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eRebuglik and Invites

Ziua 647, 10:23 Publicat în USA SUA de Hampton H. Hampton

So yeah, there are more bugs in this game than a compost heap. I've tried a couple times to post an article and it posts, for a few seconds then it's gone. Plus there is the whole messed up war with Russia.

Anyway, I'm here today to speak to you about invites to this here game. I just recently got my "Society Builder" award, that's right, I, Hampton H. Hampton have built society. Plato up there says this city is what it is because of me, which is odd because there really aren't cities in this game. Plato must just be stoned again.

Anyway, it's not hard to get people to play, plus you make a fair amount of money in the process. Hand out invites like hookers hand out STD's and you can get you 10 easy. I found a couple of forums to post on as well as a few real life friends. The gold mine was other PC games I play. Gamers like to play games, simple as that. Whats the worse that can happen if you ask someone to play? They could say "No" thats it, sure they could use some harsher words when doing so (and if thats the case your really asking the wrong people) but thats all, just a "no".


Just be certain to PM your invites with a few tips and the basics of what to do so they don't scratch their heads and quit. Tips like how to get a job, when to ask for a raise. A link to the DoD is nice to. As is a link to the eUSA Forums.

I've been giving folks food, 3-5 days worth and typically a weapon, for that first fight so they get a taste of weapon vs barehanded.

Be available to these people, which means if your a two clicker they won't make it to level 6. Check in often to respond quickly to PMs by these folks so they don't feel left hangin. Kepp in touch with them and they will make it, and beyond.

Encourage the people you invite to friends list the other people you have invited. That way you can shout to all of them in the shout box and they see others shouts and get that more involved feeling instead of the all alone feeling, like Johnpauljones on a Saturday night, or any night that ends in "Y" for that matter.

So I got 10 other people to play, some of those people have goten others to play(5 more) it's like a mini baby boom from the society I've built. Explain to them that when they get to level 6 not only do they get gold, but so do you, once they've spent that first 5 gold the light bulb will go off and they will tilt their haed, raise an eyebrown, stoke their chin and say "Hmmmmm" and startt sending out invites.

Thats all I got today, except for the usual DO NOT EVER WATCH THE MOVIE GI JOE ITS GOD AWFUL.

Oh, and here are some words to live by:
"A good rule of thumb is if you've made it to thirty-five and your job still requires you to wear a name tag, you've made a serious vocational error."
Dennis Miller



AlexJH Ziua 647, 11:01

Got a question.
I invited a lot of people but 90% of them left the game.
Am i allowed to send them food to make sure that they'll reach level 6?

Moot Ziua 647, 11:08

yes you can send them food

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Ziua 647, 11:29

lol @ eRebuglik.

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Ziua 647, 11:30

Wow, that could take awhile, but yeah they will get to level 6 someday doing that. Plus that could be a lot of foods and money spent.

No Idea
No Idea Ziua 647, 13:19

I thought you were going to write about the invitation bug when I saw the article tittle.

John A Kelly
John A Kelly Ziua 647, 13:56

@AlexJH & Hampton H. Hampton:

It's not against the rules to help players or to feed people who are inactive. It is against the rules to exercise your will over multiple citizens. You're allowed to gift them food to make sure they level up and you get your gold.

1st day = ~10xp (level 2); Level 6 = 35xp

35xp-10xp = 25xp
1xQ1 = 1.12USD = 1 xp
25Q1 = 28USD = ~0.5gold
Inventory slots: 20.

Makes good economic sense to me. It's only two giftings and it takes about a month, but there's a 4.5gold profit on the transaction, so it's worth the minor hassle.

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