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Candor PTO'd the AFA. By himself. NoS Dive Bar nations largest party now!

Ziua 1,902, 22:13 Publicat în USA SUA de Candor

Hey look. That candor guy single handily PTO'd the AFA. An entire nation spends 5 months trying, and this guy does it in one night? This guy should be President!

Below, I have released the nations next national security team. I have more names to release as the Cabinet is 99% full, just having fun trickling them out.

Vote for Candor for POTUS. John Killah and I obviously have very different ideas for the nation's next term. But I respect my opponent, and especially his clean campaigning, and want you to know that while I certainly feel my administration will offer more laughs and a stronger nation through beat downs and full bonuses, I respect John and wish him well and the best of luck.

But vote for me because, by golly, we need some new ideas around here.

President: Candor (NoS)
Vice President:
Chief of Staff: Av khan (WTP)
Deputy Chief of Staff:
AFA Congressional Liaison: K1tho (AFA)
eForum Congressional Liaison:
Secretary of Defense: Deificus (USWP)
Deputy Secretary of Defense: Andy Dufrense (Blood Brethren)
National Security Director: Dennis McVicker (Feds)
Secretary of State:
Deputy Secretary of State:
Deputy SoS for Ambassadorial Affairs: John FrancisWilander (USWP)
Assistant Deputy SoS for AA: Pedrokus (AFA)
Secretary of the Interior: Rainy Sunday (USWP)
Deputy Secretary of the Interior: Viarizi (AFA)
Deputy Secretary for Citizen Assistance: Ghost of Tom Joad (SFP)
Minister of Economic Affairs: Tiamati.Magick (Techs)
Secretary of the Treasury:
Deputy Secretary of the Treasury:
Secretary of Media:
Deputy Secretary of Media:

Personal Press Secretary to the President: pop George (NoS)
Assistant to the President:

Adviser: Publius (AFA)
Adviser: Jospeh Dinero (Vox Populi)
Adviser: Max Mcfarland (SPQR)
Adviser: Haliman (AMP)

Every position above (minus a couple of Deputies) has been filled. The Pants Administration is gearing up.

This article will be up through the election.

I released a few more names for shiz, more to come as I feel the tickle in my pants

Best regards,

Respect the pants!

"Candor is a credible candidate. He isn’t a member of the AFA. He has his own constructive and imaginative policies: wage wars to regain bonus regions, expand the American population, use activity to improve retention, make previously secret information freely available, provide greater numbers greater access to transparent decision making. Pretty sound."

~ Oliver Mellows



New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Ziua 1,902, 22:41

Good luck Candor! o7

stylez of roman
stylez of roman Ziua 1,903, 23:02

Candor for POTUS!! WE DEMAND 10/10

Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Ziua 1,903, 00:21


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Ziua 1,903, 02:10

You forgot the fly on the wall.

SinaAria Ziua 1,903, 02:26

I`m iranian. 😐

Viarizi Ziua 1,903, 03:10


Respect the pants!

Viarizi Ziua 1,903, 03:10


100/100 BONUS NOW


Candor Ziua 1,903, 03:58

Damn it SinaAria, and you're on my staff too aren't you? Shit ok. Back to the drawing board everyone, we can't attack Iran now either.

Mongolia? Those bastards need to be rattled. Can we attack Mongolia?

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Ziua 1,903, 05:00

Jamaica or bust.

come on

Punisher 1389
Punisher 1389 Ziua 1,903, 05:07

Good luck Candor,you smexy beast o7

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Ziua 1,903, 05:16


Cyber Witch
Cyber Witch Ziua 1,903, 05:18

It has to be somewhere warm. It is definitely too dayem, cold here.

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Ziua 1,903, 07:36


Candor Ziua 1,903, 08:15

^^^ Hi John Jay. Glad to see you back.

Persian Punisher
Persian Punisher Ziua 1,903, 08:58

are you really wanna go for CP or just kidding and some Troll ? Because idea about attack to Iran was a little funny 😃

anyway Good Luck o/

Candor Ziua 1,903, 09:05

Ask me 1000 plus votes from now. I'm quite serious. I also believe pants have been abused for years, and friend, if we can save even one pants child from years of neglect, the Pants Administration will have succeeded in it's mission of respect and admiration.

And seriously, who is there for you, day in, and day out, always covering your ass?


Persian Punisher
Persian Punisher Ziua 1,903, 09:26

: )))
ok ok Why so serious ?

Don Pedrokus Nerod
Don Pedrokus Nerod Ziua 1,903, 09:26

Candor for POTUS!!

(I want to be in the article, I should be.)

Candor Ziua 1,903, 09:42

Pedrokus: Assistant Deputy Secretary of State for Ambassadorial Affairs. And he costs the nation a lot of money in stationary.

Persian Punisher
Persian Punisher Ziua 1,903, 09:45

@ Candor
Put me as Vice President then we can Attack IRan 😃

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Ziua 1,903, 09:50

Candor for POTUS o7

Candor Ziua 1,903, 09:56

Persian: You just want to induce us to war! With your threatening, menacing ways! American's are wise to you Iranians and your plans for world domination!


Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Ziua 1,903, 09:58

NE Serbia. I hate those serbian pricks. ^

Candor Ziua 1,903, 10:06

If Serbia wipes Iran for the United States we will pay a reward of 100,000 dollars and three Latino women. I am a man of my word.

loftedraptor Ziua 1,903, 10:10

Candor for POTUS! It is time to stop all the infighting in America!

Oblige Ziua 1,903, 10:17

Respect dermont[jam]

R.a.m.i.n Ziua 1,903, 10:27

i remember when i was CP of iran:D
but USA couldnt remove us and after that we kick thme out.
do it again if u can

jom1 Ziua 1,903, 13:30

cendorr is that you? ;_;

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras Ziua 1,903, 13:55

Imo made me SoD. Ill make you famous

Viarizi Ziua 1,903, 15:11



goku011 Ziua 1,903, 15:59

100/100 BONUS NOW


Vanek26 Ziua 1,903, 16:42

You do know Deificus doesn't actively play, right?

Candor Ziua 1,903, 16:49

He is playing now Vanek, check our irc and notice all the comments around the game. He's come back for this.

K1tho Ziua 1,903, 17:13


Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Ziua 1,903, 17:18

Who wouldn't come back for pants?

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Ziua 1,903, 18:03

Just to be safe, I am not wearing pants.

Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Ziua 1,904, 00:15

You just got my vote on todays elections!

Sheppherd Ziua 1,904, 02:29

To be honest, I think you're a joke. The only reason I'll be voting for you though is because I want to see something interesting happen -- may it be good or bad. If you win, do something interesting.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Ziua 1,904, 03:02

Please don't attack Mongolia. I think I might have a tiny bit of Mongolian ancestry (from ~1500+ years ago) and also my father had two Mongolian students that were quite good, so it would be a shame to have to eradicate them. It would be much better if we attacked Polynesia. I hate those guys and their "now you see me, now you don't" volcanic islands.

Willy Gray
Willy Gray Ziua 1,904, 03:46

Candor is freedom!

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Ziua 1,904, 07:33

I voted for Candor. He's got enough power in that cabinet to ignore the one or two dipshits.

Thats less dipshits than normal.

Plus, I get to spy on his cabinet and tell the citizens whatever I want. *giggles*

Simulare Ziua 1,904, 07:36

eRepublik will suck less with Candor at the helm. Since September we have been sitting around with our thumbs up our collective asses in an attempt to stop a political party from gaining control in our government. How's that working out for ya? One might wonder who is chasing whom. AFA farts and the mindless horde drop everything to get a good whiff so they can comment on the quality of the fart.

Do you really want eRepublik to continue to suck? The past 6 months in eRep have been only slightly less painful than shoving a red-hot poker in your ass. There have been some days that could have gone either way.

Do you want to shove a red-hot poker up your ass? No? Then vote for Candor.

NaruKaizer Ziua 1,904, 14:21




Candor Ziua 1,904, 18:50

mccvii says what I would say were I the kind of guy to talk like mccvii. Pretty much spot on right there, lol.

People can be defeated, but an idea can't be unboxed. We're on the road to recovery, we've seen the doctor and we have our diagnosis. We're a negative-Nelly nation who needs new leaders, ideas, story lines and attitude.

We'll get a regular dose of medicine force fed us for a few weeks to come, maybe a month or two, but we're in a better place having focused on the correct problems that ail us.

Tiamati Ziua 1,905, 02:49

Proud to have voted for Pants; I thank you for the opportunity to serve within your proposed cabinet.

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