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Dirty Tactics

Ziua 1,863, 22:54 Publicat în USA SUA de George Griffin
Welcome everyone... Today it brings me comfort and joy to have nailed down another potential threat to our great nation. I have my eyes out and ears open at all times. I know who’s naughty and who’s nice. Today, we have another criminal sneaking around our backyards that will be forever known as a liar and a cheater.

We Go Hard, Brooklyn

When you think you know someone and trust them. When you’ve known them for so long and act as family to your party. Sometimes the truth comes out down the road and you see the true side of the person. That’s the case we have today. I will be showing the nation with honor, the evidence of another enemy brewing in our country. Sneaking around trying to gain trust and power from different sides of the ball park. That’s not how we do things around here.

I have a few images showing the “famous” and “good friend” Candor going against us and lying.

Candor, getting pretty friendly with the enemy, huh? As you all can see, this is the beginning of the conversation among the arrival via AFA forum panel. My question is already, if you are so against them, why are you taking sides with them and then talking about them in a negative way to the real American people? Pretty scummy, but lets see what else has in store, shall we?

Oh, thats cute 🙂 Candor accepting his nomination from the AFA. There is one that is right in this picture, RGR will never become POTUS. Nor shall you Candor...

So you help us go against the almighty terrorism in the AFA but side with them and let them know how much you support them and agree with the cause they run? Things are now getting out of hand here Candor... I wonder what kind of excuses you can come up with now? I hope you enjoy those forums because I feel like you should be banned from eAmerica’s real party forums.

Awhhh, a personal message to the AFA for Presidency of eAmerica. This is enough to shut your career down, Candor. what the heck were you thinking taking side with the AFA? Most amusing thing is going to be is you trying to correct the nation by saying you are some sort of “spy” and was helping America to defeat the PTO. Sad thing is, all you did was encourage them more and basically pleaded to be a part of them.

What happened to being loyal to our party, Candor? What happened to being a leader of this great nation and helping our noobs grow? You’ve done nothing but disappoint me and the entire party. Top things off, you felt the heat and knew we would come down on you so you left us and ran to another party. On a personal note, you were supposed to be my “bro”. Supposed to be my “good friend”. What happened man? I don’t deal with these types of things. I will no longer communicate with you nor ever discuss any matter with you ever again.

My message to America... Today we have brought another threat down. We have found a personal link to the AFA that we all thought was trustworthy. Candor is known by so many citizens and was known to be a loyal friend and a loyal party member. Today I have proven all these statements were and are false. I encourage the nation to steer wide of Candor and do not allow him into your parties nor future plans. AFA and Candor can bring their scummy tactics to a different nation, we are AMERICA!

The Money Team

Also remember, The Money Team will always have an eye out for the bad guys and bring justice to them. We know who’s naughty and who’s nice.

George Griffin


George Griffin
George Griffin Ziua 1,863, 22:54

The Money Team

Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Ziua 1,864, 23:19

Totally saw it coming

Candor Ziua 1,864, 23:32

Nothing there I haven't said everywhere George. A Candor Presidency will indeed represent all the interests in the nation.

The AFA will have the same voice as any other party.

I'm sorry you're offended by that to this extent, but everyone is free to their opinions, and I respect yours.

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Ziua 1,864, 00:04

Wait just a minute...

I don't see anything wrong here.

There are two approaches to erep politics:
1) spend 18 hours a day on erep/rizon/the forum and.

2) try to appeal to the outsiders.

What I see candor doing in the screenshots above is just being nice to people...which may be a sneaky way to win over a few outsiders, while not having to give your life to a crappy browser game. God forbid should we elect a president who doesn't spend the majority of their waking time on erep related stuff (I believe the popular term for that is "unity candidate").

olivermellors Ziua 1,864, 00:05

I don't get it. If Candor obtains the AFA nomination that means that Ajay does not. So: Candor will have knocked Ajay out of the running for CP. And you are giving him crap???? And if it happens he will have done so honestly, without double dealing or deception. And you are giving him crap??

There are honest and able players running for CP. Candor seems like one of them. Agreement with his policy is not necessary - some players will have legitimate objections and legitimate alternatives exist if you do object. Making up silly gotcha narratives, as in this article, is not healthy.

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Ziua 1,864, 00:06

P.S. By everyone hating on the outsiders, with the most notorious one being Ajay, you're only giving them an annoying commercial.

(I'm really drunk, btw and being long winded)

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Ziua 1,864, 00:14

Nice hack job of an article.

Good to see that it took John Jay about 1 day to go completely negative.

Exactly what we need right now.

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Ziua 1,864, 01:57

/me didn't see how this article had anything to do with JJ

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Ziua 1,864, 02:33

How about some links to the threads those screen shots came from, a little context might change the whole meaning of those responses....

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Ziua 1,864, 04:01

Honestly, I would like to see Candor running. He's a "legitimate" candidate. I don't think that he would screw over any side and that would bring at least some fairness to our election process in this game.
Democracy, let's see it!

Norbengo Ziua 1,864, 04:04

Candor is a great guy and this article is only meant to trash him and it sucks in it, badly.
Come on guys this is just lame, at least put some effort in it...

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Ziua 1,864, 04:06

"Nice hack job of an article.

Good to see that it took John Jay about 1 day to go completely negative."

Nice to see it took Israel a total of 1 sentence to become negative. (It's ok if HE does it, right?)

As for the article....nothing surprises me with politics anymore....

Niltoncesaru Ziua 1,864, 04:16

nice job 151,316

Sir Gulden Draak
Sir Gulden Draak Ziua 1,864, 05:22

> Entitle article Dirty Tactics
> Post forum posts with very little context.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Ziua 1,864, 05:25

Joseph Dinero
'Israel Stevens
"Nice hack job of an article.

Good to see that it took John Jay about 1 day to go completely negative."

Nice to see it took Israel a total of 1 sentence to become negative. (It's ok if HE does it, right?)'

Did you actually expect Israel to do anything other than what his puppet master allows? He was the PotUS who urinated down both legs, while telling America it was our fault he did so; anything Israel does or says come straight from his sock puppet masters -his head would pop is he actually had and original thought....

pop George
pop George Ziua 1,864, 05:31

@Dinero, would the rest of us be surprised by how much you would give to be CP?

@the rest that don't know Candor; member of SEES (PTO every party in eUS at one piont or another), very close w/ Emerick (makes fluffer seem nice). Several months ago I suggested he run for CP, at the time he had NO interest...who called the shot this time?

AFA (Ajay fingers Arse) has a lot of old time eUS political hacks in it, it was about the time Ajay went from simply annoying to having a chance...the real story, fluffers poppets vs Emericks thugs, just the prop ups keep changing and this time it will be Candor...

@Candor, how many times do I have to ask before I get a nice shelf in your cabinet? You know how I play...

FirstLaw Ziua 1,864, 05:46

Sheesh. Unity has to find enemies everywhere, don't they? It seems from a lot of comments that people recognize a witch hunt when they see one. God forbid we should all get along.

LordRahl2 Ziua 1,864, 05:48

Candor is wrong and misguided. Trying to work with the AFA elitists is not in the interest of the eUS. The people of the AFA are mostly being led like sheep by undemocratic elitist like Ajay and Hanibal.

Candor, you must oppose this if you are true to what you say you are.

Oblige Ziua 1,864, 06:52

@Israel - it amuses me that you've called out someone for a "hack job" of an article and would criticize them for it being "not what we need right now" - your hypocrisy is delicious.

Dikilucario. Ziua 1,864, 07:13


George Griffin
George Griffin Ziua 1,864, 08:08

Irony is killing me here haha

Bruce Lee 2
Bruce Lee 2 Ziua 1,864, 08:17


Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Ziua 1,864, 08:20

ftr, this is news to me...well not news, I knew Candor was derping around, but I've never seen these until today.

Candor Ziua 1,864, 08:40

Also Voted. Great article.

That guys a bastard, I'm not voting for him.

Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Ziua 1,864, 08:43

Whether anyone who does not think like you is bad
Go,go Staljin 😃

George Griffin
George Griffin Ziua 1,864, 08:46

Sidarta, when you stop holding RGR's pocket, then you can come talk to me

Syz2 Ziua 1,864, 08:59

Candor is no enemy of eUS. I respect him. He hasn't fallen to the enemy's side, he has fallen to the side of ignorant players who support eUS but mistakenly think that AFA is not at all a threat and can help the administration see that things need to change. Either that or he is in the group that thinks the PTO is inevitable so they want to just get the battle over with.

But he is no enemy to eUS, and still has my respect, as he treats us with respect unlike most of the AFA. He is a good person, just a good person who ends up harming everyone by accident. We can't hate him for that, there isn't a "mens rea".

Joe DaSmoe
Joe DaSmoe Ziua 1,864, 09:15

I dont see a problem here, how are these dirty tactics? Seems to me that he is pledging to include everyone, the entire AFA cant be blamed for the actions of a few of its members, they are a top 5 and the US must deal with that.

Wouldnt that be by definition, unity?

George Griffin
George Griffin Ziua 1,864, 09:16

Lets throw out the whole ATO efforts then? Lets see what you say then, alright?

Shermain Ziua 1,864, 09:30

George how is this a dirty tactics? Our forum is for all to join and talk with all AFA members. Please do not cut and splice items from the AFA Forums to create a hit job on Candor man. Seems as if you took out what you need to create a story line for us all to read. I wold ask people to come and check our forums out so they can see just want Candor is offering.

This stuff has been going on for too long and it needs to stop. People are tired of the under hand tactics being used against people you and a few others do not agree with.

@Joe, you know what it is like to be defined by hit jobs. That is what do they best. Yes I agree Joe, what Candor is promoting is unity.

Arrden Ziua 1,864, 09:31


Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Ziua 1,864, 09:31

Good article GG

Allow me to summarize the comments thus far for those of you just joining us. There was the article......then JJ said "oh no he didn't". Then there was some "oh yes he did boy!" and then AFA jumped in with some "blah blah". Followed by more "no he didn't" and some whatevers thrown in there.

My question is this: why are we so focused on what Candor is doing here, but not on others that attack everyone? Why is it that when certain people (Ichabod, I'm looking at you) attack everyone, including people that have helped the cause, he is "his own person" that can't be questioned, but when Candor does his own thing (he is his own person, no?) He should be vilified?

I don't like Candor flirting with the AFA either, hell, I hate it. And I'm glad that GG is questioning it. I just want some equality here. There are goons on both sides, it just seems to me that some goons are allowed to spit out hate and vitriol against others because they are "independent people" that benefit certain people while other goons are called out only when they hurt those same people's causes. Both are acts of deliberate neglect. I want some consistency. I know that GG is consistent and will call out BS where he sees it, I just don't get that vibe from others.

Again, excellent work GG. Much respect

Joe DaSmoe
Joe DaSmoe Ziua 1,864, 09:48

Hey George answer this then:

If Candor gets the AFA nom, why is there still a need for an ATO or unity type election? Makes no sense to me.

George Griffin
George Griffin Ziua 1,864, 09:50

Lets say gets the nom, and somehow wins the election, right? Then he claims putting AFA to work in his cabinet, where we have all basically not done. What happens to all that ATO work we did? It goes down the drain. We're basically inviting AFA to become comfy here and take over this country one step at a time.

Bikkin Ziua 1,864, 09:53

Pathetic American paranoia. Same as iRL. Strange kind of people you are, dudes...

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Ziua 1,864, 09:54

I agree with GG.

By the way, that rhymes.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Ziua 1,864, 10:12

LoL bunnytoaster, I mean jefferson, says the guy who was one foot out the door of the feds and thinking of joining us then double backed on it....

George Griffin
George Griffin Ziua 1,864, 10:14

About time the assclown Ajay Bruno showed up!

Malpazar Ziua 1,864, 10:23

Good Article, real eye opener.

Candor Ziua 1,864, 10:25

But we're getting off track. This article is about ME! Please concentrate everyone. tia.

5440 Ziua 1,864, 10:34

lol this game

morningblur Ziua 1,864, 11:12

What Candor did was not wrong. He is trying to be president, so he is working towards that goal. Fact is Candor has to know that his plan of giving AFA a seat at the table will cost him the support of every American who has been working against this pto since day one. That leaves Candor with a very small support base, and without the AFA he has no chance to win. So Candor is simply a politician behaving as a politician, nothing more. The AFA itself has all but guaranteed that our unity candidate will win by running Ajay, who is pretty much the only person the country can unite against.........So what's the problem?

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Ziua 1,864, 11:28

Candor is a liar and a cheater now? The guy is just trying to be fair and to include all sides of the community in the process, to heal the ugly divides that currently plague this community. It seems to be back-firing.

Apparently this community is so cliquey that even speaking to the AFA is political suicide now. I'm pretty disappointed by the article and the comments section, but I can't say I'm surprised.

Viarizi Ziua 1,864, 12:15

Join AFA Forum here respect and be respected.

* Lordrahl2 is not allowed

poe101591 Ziua 1,864, 12:23

Wow, and if I wanted to know all this I could have...READ CANDOR'S ARTICLES! Seriously? This isn't news, nor is it surprise.

Tacitus Arkenseale
Tacitus Arkenseale Ziua 1,864, 13:34

LOL at Candor thinking Serbs would trust him enough to appoint him the AFA candidate. RGR has it in the bag because he's their bag man. That's how it works.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Ziua 1,864, 13:40

Jefferson Locke
'Why is it that when certain people (Ichabod, I'm looking at you) attack everyone, including people that have helped the cause, he is "his own person" that can't be questioned, but when Candor does his own thing (he is his own person, no?) He should be vilified?'

No where will you find where I have vilified Candor. In fact I consider Candor one of the very few friends I have in this game. Yes, I have attacked citizens who 'claim' to be aiding America as they lead us down the prim rose path to the dark side, I have stood against the 'The Gimper' and have to agree that inviting the AFA to join a coalition is dangerous to say the least; but there are many well know citizens who are members of the AFA -rainy sunday being #1 on the list of members- and I see no one calling her or them out. I see no one pointing at them and screaming 'TRAITOR', once again the 'Flufferist' attack the citizen and not the plan....

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Ziua 1,864, 13:49

You can tell me all you want about trying to bring all players to the table and assuming something patriotic, or at least not totally repulsive, will happen.

I go back to the history of the Weimar Republic.

Surely, this little man with his ridiculous moustache will be made to see reason, and share power.

Unless... we've made a horrible mistake.

Sorry, Israel, old friend, you've lost me on this one.

morningblur Ziua 1,864, 14:05

but there are many well know citizens who are members of the AFA -rainy sunday being #1

Seriously if you think she is in that party for any other reason than to screw with them then you are not as smart as you think you are.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Ziua 1,864, 14:22

@Ichabod..I was never saying that you have attacked Candor. I was saying that you attack other people without the facts to back up your claims. Remember when you made the comment about BigC being a Flufferist on your article, before you took it down because I proved you wrong there?

In this article you called fingerguns a "flufferist" with no proof whatsoever. You've accused the feds of doing bad things in the past. I will reiterate my desire to you. I want you to stop trolling people, because I think that you are above that. You can't claim that they are unfairly attacking Candor when you yourself attack people based on nothing but your personal feelings. I've offered you before to PM me so that I can tell you what the facts are, so that you can at least say that you have attempted to engage in conversation. You have yet to do it, but I'll offer it again. PM me in game, and we'll talk. Or you can keep trolling people. Which is a shame, because again, honestly, it's beneath you.

I take offense when you call out my party in the way that you do because again, you can ask JJ, and he will tell you that we have done nothing but try to help the WTP, not just with ATO, but other things as well.
And I take offense when some people in your party fail to tell you this as you continue to blast us because they say "you are your own person". Candor is his own person too, but they have no problem attacking him. So to me, and everyone else, it sends a very mixed message. I simply want the ones who know what I and my party are about to step in and try to talk to you. They have failed to do so in any way that is meaningful in my opinion. So I would rather talk to you directly. Please feel free to PM me, and we can talk. You tell me why you think the FEDS, or at least some of them, are bad, and I'll tell you my opinion in a civilized manner.

TROLLING IS BENEATH YOU ICHABOD. I hope you prove me right.

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