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Day 1878

Ziua 1,878, 06:38 Publicat în Croatia Croația de Suster Toni

Hello it is me again, and I brought my bad English back as well 😃 , never mind, lets see what happened these few days. I couldn't write in English because Croatia had serious baby boom, so I had write only in Croatian – newbies need to know some information that you all probably know, I considered that is unimportant to be written on English.

1.Croatia and India

I have seen a lot of questions about Cro-Ind war…Well everything has been written, and you can find it in almost every Indian article, even in official EDEN newspapers. I don't have anything to say about political and diplomatic moves behind scene, but I have to tell you a plenty useful informations about ongoing battles between „old friends“.

Yesterday was very bad day for Croats. We have lost two battles –one MPP battle and one RW. MPP battle was campaign of the day in Bulgaria, and we had no chance, even ntent to win this battle. However, RW was failure of our allies, which hadn't send us any reinforcements against Cot and TWO mercenaries, so we lost our connection with some bonuses. India is CoTWO's muppet, when they ran out of money – they will be abandoned.

Indian MoFa deleted his account after India successfuly signed some MPPs. That guy was Serbian, and he done his job – everyone says that he done good job, but I don't think so. Alright, Croatia has serious RW in India, but Thailand isn't happy about new situation.

Thailand wanted war with India, but they have too many mutual MPPs – in short terms, Thailand can't attack India and achieve bonuses. India has big help from Bulgaria, and Thailand is very angry at Bulgaria. It is funny, because you all know that Thailand has Serbian population – European Serbs work fine with Bulgaria, but those in Asia don't.

2.CoT and TWO offensive

Mission Greece completed – I don't see them on the map. I am sad to say but this was campaing of the day – in EDEN against CoTWO – EDEN had no chances. But, CoTWO has some serious problem with RWs – they can't win any.

Turkey lost almost everything but only one small region in UAE. As soon as Hungary finished Turkey's last region they could get ( this is little strange) , they proposed NE law on Iran. I expected to see Serbia doing the same, but looks like Serbia has another plans, or they are waiting something or someone…You can find out more about further situation in this article ( it is Serbian, but google translator should be fine – it sucks, but if you know something about warfare it will be understandable).

But plans of conquering Iran failed – Hungary is currently losing battle in Northwest Iran, and had already lost border with Iran – Turkey is way stronger than Hungary - one on one situation.

And Greece will achieve freedom soon:

Romania is fighting against Hungary, MPP battles are lost, RWs are won.

Poland almost attacked Romania at Bukovina – but Romania managed to lose that region in time. Poland lost 72 hours to attack Romania. I would bet that Poland's goal is to conquer Dobrogea.

From Dobrogea they can attack Black Sea Coast of Turkey and get into Iran. Serbia and Poland going together to China, and Bulgaria, FYROM and Hungary watching their back?

It is still not over yet – I have no bloody clue what will happen, I can only say let the fun start 😃

3.Argentina awakes

Finally I have seen their NE law on Chile – why have they been waiting two weeks to propose it? I'm guessing something, but I won't tell yet, because I don't have any informations about it. They should have done it before,now they are pretty tired, and I see no success in MPP battle against Chile. One thing is sure – if Chile starts to lose battles – Brazil will (maybe) jump in against old friends and before called brothers…..

Strategy will stay the same – many RWs (Otago is the most important) during MPP battle so Argentina can take initiative and kick out Chile from South America.

4.China and Spain

Spain tried to win battle- only tried I would say. China overpowered Spain….

Many resistance wars were supported to drain Spaniards - Luzon only passed – Spain lost war and border with China. Spain will have to wait some time at the safe distance.

Till now, every plan to achieve border or win war against China failed. My enemies, be persistent….

I lost inspiration to write anything else now.

Vote and shout this to your friends.

E moje Rvatine sad za vas prevodit… U ovom trenu nisam ni slike ubacio….Prevst ću samo dio za Hrvatsku,ostalo stvarno nemam volje, radim 3 sata na ovome.

Hrvatska i Indija

Vidio sam mnogo pitanja o hrvatsko-indijskom ratu. Sve je već napisano, i sve o tome možete naći u indijskim člancima, čak i u službenim novinama EDEN-a. Nemam što kazati za političke i diplomatske poteze iza scene, ali imam dosta za toga reći o trenutačnoj situaciji.

Jučer je bio veoma loš dan za nas. Izgubili smo dvije bitke. Opsada Bihara nije uspjela pošto je to bio CoD Bugara i ostale CoTWO gamadi.Chatis ( ono što neam pojma kak se piše) smo izgubili jer se nismo dobro organizirali, Indijci su kupili dosta plaćenika, varali su i ostale isprike kad izgubiš bitku…. Kako god čeka se kontranapad, koji će po svemu sudeći biti ignoriran – cilj je samo povremeno pomoći Indiji kako bi nas se oslabilo ili kako bi nam se sasjekli bonusi. Čim dobijemo napad- pravac Maharashtra ( jupi svladao sam to ime), pa Chatsgsagfvshgv da nas ne mogu odsjeći kao jučer. Indija je lutkica s puno para, čim joj nestane ostat će bez podrške.

Indijski MoFa je izbrisao account nakon što je uspio zeznuti sve u Indiji i potpisati neke MPPove. Svi mislite da je on napravio dobar posao no on se pošteno zaje, ovaj zeznuo. Hrvatska ima pokoji ozbiljniji RW u Indiji, ali ni Tajland nije sretan.

Tajland je želio famozne krave, ali imali su previše zajedničkih MPPova s Indijom i nisu željeli riskirati gubitak istih. Indija ima veliku pomoć Bugara i istočnim Srbima to smeta. Čitaj na engleskom tamo sam se potrudio bolje. U međuvremenu je netko bio ovdje:

Izgubio sam volje. Tko ima želju može mi pomoći tako da prevede ostatak i pošalje mi PM.

Votaj,šutaj,hvali,kudi,popljuj,diži u nebesa članak i slično.

Ali shoutaj, please 😃



Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Ziua 1,878, 06:41

Prvi \o/

Steta za Indiju 😞

Clanak odlican, kao i inace..

volim karlovac
volim karlovac Ziua 1,878, 06:41

Vote 2

volim karlovac
volim karlovac Ziua 1,878, 06:49

India is CoTWO's muppet. I agree!

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Ziua 1,878, 06:53

India is good ally, their problem is they are too naive, we made some mistakes and Serbian multi used them to turn them completely against us which is really sad.

Now we're in situation where CoTWO doesn't want to help India to kick Croatia out of Asia because that would mean we'd try to get back on Balkan. And India will bring us so much drain wars.

Win-win for CoTWO
Lose-Lose for Croatia and India

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Ziua 1,878, 06:55

Great article again, your English is fine, ask The Psych0 if you have any issues, he speaks a funny variant of English called brahood. I have to question your use of the word 'muppet' for India. India is no muppet, it's true that we are currently at war but common sense will prevail.

As we have seen from the leaked TWO logs, TWO will support India on an intermittent basis to try and prolong Croatia's involvement in Asia, they don't want you home because they don't think they can keep their full bonuses with proper Croatian RW's.

You must negotiate a settlement with India to stop the conflict, it suits neither side long-term. Then we can see what India does with alliances. Then Croatia can make a decision about staying or leaving Asia. I am sure your babies are confused about your geographical location.

Surely the best way to keep your babies is to make them fight for their homeland?

Anyway, keep up the good work

Djubre Mucko
Djubre Mucko Ziua 1,878, 06:57


Giovanni 00
Giovanni 00 Ziua 1,878, 06:58

@Death and Taxes

Truth indeed... o7

Suster Toni
Suster Toni Ziua 1,878, 07:00

Death and Taxes I agree with you. Your government needs to contact us and we will see what agreement we can get, but for now we are still enemies...

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Ziua 1,878, 07:10

@Death and Taxes

< 3

369th regimenten
369th regimenten Ziua 1,878, 07:12

Death and Taxes, you have to get rid of serbian multiese in your goverment.
God article, good English

Georgian Queen
Georgian Queen Ziua 1,878, 07:19



Belo Horizontee
Belo Horizontee Ziua 1,878, 07:39

lijepo napisano! vote je tu

Zuex3me Ziua 1,878, 07:42

v + s o7

Nataliia from Galicia
Nataliia from Galicia Ziua 1,878, 07:46

I love it

great work, Suster Toni ^^

Sucko Ziua 1,878, 07:59


Lord Marlock
Lord Marlock Ziua 1,878, 08:15

Death and Taxes, we tried to communicate with ur MoFA, but ... 🙂 that guy accomplished his mission - and no need to play with that account any more. I am sad to see my eIndian friends still not realizing what has happened.

Lord Marlock
Lord Marlock Ziua 1,878, 08:16

@volim karlovac, što dobiješ ako umjesto a staviš u, izbaciš pojam koji opisuje aktivnost izlova divljači ?

nookie_hookie Ziua 1,878, 08:25

mozemo uspostaviti nove odnose na kanalu #jebeskravedva

Tar von Zan
Tar von Zan Ziua 1,878, 08:32

vaistinu tu se ne zna tko najbolja mi je ona chfrteffgdgd pokrajina...

DominionHR Ziua 1,878, 08:50


makeface2 Ziua 1,878, 10:01

Vote, glad to see English version again

serhio buskez
serhio buskez Ziua 1,878, 11:19

bem ti sunce ja citam na engleskom kad ono ima i naski xD

Lassie se vraca kruci
Lassie se vraca kruci Ziua 1,878, 11:57

nookie_hookie Day 1,878, 08:25

mozemo uspostaviti nove odnose na kanalu #jebeskravedva


Dobar clanak, standardno ; )

eisenmutter2 Ziua 1,878, 13:26

nice article

Rican Ziua 1,878, 16:44

great journalism !

Kero One
Kero One Ziua 1,879, 00:00

"Turkey is way stronger than Hungary - one on one situation." Its a bullshit you can see the datas in egov^^

bbb_kambelovac Ziua 1,879, 01:51

bravo bre

Liu Zheng
Liu Zheng Ziua 1,879, 08:06

V+S, good to see your report!

Bosnausrcu Ziua 1,879, 09:26

kad samo pogledam tvoj clanak i neciji drugi shvatim koje sve budale su uspjele dobiti mm medalju ... ekstra clanak po obicaju..

Albus Ziua 1,880, 06:01



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