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Ziua 1,701, 20:04 Publicat în USA SUA de Kara Zor El

Any one want to weigh in? You need to be friends with Fitisin to see it, I suppose.

Fitisin wrote 4 hours ago

Canada's brilliant ploy: knowing US of Emerick wants war, they NE, so evry NE's them. now they're voting theirs down. USA will lose entire MPP Stack. So Smart.
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LeperMessiahYou think this is smart? I think eUSA congressmen are stupid.
4 hours ago·Vote

oboj we still see some brain usage in this game 🙂
4 hours ago·Vote

klop1234 hours... the tension builds
4 hours ago·Vote

4 hours ago·Vote

EmerickI'm not seeing how making an enemy out of the US(not that they haven't been working on that for a while now) is that smart, but ok. By the way, Fitisin, you have no spine whatsoever.
4 hours ago·Vote

Flashgunlol its something USA has wanted for a long time, and now they see this as their excuse to attack.
4 hours ago·Vote

klop123@Emerick, would it not have been better for Evry to PM Rylde to see what was going on? This all could have been avoided, now the US NE will pass because of an executive order while Canada's NE will fail
4 hours ago·Vote

FitisinMy awesome and loyal spine and the daily damage I deal out will be deploying in the defense of our bro's in Canada, while the clock runs out on the current eUSA Gov't. And after your article, I'd think it was you who made an enemy out of Canada.
4 hours ago·Vote·1

Flashgunno matter what we all know the USA has wanted Canada's necks because of obvious reasons but Canada has always been bro but sadly USA isnt
4 hours ago·Vote

Emerick@klop123: Rylde was conveniently out last night. And he's refusing to contact our administration. Something about being mad that he wasn't allowed to be the 5th council seat.

@Flashgun: I have no idea what you're talking about there - we've been just as bro to Canada as they have to us. Except, of course, when they ruined our 3rd alliance. Oh, and when they NE'd us. But sure, were the bad guys here.
4 hours ago·Vote

Relorian@Emerick You have no spine or relevance. You once were a great figure in the eUS, Your now nothing more than an echo doing the bidding of someone who surpassed you and gives you orders. Its also funny that a US congressman bribed the NE's proposer and that 2 minutes later Ervy is there to counter propose. Reeks of failed conspiracy.
4 hours ago·Vote

Emerick>someone who's never been relevant talking about mine

Also, something about taking orders? idk what kind of conspiracy theory pills you're on, but I'm just another player here, bro.

What's tragic here is the fact that all you guys are so eager to swallow up what Canadia's pushing down your throat. Really shows what kind of people you are. Desperate and pathetic.
4 hours ago·Unvote·1

klop123adds emotion to the game mate 😉
4 hours ago·Vote

John JayOr...OR...we could believe you and be in the same boat. They really should have made this false flag op a little less obvious.

Emerick...I heard you were quitting that true, because my erection hopes so. :3
4 hours ago·Vote

FitisinSpoken like someone who has been outwitted. By Canadians. CANADIANS! How embarrassing for you. The eUSA will be massively vulnerable if Canada's NE fails and Evry's succeeds. No idea if Members of Congress can switch their votes before it closes, but I'd move Heaven and Earth to do it, if it's possible, before you lose us our entire MPP stack.
4 hours ago·Vote

John JayYou can't change your in game vote...and this is what the administration wants, a clear MPP stack so it can start aligning with ONE nations
4 hours ago·Vote

Emerick>No idea if Members of Congress can switch their votes before it closes

Oh boy, I'm arguing against someone who doesn't know basic and age-old mechanics.
4 hours ago·Vote

Flashgunemrick. They NEed us cuz they knew we would NE them back. It was a Canadian plot the whole time.
4 hours ago·Vote

EmerickWell, everyone gets what they wanted. Except for some whiney Americans who will commit actual treason and fight against their home country.
3 hours ago·Unvote·1

FitisinYou're not arguing with me, you're trying to justify the colossal FUBAR you're a part of. Never been a Congressman like thousands of others; and you know I'm not new. You're arguing with someone whose never been banned from the game. Am I? Ah, I see, no you have been banned. No need to answer.
3 hours ago·Vote

EmerickOh look, you're resorting to ad homs now. I must have won the argument~
3 hours ago·Vote

John JayHow is it treason when Canada is an ally?
3 hours ago·Vote

Kara BethEven I know the answer to this one. Canada will not be an ally after the NE passes.
3 hours ago·Vote

EmerickIts not even that. Believe it or not, the US is an independent country. I know that you have Eden's hand up your ass, just like the rest of the JCS, but it's true. You cannot commit treason against an alliance that you're not even in, but you can commit treason against your own fucking country.
3 hours ago·Vote

EmerickHere you go: Treason
3 hours ago·Vote

Flashgunlol this is way too funny man atleast the game is interesting again.
3 hours ago·Vote

John JayAwww Emerick, are you going to start crying now? Everyone in this country has a right to state their views and MOST of this country disagrees with the current administration. This was bought and paid for, there is no fkn way you are going to sit there and tell me it only took two minutes for us to respond to an NE and for an executive order to get released. This was planned, and I must say one of the most obvious false flag ops I have ever seen.
3 hours ago·Vote

John JayBesides, you calling me a traitor is like what? supposed to effect me or something? LOL silly Emerick, you need your pills again if you think you phase me in any way.
3 hours ago·Vote

Emerick>are you going to start crying now

What is this, a made for TV movie about bullies?

You know that you get an alert when your country is NE'd, right? Well, Evry was online. She got the alert, looked at it, it was passing very strongly, put one up against it. I don't think she actually put out an executive order, though I'm not in congress and don't know for a fact. I do know that people were posting that, but I thought it was trolling.
3 hours ago·Vote

AlexJ1890Apparently not most John Jay, since Evry was elected. You say most, because they are the most vocal group. Doesn't mean they're the majority.
3 hours ago·Vote

FitisinEmerick's an ex-Brit right? Hey Emerick, do you have the Brit Guidebook to Backstabbing your Friends handy? Or are you reading it now.
2 hours ago·Vote

AlexJ1890And yet Canada started the NE proposal and Evry responded. Hmm. Sounds like someone doesn't know what backstabbing means.
2 hours ago·Vote

Gryphon Skull@AlexJ1890 Anyone in congress can propose a NE so if one asshat proposes it against the US it is cause for us to instantly respond with an NE of Canada? OK maybe so they don't get a huge jump on us. BUT the CP should then tell Congress to hold off voting for it until they figure out if Canada was serious or it was just one asshat being a jerk.
2 hours ago·Vote·1

John Jay2 minutes elapsed from theirs to ours. You mean to tell me Evry consulted his cabinet and congress, then started the NE in all of two minutes? LOL. Even without the EO, still 2 minutes? Tell me you aren't that naive?
2 hours ago·Vote·1

AlexJ1890And yet they had it voted up 13-2 after 12 hours I believe, so not really sure how that cannot be seen as a threat. So no, I'm still calling it a plan by eCanada to make the eUSA look bad.
2 hours ago·Vote

AlexJ1890Read Gryphon's comment. Evry didn't want them to get a jump on us, so he NE'd back right away and then talked to his cabinet. That would make more sense than this conspiracy nonsense you're preaching.
2 hours ago·Vote

John JayIt wasn't 13-2 after two minutes, so there is a huge gap there. There is no way a Canadian NE would ever make us look bad, we were the ones calling them traitors from the start. Fact is, this is exactly what the current administration wants, us to lose our MPP stack so we can start MPP'ing countries that "do something for us".
2 hours ago·Vote

Kara BethTotally epic shout and comments. \o/
13 minutes ago·Vote·1

AlexJ1890I doubt it, we'll resign all of them when we get the chance, right after we wipe Canada and the NE ends. Then we'll have all our allies back.
4 minutes ago·Vote

John JayAgain, the naivety in this country is astounding.
one minute ago·Vote

AlexJ1890You can think I'm naive all you want, but the deal is, I believe that we'll resign them, and you're a conspiracy nut who thinks everyone wants to hurt the eUSA. Now that's just crazy.



Artemis Bane
Artemis Bane Ziua 1,701, 20:40

So much love happening right now. Almost makes me miss my political days.

Kellman Ziua 1,701, 20:41

The eUS is in for an eventful week

Hydroloc Ziua 1,701, 20:51

so, uh, is not betraying your allies and switching your political allegiance to ONE countries not treasonous?

Emerick Ziua 1,701, 21:02

It is not. Because it's a multinational affair. I'm sure there's a word for it, but it's not treason. One's allegiance to their alliance should ever supersede their allegiance to their country, regardless of what Eastern Europe will have you believe.

Fitisin Ziua 1,701, 21:06

Shorter answer for hydroloc. answer to your question: Yes. Unequivocally. Yes, it is.

Emerick Ziua 1,701, 21:13

That is indeed a shorter answer, but it's also extremely and unforgivably absurd and incorrect.

5440 Ziua 1,701, 21:16

Whereas Canada NEing us, possibly in order to break our MPPs, is apparently just Canadian ingenuity and not any sort of offense at all.

Thedillpickl Ziua 1,701, 21:35

Blah, blah, blah...

So let's get on with it and see who wins.
End of discussion.

jaywalker71 Ziua 1,701, 21:41

At 11 hours gone (13hrs left) of the voting for both NE votes, Canada had 14-6 for yes and the US had 29-10 for yes.

CII venom
CII venom Ziua 1,701, 21:46

Fun Fact: The JCS are not in the government because politics is just too darn confusing to them. And the second a growing threat to US security becomes a full blown war they are bewildered. Its almost as if the JCS have isolated themselves to the point where they are delusional (Just like Hitler). And now they re rapidly moving to canada to fight against the good citizens on the United States. Anyone else sick of the JCS? Lets declare war on them too while we are at it!

Kishvier Ziua 1,701, 22:19

The way I see it, the US has left it's previous alliance. We've grown tired of working with EDEN and our government is pissed at eCanada for FUBARing the new alliance proposal, so we made a slight move to try and cover up the reason we're attacking them. Canada completely botched the alliance that was in the works because they didn't get in a 'fifth' seat, which in my opinion is a betrayal. Sure they have been bro in the past, but if your friend punched you in the face you'd still be pissed.

Kishvier Ziua 1,701, 22:21

This is not to say, that the attempt to cover up the reasoning to go to war was not pathetic and unnecessary. I think it's ridiculous and we should state our reasoning clearly.

Bradley Reala
Bradley Reala Ziua 1,701, 22:39

Fun Fact: CII venom is an idiot, and loses his argument automatically due to Godwin's Law.

Another Fun Fact: CII venom is so far removed from reality that he believes that the eUS Military is completely controlled by a cabal that can simultaneously be so intelligent as to mislead hundreds of people and cause unending harm to the eUSA, and yet so dumb as to completely cut off communication between themselves and the rest of the world.

Either we're geniuses or morons. Pick one.

Bradley Reala
Bradley Reala Ziua 1,701, 22:42

Oh, Third Fun Fact: Yeah, the eUS Military has not moved to Canada. MANY of our soldiers (including myself) have expressed a desire to, but our leaders have not decided to make that move.

Man, aren't fun facts fun? Also, man, isn't being informed great? It's like...the opposite of what you said we were. Spouting off baseless lies tends to be the refuge of those who have no grasp on what's really going on.

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Ziua 1,701, 22:44

I thought Ajay was stupid. This kid venom surpasses anything Ajay can put out.

Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Ziua 1,701, 23:20

That's betrayal right there

Satyre Reynes
Satyre Reynes Ziua 1,702, 02:08

For all I can see US NE was imposed 2 mins after canada did. I'm not a friend of conspiracy theories who'd say evry expected this to happen however how long did he try to contact rylde before proposing that law. I don't see how a few mins more without NE would be better than knowing if the CAN-NE wents through and having time to react properly.

BugsBunnyz Ziua 1,702, 05:45


beerman616 Ziua 1,702, 06:02

Who is this crazy venom character?

Emerick Ziua 1,702, 08:26

Fun Fact: Bradley Reala is gay

Cody Caine
Cody Caine Ziua 1,702, 12:06

Voted, cause Kara is one of my favs.

Avruch Ziua 1,702, 13:53

Also, for the debate up there about whether something is "treasonous" - the first step in understanding a word in modern usage should be to look it up. Treason is a legal term, and it means betraying your country. So for example, joining the opposing side in a war against your country. Breaking or changing alliances might be reasonably debated as a *bad idea*, but it can't by definition be treason.

Avruch Ziua 1,702, 13:53

Brad wrote: "Another Fun Fact: CII venom is so far removed from reality that he believes that the eUS Military is completely controlled by a cabal that can simultaneously be so intelligent as to mislead hundreds of people and cause unending harm to the eUSA, and yet so dumb as to completely cut off communication between themselves and the rest of the world."

What's most funny about this fact? Its eerie similarity to the claims that Emerick and Pfeiffer control the government

Danger0013 Ziua 1,702, 15:23

Kill Some Canadians

DeyoZero Ziua 1,702, 19:22

Treason some treason. Treason is treason the treason treason in treason. Treason treason treason. Treason but the treason. Treason is the treason for the treason.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Ziua 1,702, 19:33


jver1207 Ziua 1,702, 20:01

I think eRep could use a civil war upgrade! That way the 'treason' remarks could be corrected to 'standing against current gov't and/or their policy/procedure'

Vilar47 Ziua 1,703, 19:11

I think that eUS are not the smartest guys here... As observers actually. As you could see your politicians aka Congress were likely to loose all of those MPPs and they were given such opportunity. So they just used it. Cooperation? Maybe. But not official.

Neron Trocki
Neron Trocki Ziua 1,713, 18:18

all I can say is LOL and not mean it

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