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Explanations for the people of Iran/Explicatii "operatiunea Iran"

Ziua 2,172, 11:49 Publicat în Romania România de Alex Craciun

From Romania, I salute you all people of Iran!

Iran and Romania have a history of friendship and good relations.
We have MPP for quite a while now and that brought benefits for both Romania and Iran.
We held each other’s back as much as possible for a long time and now, I want to reassure you of our goodwill and good intentions.

We started a journey between erepublik regions in order to gain some extra-bonuses for our population. In order to do that, we started some negotiations before going to war.

We talked with your government (CP and PM) and agreed to rent from you two regions: Mazandran&Golistan and Semnan. Both regions have bonuses that you already have in other regions, so you are not suffering a loss in terms of bonuses. This will help both our nations, Romania will get the missing bonus and Iran will get a sum of Gold as a rent, which will contribute to your income.

Your CP and your PM didn't inform anyone about our talks, they were supposed to talk with your congress about the level of the rent, they didn't do that and even more, they denied in front of you that such talks existed.

Once again, we came as friends and not as enemies, we only want to get a good deal for both Iran and Romania, a deal that was agreed with your President and Prime Minister, all that remained to discuss was the level of the rent.

You can see below 2 of the most important printscreens that I have.
This alone prove that indeed we had a deal, a deal that never got to your congress, I hope it's clear now who's fault is that.
I will also prepare a google doc that will contain all logs and all PMs between us and your CP and PM.

We thank you for your understanding and we look forward to get back on track with our relations.

this is a message that I sent to your CP yesterday, you can clearly see his reply

this is a message from a very long message exchange with your Prime Minister, got it 1-2 hours ago



The Georgian Knight
The Georgian Knight Ziua 2,172, 11:50


pejmaaan Ziua 2,172, 12:07

You talked with our government (CP and PM) to rent from our two regions ?? Ok , But They Don't Accept this !!

and you now attack to mazandaran again ( Before auto attack) !!

what is means ??

ionutzd Ziua 2,172, 12:14

if you did not approve the rental, why the NE on Romania, why the attack ? IF there was no deal, is this a real war ? If so, we should prepare and erase Iran from the map 🙂

Black . Wolf Ziua 2,172, 12:23

Comentariu șters

The DEVILL Ziua 2,172, 12:41

Comentariu șters

The DEVILL Ziua 2,172, 12:48

Comentariu șters

pejmaaan Ziua 2,172, 13:04


this was secret plan For Air Strike . some your ppl and your CP Know it .

but if them not allowed , we can Publish All Of Log's Plans .

i think after Remain only shame for you Bro .

Mousavian Ziua 2,172, 14:12

pejman to hanuz in adate reply dadan ru cmnt aval ro tark nakardi?😃
Pejmaaan just said the truth. You didn't do the first part of plan and jumped to second part. SHAME ON YOU

M0BHaM Ziua 2,172, 14:58

عاقا مو اخوام یکم با اینو خوش بش کونوم.
کووس دات مل داره د لیت جادو داره کووس دات حناییه چراغ راهنماییه.
سلام الکس ناموسن خوبی؟ دات چطوره؟ :دی
آیلاو یو چوچوله ننت.
اند کووس دا همتونو
با تشکر.

Master Saita Norgan
Master Saita Norgan Ziua 2,172, 16:07

Ion Romania cant erase Iran they have more allies than you....besides Turkey, and China will have Iran back 🙂

Archfeldspar Ziua 2,173, 07:25

The "Bro" sounds like it's coming from an eTurk.

persian vampire
persian vampire Ziua 2,172, 12:23

I love Romania and we will be friend for ever but Alex betraid us.Romania must helped us for air strike and if it was successful we rented you this 2 region

Alex Craciun
Alex Craciun Ziua 2,172, 12:29

Who says that we helped you for AS? You know better than me what Romania did?

ionutzd Ziua 2,172, 12:29

you're right, we will be friends again, but I have the same question for you : why did you approve the NE and why did you attack Romania ?

I understand you knew nothing about an agreement and you don't approve such an agreement, so what was the reason for the attack ?

persian vampire
persian vampire Ziua 2,172, 12:44

No you didn't get what I said. I have 2 question: in your agreement wasn't that you must help us for as?and when our cp accept deal to rent this 2region?
In response to my friend ionutzd :we did ne to you to give less money for as and it was planed with your cp.

Alex Craciun
Alex Craciun Ziua 2,172, 12:46

persina vampire, can you show me any log that will say that we agreed that you start this war ONLY for your AS? Any log about that before the war started. Log, PM, anything.

persian vampire
persian vampire Ziua 2,172, 12:48

Because if we attacking you our mpp will be break and wecould pay less for start as.

persian vampire
persian vampire Ziua 2,172, 13:03

So if it wasn't for as why we attacked you when with this we did lose all our mpp.this war was training war that in that we attack Volga and we lose then you attack mazandaran and you lose and again we attack to Volga and lose

pejmaaan Ziua 2,172, 13:07

Alex Craciun @

All of Romanian are Our Brother .
But you are only A point of shame for them .

With Respect Mr President ,


persian vampire
persian vampire Ziua 2,172, 13:10

This is what I know. and I know that we haven't main and Provable reason because we trusted you without any contract because of long friendship history.

trotuar Ziua 2,172, 13:47

I would like to hear both sides of the story but today is not the day. We just survived a concentrated attack and we won where was important and the spirits are high.
Let's sleep tonight and see for tomorrow talks.

little baby
little baby Ziua 2,172, 13:07

Be careful about what you are doing,You are destroying 2years friendship and brotherhood between 2 nations.

Public.Enemy Ziua 2,172, 13:19

It was an interesting article, so if you would like to withdraw and sections that you want to print your
ionutzd @ Do not worry you're happy with duplicity and betrayal to the fate of the other countries that were outside we're in.

so ha Asia
so ha Asia Ziua 2,172, 13:57

u mean its just for semnan and mazandaran. and no more? is that true???

arash irani3
arash irani3 Ziua 2,172, 14:48


pejmaaan Ziua 2,173, 06:31


Hail Trio The Great .

TheYakuzini Ziua 2,173, 08:31

arash congrats,when you will have 3k wins i will give you 10g

eRO.Giubi Ziua 2,173, 20:27

nice 🙂

White.Owl Ziua 2,174, 18:28

I am a white owl

for Dear Alex

for shout

For my friends in the world.

White.Owl Ziua 2,174, 18:28

I am a white owl

for Dear Alex

for shout

For my friends in the world.

cristi4seby Ziua 2,172, 11:50


cristi4seby Ziua 2,172, 17:38

what a trololo is below 🙂

for the the trollers : if we would came here with bad intensions, you think that iran was still on the map ?

White.Owl Ziua 2,174, 18:28

I am a white owl

for Dear Alex

for shout

For my friends in the world.

Silv1u20 Ziua 2,172, 11:51


Liliac Mov
Liliac Mov Ziua 2,172, 11:52


SteffanoS Ziua 2,172, 11:52


mib boby
mib boby Ziua 2,172, 11:52


Machiavelli Ziua 2,172, 11:54

iran acting like ... ??

M naz
M naz Ziua 2,172, 11:54

Why dont you publish all of the messages ?
youre censoring it only to reach your goal !
I know what they told you and I know what did you tell them .
just publish them all so people judge right 😉

Alex Craciun
Alex Craciun Ziua 2,172, 11:56

TiTan, read the article. I said I will put everything in a google doc. It's way too much info for an article.
Those 2 messages are enough to show the important thing. That being that we had a deal.

M naz
M naz Ziua 2,172, 12:26

Romania team demanded Two regions ! Semnan and mazandaran ! and we clearly said " If the AS plan was successful We will talk with our congress about you , renting those regions "

Alex Craciun
Alex Craciun Ziua 2,172, 12:31

Could you show me that part? Especially this one..."if the Airstrike was successful". Where is written? Do you have any log? PM? Anything?

H a m p a
H a m p a Ziua 2,172, 13:14

Respect For Amir gh
Respect For Our GOV
Respect for Our people
Respect For Romanian people
fail for romanian GOV
Hail IRaN \o/

M naz
M naz Ziua 2,172, 13:47

really you dont know, when you had such a long conversation with government ? And By the way with whom permission you took mazandaran from us when you clearly agreed with this agreement ?

" for first battle Romania will win in volga , for second battle , iran will win in mazandaran and for third battle romania will win again in volga and if we reach an agreement about renting mazandaran and semnan , then in next battles Romania will win in mazandaran and semnan and we will propose pease "

This clearly said That if we reach an agreement you can take mazandaran then semnan . But you guys didnt wait for agreement . because you made a combat order for that battle and took mazandaran with no permision !

Archfeldspar Ziua 2,172, 18:05

The operative word being "HAD" (had a deal), which usually takes two honorable parties.

Tiamati Ziua 2,173, 06:39

"It's way too much info for an article"

As usual, government redactions used to whitewash dirty politicians. Full disclosure is required and certainly possible with the ~60k character limit and essentially unlimited screenshot ref links. All international agreements should be in articles to provide comprehensive context.

Paltry excuses such as this were favored by Ceaușescu...

tasos maximous
tasos maximous Ziua 2,172, 11:54


Chaa0s Ziua 2,172, 11:55


nikolaosnikolaosnikolaos Ziua 2,172, 11:56


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