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Dear eRepublik Game Developers,

Ziua 1,949, 07:19 Publicat în Australia Australia de NewtonSG

I Have noticed a severe error in the map tool of erepublik.

The entire world map displayed is as follows:

It is obvious this this 'map' is incredibly malformed. eAustralia is way too small in this.

This will not do. This will not do at all, eRepublik game developers.

So here is my free gift to you guys considering all the hard work you have been doing making all of these new features lately.

I fixed the map for you!
Here it is:

I give you permission to use it imediatly.

You're welcome eRepublik Dev Team.

Hugs & Kisses,

Stay Awesome eAustralia


AugustusX Ziua 1,949, 07:43

hahahahaha - well done.

Bogdan Adamutz
Bogdan Adamutz Ziua 1,949, 12:07


LanyIsLost Ziua 1,949, 12:53

lancer450 Ziua 1,949, 13:11


Hendaro Reo
Hendaro Reo Ziua 1,949, 20:10

Ha ha ha, +1

greg L
greg L Ziua 1,950, 11:29

FINALLY someone has got it right, best thing is NZ is obliterated, must be an eReason for it, I eReckon.

NewtonSG Ziua 1,950, 15:27

Some say that at just the right time at night, and when the wind is blowing in a certain direction, you can still hear the sheep baa.

greg L
greg L Ziua 1,950, 11:33

If I could have voted a thousand times I would have, as it is it gets one vote from me, top bit of research you did, Mathew Flinders was way out when he made the map, it looks as if he was wrong by about only 9,000 miles, but hey, it was the 18th century and mistakes do happen. England had Isaac Newton, we have NewtonSG,................................ fair trade.

LanyIsLost Ziua 1,950, 11:46

yeah, you aussies all have this wish that things were BIGGER. : )

greg L
greg L Ziua 1,950, 12:15

Well we expect things to be bigger here than on the Isle Of Man

Hendaro Reo
Hendaro Reo Ziua 1,950, 19:07

Kapow, right in the kisser.

salesman Ziua 1,951, 03:52


Quil2606 Ziua 1,951, 06:26

Obviously a blow in. Australia should be at the top of the map and europe at the bottom.

Sre8renica Ziua 2,060, 19:19

Australia? where is that.. ???

Oh.... you mean suburb of Indonesia.

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