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Do We Have a Winner?

Ziua 1,900, 00:55 Publicat în USA SUA de SinaAria

The Aranton

Ladies and Gentlemen, The POTUS officially released her last words, Tough really. I like her guts.

With this on our plate, We should once again start going out to the booths, Do our duty as Americans and vote for our next commander in chief. Exciting.

But hey American, I got a secret for you, Two of them have the same plans and one of them doesn`t really talk about his plans. Except pants. Pants are important.

John Killah is a respected fellow in this game, Knows his way around politics and offered a decent cabinet. Not to mention his plans seem more achievable than candidates usually talk about. All and all a nice man.

Jason Statham Jr is no different really, Offers a nice cabinet, knows his way around words, gives out good plans... No different really. And not bad.

But JK and JRJ have both laid out a cabinet of mammoths, nonetheless, no offence to either of you, but your cabinet is made out of people who individually can change the entire political weight of this country. Fingerguns? Civil Anarchy? Rainy Sunday? VANEK26?

Now I understand that they may be the only ones who can really do anything with the current state of the economy and our trial membership in CoT, which could either be a time bomb or a paradise, I really do understand. But all of you would do well to turn off all that propaganda for new players about involving them in the game.

Jason, you can`t poll people about matters of state, the people have the congress, which is to serve as their voice. The process of voting on these matters will take too long and you are only going to be here for 4 weeks.
You are going to vote on our course of action regarding CoT? This country has been bombarded with RGR`s supporters who are clearly foreigners. Why would any US citizen want their voice in this?

Candor, not a lot of people really know what it is you are talking about. Elaborate on your plans for our future. But I like the way you talk about youngsters.

second article. guess it got too... messy. Mostly because i have a cold.



rainy sunday
rainy sunday Ziua 1,900, 02:41

Good read.

Iamnameless Ziua 1,900, 02:58

I liked it. V&S

Candor Ziua 1,900, 06:14

You are going to be one of the nations best writers, seriously.

My media contains what I'll release prior to the election. But obviously pursuit of full resources is a primary concern.

What you'd really like to know is alliance related positions. And frankly, I won;t tie myself down befor the President and current SoS brief me in full with where they are at. I don't have all the information they do. And to opine needlessly would be just that, at this point.

But we'll be beating up somebody.

And we'll be wearing fresh, well respected pants.

SinaAria Ziua 1,900, 06:16

i`m wearing boxers. 😐

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Ziua 1,900, 07:33

Very nice read SinaAria, much respect 😃

Keep writing, you're great at it o7

ligtreb Ziua 1,900, 08:26

Voted and subbed

fingerguns Ziua 1,900, 09:38

Keep writing, you're great at it o7 x2

We really NEED to hear insight from newer players, so please keep up the great work

Iamnameless Ziua 1,900, 15:50

Candor, I think some of us aren't even wearing pants.

*eyes ligtreb suspiciously*

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