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Competition for eRepublik's most influential citizens!

Ziua 2,118, 04:57 Publicat în United Kingdom Marea Britanie de Salvator3

Welcome to a special edition of Daily Dose where we will be looking for eRepublik’s most influential citizens! This article serves as a brief overview of how the competition will work.

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eRepublik is a sandbox game built on strategy and everyone has their own definition of achieving victory. There are some players however, whose goals, aspirations and actions affect not only themselves but entire countries, alliances or regions of the world.

These citizens can run things as such as alliances, countries, parties, military units or simply be active citizens who help shape and mould their communities, however small or large they may be.

To help showcase these members and recognise their achievements, Daily Dose will be holding a competition on the most influential citizens of eRepublik and offering both recognition and financial rewards for their achievements.

To keep up to date with the competition, add salvator3 as a friend or subscribe to the Daily Dose.

How the competition will work
The competition will be broken up into three stages:
1) Nominations
2) Voting
3) Awards

Part 1 - Nominations
Players may be nominated in any of the following categories:
- Most influential in warfare
- Most influential in politics
- Most influential in the media
- Most influential with new members
- Most influential in the economy

To go into the running, a player must receive a minimum of two nominations.

Players are unable to nominate themselves and each player may only nominate one person per category.

Nominations will run for a period of 5 days, which should give enough time for players to elect their nominations.

Part 2 - Voting
Once the nomination period has closed, we will allocate up to 3 days to tally all the nominations. These nominations will be independently tallied by three different people to ensure accuracy and authenticity.

Once that is completed, a new article with be published listing the nominees and allowing citizens to vote.

Voting will be conducted by comments on the article with who you would like to vote for. This will ensure all votes are publicly available for any citizen to see and will allow each member to vote only once (if citizens vote twice or more in the comments, only their first vote will count).

Voting will be open for a period of 5 days.

Citizens may vote for themselves if they are nominated.

Part 3 - Awards
Once the voting period has closed, we will allocate up to 3 days to tally all the votes. These votes will be independently tallied by three different people to ensure accuracy and authenticity. They will also be publicly available in the comments section of the voting article for all citizens to verify.

In each category, we will publish overall winner as well as the following top 10 runner ups.

Prize Pool
In order to expand the prize pool, we would love it if you could spare any amount to contribute to the prize pool. Donations as small as 50cc are appreciated. Please donate items here and then fill out the form here. You will receive public praise for your donation.

What’s next?
Within the next week, an article will go live opening for nominations. Don’t forget to subscribe to the paper to be notified when!

Please take a moment to shout this 🙂
Competition for eRepublik's most influential citizen


Emirhanmurn Ziua 2,118, 05:00

V1 o7

Salvator3 Ziua 2,118, 05:16

For shouts: Competition for eRepublik's most influential citizen

Rodney Mckay
Rodney Mckay Ziua 2,118, 05:25

Nice idea. 😃

jamesw Ziua 2,118, 05:26

- Most influential in warfare: Jack Jockson (There is simply no-one who understands the war module more)
- Most influential in politics: Sir Winston Churchill (He has founded successful parties such as Freemasons, and has helped many players to become President)
- Most influential in the media: BigAnt (His articles are the most interesting to read, the most insightful and regularly gain hundreds of votes within minutes of being published, he's just that good!)
- Most influential with new members: Don Dapper (There isn't a new player that hasn't been helped by Don Dapper. He gives everyone lots of money, food, and tanks, and asks nothing of them, except their undying loyalty. But, its a small price to pay, to follow one of the oldest and most experienced players the UK has)
- Most influential in the economy: Sir Stupid Genius (He has so many companies, and fights so much, that he is clearly an economic mastermind. No-one can compete with him, he is the richest player the UK has. These riches obviously came from engaging with and taking advantage of the economic module, where only those who truly spend time and effort, and nothing else, are rewarded)

Salvator3 Ziua 2,118, 05:27

Comentariu șters

jamesw Ziua 2,118, 05:31

I know. I just wanted to see if people agreed with my thoughts

Josper23 Ziua 2,118, 05:49

why have comp just give it to UK 🙂

Kravenn Ziua 2,118, 06:38

Most influential in the media: Alphabethis is a serious opponent there 😉

wigibob Ziua 2,118, 13:11

most influential in politics goes to the dentists, their members have tried to PTO every party there is in the eUK (except TUP)

I seriously disagree with jock jackson as most influential in warfare, he has several hundred members in his MU and his MU is useless

I think the sir winston hasn't been that influential in politics, he founded a party which New Era helped to build, there are more active, influential politicians in the eUK, I would probably say someone from New Era is most influential, there are a lot of us

alexg737 Ziua 2,118, 16:24

Amazing. Pity not many other people appreciated your satire.

Cookies Crisps
Cookies Crisps Ziua 2,118, 05:27


Sexagenarian Ziua 2,118, 05:27

As if anyone with real influence would lower themselves for a crap competition

Tiger Style
Tiger Style Ziua 2,118, 05:34

Considering the point is 3rd parties nominate, they don't have to 'lower' themselves at all assuming they even know about it.

Georgian Queen
Georgian Queen Ziua 2,118, 05:35

Interesting x2

Persej Makedonski
Persej Makedonski Ziua 2,118, 05:37

This competition is stupid becouse little childern know that most influent eRep person is Plato 😛

Salvator3 Ziua 2,118, 05:39

Let's see if he actually gets nominated 😛

Persej Makedonski
Persej Makedonski Ziua 2,118, 05:37

Now get me my reward 😉

WayneKerr Ziua 2,118, 05:44

- Most influential in warfare: Unstupid
- Most influential in politics: Unstupid
- Most influential in the media: Unstupid
- Most influential with new members: Unstupid
- Most influential in the economy: Unstupid

unstupid Ziua 2,118, 06:23

My powers work

Salvator3 Ziua 2,118, 08:57

Thanks for your nominations, however nominations aren't open yet.

wigibob Ziua 2,118, 13:12

most influential in the media: waynekerr

Ashkoort Ziua 2,118, 05:46


nikolaosnikolaosnikolaos Ziua 2,118, 05:51

c'est moi in all categories, i win!

ps. i would translate it for you , but i have to be 2-clicker for a few days

nikolaosnikolaosnikolaos Ziua 2,118, 05:55

no kidding
economy module : me- vasilis karavias - honore de balzak -arrlo
new members :KYPKOM (only him, the best in whole e-world no doybt)
politics - exohoritis & makedonissa
media - that polish guys, tehy are awesome

staruszek Ziua 2,118, 05:56

looking for most influential populists... like looking for a new Hitler...

Chopp Ziua 2,118, 07:52


MaZzA Ziua 2,118, 08:12


OkanOzcelik Ziua 2,118, 08:13

1st already.

who`s 2nd?

Salvator3 Ziua 2,118, 08:17

What do you mean?

DimlightHero Ziua 2,118, 08:35

- Most influential in warfare: BattalGazi
- Most influential in politics: Dishmcds
- Most influential in the media: Konrad Neumann
- Most influential with new members: Dio Brando
- Most influential in the economy: dSokre

Salvator3 Ziua 2,118, 08:57

Thanks for your nominations, however nominations aren't open yet.

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Ziua 2,118, 14:46

Also, retarded choices.

DimlightHero Ziua 2,119, 02:21

Good to see people who disagree with me do so in three word long comments, don't offer alternative or arguments, seems like Ireland picked a fine MoFA this year. Thank you for your contribution.

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Ziua 2,119, 05:47

I'm not going to write an essay on the comments section of an article as to why these choices are retarded. One of them is quite obviously stupid at any rate.

And Ireland has seen fit to appoint me repeatedly to multiple offices including President. While that doesn't mean it's impossible for me to be stupid, it does imply a level of competency that your sarcasm fails to recognise.

So, if I want to express my opinion without explaining myself, I will do so.
Jog on.

DimlightHero Ziua 2,119, 07:56

Oh absolutely, you have a right to be ignorant , and you have a right to be a douche-bag. However, as a Foreign Affairs minister whateve you do reflects on your country, I would advise you (for your own sake) to tread carefully.

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Ziua 2,119, 10:53

You're calling me a douchebag and ignorant for disagreeing with you, albeit strongly.


Salvator3 Ziua 2,119, 20:02

Keep it clean guys - we don't have to agree with everyones nominations. If the players in question have impacted others, they are worthy of a nomination (regardless of whether the impact was good or bad)

Pfeiffer. Ziua 2,121, 07:20

I enjoyed this list.

BigAnt Ziua 2,118, 09:09

one name... BigAnt

omg_87 Ziua 2,118, 09:14

The answer you're searching for is "Woldy" (or "42", that's also correct).

Perry Rhodan
Perry Rhodan Ziua 2,118, 12:51


Pfeiffer. Ziua 2,121, 07:22

Woldy is a solid nomination.

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Ziua 2,118, 14:38

is this working on an international or national level

Bohemond4 Ziua 2,118, 16:35

international, I think

Salvator3 Ziua 2,118, 17:13

Hi Woldy, Bohemond is correct, it is on an international level.

Pfeiffer. Ziua 2,121, 07:23

I asked myself that, because in a lot of ways the two should be different categories. Someone can exert near complete control over their country, but have minimal international influence. Alternatively, people have been powerhouses in alliances and in multiple countries while being relatively ineffectual in their country of origin.

Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris
Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris Ziua 2,118, 14:43

Strength and Honour

IfIWereARichMan Ziua 2,118, 15:54

Will people please pay attention. NOMINATIONS ARE NOT OPEN YET.

surferdude Ziua 2,118, 17:08

Most influential in Warfare: FragUK

GregoryG Ziua 2,119, 02:04

I think a category for most influential in diplomacy/foreign affairs might be worth to add.

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