vote against Cyberbullying please

Ind1anMartyr Ziua 1,880, 19:28

Brilliant... India will HAVE to rise and THIS is the big difference Im seeing. I have seen so many Bulgarians offer us advice and support in order to get the baby boom.

Your belief in us will carry us through I hope! o7

Milan Milankovic
Milan Milankovic Ziua 1,880, 21:48


Wildrunner Ziua 1,880, 21:50

Brilliant article

Mr. Jester
Mr. Jester Ziua 1,880, 21:52

Just do it!

Hail India!

Guacolda Melian
Guacolda Melian Ziua 1,880, 21:53

Hail India!

Daanitha Ziua 1,880, 22:09

I read all the article, that never happens : D
Amaizing, thanks for the words, thanks to Bulgaria, coz even when other countries just leave us and fought against us, they always were with us, before and after the BB.

And thanks for teaching me lot of times about this game : 3

We are with you India!

plutorius Ziua 1,880, 22:20

Great! Voted and subscripted!

War3hous313 Ziua 1,880, 22:50

great article!
voted & subbed

Judoka7 Ziua 1,881, 23:39

Great article, thanks!

ayush121212 Ziua 1,881, 23:45

great article mate


Mustafa Kemal Atajerk
Mustafa Kemal Atajerk Ziua 1,881, 00:44


Yours trully Cromanian EDENite.

Drakoveca Ziua 1,881, 00:51

first good article i've seen in a while. Vote and sub!

RaviMirza Ziua 1,881, 00:58

voted o7

etljo stnov
etljo stnov Ziua 1,881, 01:09

Excellent article. Voted hard.

lioshi Ziua 1,881, 01:22


Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Ziua 1,881, 01:23

A smart country would have their CotD to this

Kolorowy Ziua 1,881, 01:48

LOL, quality 🙂

The funniest thing about this article ( is, there are only CoTWO trolls and Croats commenting in there. No other EDEN country gives a damn about such propaganda. Some time ago, you could also see lots of Portuguese, Colombians, Ukrainians, Belarussinas, Irish, Dutch, Italians, Argentinians, Bosnians, Romanians commenting too and hailing EDEN. It's not the case anymore, only sad little Croats alone with their sh*tty Brotherhood.

That's a pure WIN 🙂

Stolch Ziua 1,881, 03:11


A smart player would know that CotD can be set only on direct battles of your own country or it's MPP allies and on own RWs, thus that battle cannot be set as CotD because of game mechanics.

Kolorowy Ziua 1,881, 04:10

CotD can be set for countries not from MPP list, probably also for foreign RWs, but only by an MU commander. And it needs some tricks to achieve that I suppose. You can even set orders for an RW to fight against your own country. Saw that myself.

Stolch Ziua 1,881, 04:14


Yes, but before the battle has started, once it has started it is very hard to do and it is only for MU CotD, not country CotD.

Kolorowy Ziua 1,881, 04:53

Yes, you're right, somehow I mixed Daily Orders with Campaign of the Day. My bad 🙂

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Ziua 1,881, 05:34

Duh. Back to the drawing board for me

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator Ziua 1,881, 06:49

Brilliant article

Hail India!

LightningRodger Ziua 1,881, 10:23

Jai Hind!

Graf Sprat
Graf Sprat Ziua 1,881, 11:49


BrknSword Ziua 1,881, 19:57

Nice article,Parker.


Coyolxauhqui V
Coyolxauhqui V Ziua 1,881, 20:33

A great read!
Rather eloquent, quality I highly appreciate.
I do think eIndia has a good shot at sustained growth, not merely in population, but in eTradition, so to speak. I am glad to see the symptoms of growth and direction... let's have some fun!

I was eBorn when eMexico was still in ecroatian domination, it was harsh... we were very few, people fought inside the country a lot, the country was poor and hostile,etc... all those characteristics of being wiped for a long time by bigger countries... however, we've slowly but surely been walking the walk (with more than one bump of course) to grow. I wish more small countries did this and empowered themselves inside in order to make the game more fun for all.
Best wishes!

Greetings from eMexico

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